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martemora15 posted on Nov 27, 2009 at 03:25PM
Okay, RULES:

The first person, ME, picks out something she/he wants to see. (ex a girl with her pet dragon) And, of coarse, the picture has to be anime... Then, the one who's next need to find a picture of what the last one was searching for, and then post it in a reply. Then that person can find something she/he wants to see, and then the game is on. Please have fun everyone ^-^

I'll start, and I wanna se...uhm...

(Not like a sick girl, just someone who's like... an outcast in highschool, weird, strange, random, etc. !!!NOT A SERIAL KILLER!!!)

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr martemora15 said…
big smile
(!!!INPORTANTE!!! NOT someone suffering, more someone like Luna Lovegood, but NOT her)