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1. abunai- dangerous.The term has a broader application in Japanese than a direct translation would suggest, being employed in situations where an English speaker would say "Duck!" oder "Look out!" Another common usage is as a euphemism for "deviant," i.e. a "dangerous" relationship (abunai kankei).
2. ai- love.If a native speaker wanted to specify romantic love, he would use the character pronounced koi (or ren, depending on the context).
3. aite- opponent.Be careful, the word has many applications that are counter-intuitive. A Mehr literal Lesen of the characters would be "the one whom I must...
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Hey there! ~ I decided to make this step Von step Artikel on how I make an Icon just because I felt bad because I couldn't include some people's entries in the Umfrage of the Anime Icon Contest because they don't follow the rules given. I'm not really sure where to put this, but since the Anime Icon Contest is here, I decided to post it in this spot.

Making Icons are really easy. In fact, Du don't really need a fancy software to make one. Du could just always crop a picture and re-size it on your computer. If Du want to add some fancy effects, Du could always use a Foto editing software or...
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 Manly man with literally explosive karate skills? Check. Three schoolgirl Lesben and aliens? Check. Bloody and gory violence? Check. At least one scene with naked boobies? Check. Awesomeness? SUPER Check!
Manly man with literally explosive karate skills? Check. Three schoolgirl lesbians and aliens? Check. Bloody and gory violence? Check. At least one scene with naked boobies? Check. Awesomeness? SUPER Check!
This review is brought to Du Von Discotek Media, a distribution company that specializes in relicensing and rereleasing old school Anime shows and Filme from the 70's and 80's.

I've been adding some Anime shows and Filme to my DVD/Blu-Ray collection, and two new additions that I'm especially glad that I bought are a couple of Anime Filme from the 80's that were beautifully remastered and rereleased on DVD Von Discotek Media. These two awesome movies, both released in the same Jahr of 1986, are known as Fist of the North Star: The Movie, and Project A-Ko, both of which I'll be covering in this...
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Aoi Hyoudou (兵藤 葵, Hyōdō Aoi?)

Voiced by: Yuki Kaida (drama CD), Hiromi Igarashi (anime)[1]
Satsuki’s nephew, the son of Satsuki's older brother, and a middle school student who enjoys dressing like a girl. Likes "cute things", and being the center of attention. His androgynous features allow him to pass off as a girl and his female persona is well-known as a cute internet idol. Aoi enjoys toying with the feelings of men, but is eventually exposed as a boy Von Misaki. He is generally short-tempered and has little patience. He becomes embarrassed after doing something kind oder showing...
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Naoya Shirakawa (白川 直也, Shirakawa Naoya?)

Voiced by: Hiroyuki Yoshino (drama CD), Mitsuhiro Ichiki (anime)[1]
A male student at Seika High School who initially dislikes Misaki because of her forceful methods of reforming Seika. He and his Friends discover that she works at a maid café early on in the story, but after she is defended Von Usui, they quickly become her biggest fans, as well as regulars at Cafe Maid Latte, often referred to as the "idiot trio." His nickname is “Shiroyan.” He also used to be a delinquent in middle school known as White Tornado Beast.
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Anime: Japanese for "animation" oder "cartoons." In American fandom however, it's used to refer to any form of Animation produced in Japan. Anime comes in the form of animated TV shows oder movies, video games, and comic books.

AMV: stands for Anime Musik Video. AMVs are Videos made Von Fans that feature scenes from Anime together with audio from another Quelle such as English songs, dialogue oder Musik from another TV show, oder movie trailers. The best AMVs are praised for their good video editing techniques and cleverness in choosing the best Anime scenes to go with the chosen song oder dialogue.

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Have Du ever watched a Zeigen for the first time and thought it sucked... and then had a change of herz and decided to give that Zeigen a Sekunde chance? I've had that happen with me at least two times. The first was with Hetalia, and in the case of that piece of worthless dog-shit, a Sekunde viewing only made me Frage why that series has a fanbase even more.

The Sekunde Zeigen I gave a Sekunde chance was a Zeigen that I "fondly" remember watching as a kid (and I use the term "fondly" loosely in this case). It is a Zeigen that belongs to a franchise that I hold very dear.

That Zeigen is link.

Allow me to...
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Hehe XD
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