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x_smileyAqua_x posted on Jan 11, 2015 at 11:30AM
Hi! Remember me, smileyAqua?
Well, I'm back!

As some of you may have remembered, I use to run a little icon making contest weekly, but sadly, school got in the way and my account was later deleted. But no matter, I'm back, and will start up the contest once more!

Before we get into the contest, I do have some rules.

1.) Your icon must be between the sizes of 200x200 pixels or 300x300, no smaller or larger.
2.) Please do not vote for yourself when voting time does come!
3.)Please do not use pre-made icons or icons that you yourself did not make.
4.) Please do not use fanart for your icon, unless you have permission from that artist.
5.) If you've won the latest round, you get the privilege of choosing the theme/topic of the next round.
6.) Please, have fun! If you have trouble editing things or need a recommendation of websites to use, I will be glad to help.

Round 1: |entries OPEN until there is a sufficient enough amount to create a poll. |

An example of this round's theme below, as edited by me:
 Hi! Remember me, smileyAqua? Well, I'm back! As some of Du may have remembered, I use to run a
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ATLA Icon Contest ROUND 1: Favorite Character

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