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 Azula, Mai, and Ty-Lee
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(I'm sick today, and this is where the story gets good! Yay! Dialog! And I fixed the other chapter if Du want to check it out. And this is not some Twilight thing! I hate Twilight! WARNING: Containts lots of Kataang, some Tokka, and Sukka fight.)


Katara sat at her usual tabelle with her usual friends. That much Jet could see. She never ate anything – like all of her Friends – and she laughed with that pale skinned freak of a boyfriend that she had. Jet had had a crush on Katara Waters since they were in the same class in 3rd grade. He had taken a liking to the tall, pretty...
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posted by Wholey_me
When people to talk to me about Anime, i never fail to mention my faverout shows- but whenever Avatar the last airbender crops up, people instantly jump on the fact that its apperently not a 'real anime' and im sick of it! What rite do they have to sneer at me for my taste in anime?! Just because Avatar is a low budjet creation, heavily influenced Von american culture and obviously made for kids TV, it doesnt make it any less of a good show, right? I mean really, a Zeigen doesnt have to be full of spectacular art work and totally unique ideas to be enjoyable! I dont know about Du guys, but presonaly i think that all the above mentioned makes it a genarelly Mehr easy-going and light hearted Zeigen thats great to watch when your in need of a little no-brainer, fun TV!
Please tell me what Du think!!!
thanks for reading!
I nudged Katara and she woke up.
“Aang?” she asked. “Did Du have a nightmare?”
“Well, yes,” I said, “but that’s not why I woke Du up.”
She raised an eyebrow.
“Happy Birthday!” I said, pulling out a card from my pocket. She opened it and it read:


I hope your birthday is one of the best days of your life.


P.S.: We’re going somewhere special today.

Katara’s face lit up. “Oh, thank you, Aang!” she exclaimed, hugging me.
“Oh, it was no big deal,” I said. “Come on, the others are up. We all planned a party for you, and after that, it’s just Du and...
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the last airbender
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the last airbender
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A short parody of Avatar the last airbender cartoon series, which shows feuer nation as the good nation and aang, his gang and all the other nation as EVIL !! ...
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