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Asuna is crapping me out :(

because i watched Sword Art Online... i like asuna... everytime i sleep i always dreamed i met her(everyday)
so this is crapping me out..this is.... just weird.. Liebe for a person that doesn't even exist.. please someone give me a solution.. just everytime i think of her.. i was hoping... wish i have a same life and fate as kirito... :(
i also depressed.. why SAO ends so fast.. it's so incredible
 SAOfans1 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Asuna Yuuki Antwort

OkazakiDaisuke said:
It's okay for Du to Liebe someone who doesn't exist. To be honest, I Liebe someone who doesn't exist too! Just be yourself and treat yourself like Kirito, that way Asuna might come to Du eventually ^_^
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
that's impossible.. a fiction comes to life.. but i'm pretty sad.. why SAO ends.. in 25 episode.. it was the best Anime i ever watched...but it's weird.. 3 episodes already floor 50
SAOfans1 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Well, I Liebe SAO as well but Du have to accept the fact that all good things must come to an end. Anyway, there are rumours about another season of SAO coming out but I'm not a Fan of rumours so....
OkazakiDaisuke posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Well thats embarrising cause dude i feel the same i think of here all Tag :( (So i hope there will be a happy ending for Asuna and Kirito so atleast she gets what she wants budd)
LoveQuotesAS posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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