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ErzaScarletXX posted on Jul 02, 2016 at 11:21AM
Noragami is a anime about mostly a god named Yato, a phantom human named Hiyori Iki and Yato's regalia named Yukine, but my version is where you make a god and have your own regalia you are allowed to make more then 1 person but only 1 of each anyways, in this roleplay your god or whatever goes through fighting phantoms and if needed other gods also meeting new people and getting more regalia's, as you go through where ever they live in a town (( made up I think )) Orska City, if your a human and you die you become a regalia, if your a phantom you have to attack gods and drive humans to well pretty much die.

No Bullying
Swearing is allowed but don't use it to bully
No more then 1 god for each person
and no copying

To join:


Other:( Option )
Weapon:(( what you turn into ))
Special Ability:
Type of god:
Other:(option )
Phantoms:(( no info needed ))
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
Name:Akahana Yuna

Age: 16 (( actually 1016 ))

Regalia:Muruzaki Kiya and Michles Tiyo

Type of god:Fire God

Special Ability: forming fire into other elements

Looks: Pic Below

Bio: Akahana has been a god over 3000 years in Japan she is praised for being the god that stopped all lava flow in Japan she wasn't always innocent she used to be a god that went on a killing spree as she is unable to be seen but someone can see her but will appear later on.

Other: she had Michles and Muruzaki since 1940
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 Name:Akahana Yuna Age: 16 (( actually 1016 )) Regalia:Muruzaki Kiya and Michles Tiyo Type of
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAnimeQueen said…
Name: Kazumi

Age: 17 as a human, 2631 as a God

Sex: Female

Regalia: Anita & Yazuko

Type of God: Goddess of Water

Special Ability: Controlling Water

Looks: Picture

Bio: She had Yazuko since her birth but she found Anita later on (see her story on Anita's profile sheet). Ever since Akahana's birth they have been natural rivals although their regalias are good friends. She used to be an incredibly powerful god and she used to be considered one of the seven gods of luck but she got replaced for her laziness to stop the Japanese tsunami in 2011. She still is a famous god so she is quite busy with jobs and if she does die she will be born from another wish
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 Name: Kazumi Age: 17 as a human, 2631 as a God Sex: Female Regalia: Anita & Yazuko Type o
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAnimeQueen said…
Name: Yazuko (His name as a regalia is Kenkki)

Age: 21 when he died (when he became a regalia spirit)

Sex: Male

God/Master: Kazumi

Weapon: The sword in the picture of Kazumi (Giant Sword)

Looks: Picture

Bio: He was with Kazumi since her birth although he never liked the idea of fighting for someone with the risk of dying, Kazumi became close friends with Yazuko. He was always older than her so there were no romantic feelings but he has the desire to care for her. Yazuko died from a massacre in a small cafe while doing his university work

Other: He has a special ability that he can frost up wounds to temporarily heal them
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 Name: Yazuko (His name as a regalia is Kenkki) Age: 21 when he died (when he became a regalia spir
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAnimeQueen said…
Name: Anita (Her name as a regalia is Yoroikki)

Age: 17 when she died (when she became a regalia spirit)

Sex: Female

God/Master: Kazumi

Weapon: Kazumi's armour in the picture of her (armour)

Looks: Picture

Bio: Kazumi rescued Anita from older regalias who were harassing and mocking her for being a nora, while she was having a great time with Kazumi being her regalia her other masters from being a nora took her name off of her so she is no longer one. Anita died from physical abuse from her horrible parents
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 Name: Anita (Her name as a regalia is Yoroikki) Age: 17 when she died (when she became a regalia s
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
Name: Muruzaki

Age: 17

God/Master: Akahana

Weapon:Cross Bow

Looks: Pic Below

Bio: Muruzaki has been dead ever since she was 13 no god accepted her until Akahana came along on a cold winters night with her regalia Michles, Akahana had took her in as a regalia and her prophecy new name was Muruzaki her regular name was Kiya Lovewell until she got ran over in 2012 from a innocent driver which was sent into court

Other:she was the youngest out of 4 sisters and she has a really short temper
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 Name: Muruzaki Age: 17 God/Master: Akahana Weapon:Cross Bow Looks: Pic Below Bio: Muru
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
Name: Michles

Age: 18

God/Master: Akahana

Weapon:A black rose fire scythe

Looks: Pic below

Bio: Michles has been dead since Akahana first became a god when she was 19 in gods worlds, he died from jumping into a lake drowning as no one came to save him as well he actually tripped in the lake, Akahana and Michles had developed a good relationship as god and regalia he died in 1743 as his real name was Akisur as in human age he is 18.

Other:he was also regretted by other gods till Akahana found him.
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 Name: Michles Age: 18 God/Master: Akahana Weapon:A black rose feuer scythe Looks: Pic be
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAnimeQueen said…
Kazumi: Another phantom killing job over in the city!

