Avenged Sevenfold GENIUS!!!

mcrluv122996 posted on Sep 27, 2010 at 08:53PM

The guy who invented this is really ingenious:

The Rev "Seized the Day" to conquor the "City Of Evil" in "Bat Country", and forced the "Beast and Harlot" to " scream" their "Unholy Confessions". He left them " Trashed and Scattered" and "Blinded In Chains" with the "Strength Of the World". He found it "Almost Easy" and became a "Sidewinder" and slithered to "A little Peice Of Heaven" in his "Afterlife" , now he is "M.I.A" and his "Nightmare" has come to pass.

I'M NOT IN ANY WAY MAKING FUN OF HIS DEATH! I miss the rev he was an awsome guy & we all miss him

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr vampirerebel said…
ha thats cool
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