Okay, a lot of people make these, so I thought I would make one. TLOK WILL be included. Anyways, please keep in mind that this is my opinion, some respect my opinion and I'll respect yours. Enjoy the article!

5. June
I think June is absolutely gorgeous. I think her hair is definitely her most gorgeous feature, it's absolutely flawless, in my opinion. Although, I wish she would wear it completely down, instead of having part of her hair up. She has lips, which I like. Few Avatar and TLOK characters have lips, and I really wish that Mehr of them did, but of course, that's what makes the people that have lips on the Zeigen Mehr special. However, I also don't like how she has her hair over one of her eyes, as well, and I don't really like her tattoos. I think she's absolutely gorgeous, but I think the others are just Mehr gorgeous than she is.

4. Suki
I don't care if people say that she's extremely plain, I think she's absolutely gorgeous. I Liebe her hair, I'm not a giant Fan of short hair, but she makes it look good, and I like that. Similar to June, Suki actually has lips, which is another thing I love. I also Liebe her eyes, I've always been a big Fan of the huge eyes, and they're usually my favorites. However, I think the oben, nach oben Three have much better hair than Suki, because I'm not a huge lover of Suki's hair, although I still like it, it's just not that great in my opinion. Anyways, I think Suki is gorgeous, but the others are Mehr so.

3. Asami
Asami is just too gorgeous. I absolutely Liebe her green eyes, they're absolutely gorgeous. Once again, she actually has lips as well, and I think they're Mehr gorgeous than June's and Suki's combined. I absolutely Liebe her hair as well, although I like June's and all the others on this Liste (except for Suki's) hair better. Anyways, I think she's absolutely gorgeous, but I prefer the oben, nach oben 2's hair, and I also like the Animation style better on Avatar: The Last Airbender better than the Animation style on The Legend Of Korra. Asami is absolutely gorgeous, but I just think the others are Mehr gorgeous than she is.

2. Katara
I'm trying as hard as possible not to be bias with these oben, nach oben 2, but I honestly find them absolutely GORGEOUS! I think Katara is gorgeous in the first two seasons, but I don't really like her hair that much in it. However, in Season 3 she is absolutely gorgeous! Especially in this picture, she's gorgeous. I Liebe her feuer nation outfit as well. (Honestly, I think everyone looks great in feuer nation outfits, but I'll talk about that in another article.) I also Liebe that she has huge blue eyes, I Liebe huge eyes and blue eyes, so that's good. She doesn't have lips though, NOOOO! Well, too bad, I honestly don't even think Katara would look that great with lips anyway. Overall, I think she's abolutely gorgeous, but she's not as gorgeous early on in the series, and number one is unbeatable, in my opinion.

1. Azula
Azula is, in my opinion, absolutely FLAWLESSLY GORGEOUS! It's not just because she's my Favorit character that she's number one, I honestly find her absolutely gorgeous. She looks the best in The strand episode in my opinion. Like Katara, I don't find her as gorgeous earlier in the series, but Von season three, she becomes absolutely gorgeous and is definitely the mos beautiful character on the show. Like most of the others on this list, she has lips, which I like as well. I like Katara's eyes better, but I still Liebe Azula's as well. Anyways, Azula is absolutely gorgeous, and is one of my most gorgeous animated females ever!