Kazumi equips her regalias.

Kazumi: Kenkki! Yoroikki!

Kazumi happens to bump into Akahana already fighting the phantoms there.

Kazumi: Tsk! What are you doing here!?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
Akahana: what do you think I'm doing

Akahana holds her cross bow as her scythe is on her back
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAnimeQueen said…
((Um Erza since they are rivals it doesn't count as bullying if I call her Aka-baka right?))

Kazumi points her sword towards Akahana.

Kazumi: Seriously, you know I'm more known and experienced than you plus I'm older than you.. let me take this job, it was my job in the first place!

Yazuko: Kazu please.. let's just find another place, this is really embarrassing.

Anita: I agree with Yazu..

Kazumi: I'm not giving up that easily guys! Hey you know Aka-baka maybe this is a setup.. a trick from a young god.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
(( nope but if it's like shit head or something like that then yes but Aka-Baka is fine ))

Michles and Muru turn normal

Muruzaki: Kazumi-chan we here first...

Michles:yes we were
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAnimeQueen said…
Yazuko and Anita also turn normal.

Yazuko & Anita: Sorry for the inconvenience!

They drag Kazumi away.

Kazumi: We will meet again AKA-BAKA!

Yazuko: That was very childish of you..

Kazumi: Stop lecturing me Yazu...

Anita: That was actually quite childish though..

Kazumi: Not you too Ani?! Hmph! Fine let's go find another job..

Kazumi goes back to her shrine and reads more wishes.

Kazumi: There's nothing good here... I'm bored!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
Akahana:..hmph jeez whats with her..

Michles: it's the way she was made

Muruzaki: so she acts really childish when Akahana acts serious and sometimes stubborn

Akahana: anyways transform...

they both transform as Akahana sees the phantom but then it just disappears as another god defeated it

Akahana: WHAT?!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAnimeQueen said…
Kazumi: Kenkki! Yoroikki! Equip! I'm going back to town, it's really stormy tonight there's gotta be more phantoms around and maybe I'll check on Aka-baka again just to be nice!

Yazuko & Anita: Okay.. Kazu...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
Akahana looks at the god knowing it to be one of her rivals as she starts growling

Akahana: REALLY SMART DUMBASS (( ima change a rule :P ))
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
(( anime is right if Michles like Anita??? ))
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAnimeQueen said…
((Sure it's alright! Oh and why no more than 1 god per person?))

Kazumi: Well hello again Aka-Baka! Who is this you've got here?
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
(( idk .-. btw this other god won't be my characters anyone can control background gods and that ))

Akahana: stop calling me that's getting old

Michles: umm Akahana I'm going to check something

Michles turns normal

Akahana:okay.. just be safe..

Michles runs off to Anita waving to her slightly
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAnimeQueen said…
Anita turns normal and waves back.

Anita: Hi Michles san! ^-^

Kazumi: Yazuko you can turn back too..

Yazuko: Yes Kazu san.

Yazuko also turns back.

Yazuko: How are you doing Michles, Muruzaki.

Kazumi: Aka-baka is not old yet by the way! It'll only be old once someone else other than us acknowledges it.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
Muruzakgood .-.

Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAnimeQueen said…
Anita hugs Michles while blushing a little.

Anita: I missed you Michles san! ^-^ I haven't seen you in a while!

Yazuko: You don't sound very "good" though!

Yazuko pulls a funny face at Muruzaki.

Kazumi: What in the world is that face Yazu?

Yazuko: It's my face :p
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
Muruzaki flicks Yazuko's forehead, Michles slightly blushes
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAnimeQueen said…
Yazuko: Oww.. what was that for!?

Kazumi: That's for your face Yazu. Isn't that obvious?

Anita: Well I made some cookies for our next meeting!

Anita gives Michles a box of cookies in a heart shaped box. Anita blushes remembering that it's heart shaped.

Anita: Uhh.. umm.. don't mind the shape of the box! It was the only one I could find!
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
Michles:uhmm's fine

Muruzaki: so is this gonna be like a new couple coming up soon?

Akahana hears Muruzaki



Michles looks at Akahana as he was blushing as well sighing from how Akahana acted

Michles: Akahana-chan please calm down

Akahana: fine...

Muruzaki grabs Yazuko's arm before she hits his shoulder and hand until nearly he broke his (( random bones I needed to add ))
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAnimeQueen said…
Yazuko: Oww!!

Yazuko kicks Muruzaki in the shin really hard.

Yazuko turns back into Kazumi's sword.

Yazuko: I'm not getting anymore torture from you Muru....
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
Muruzaki glares at Yazuko as he turned into a sword

Muruzaki: don't worry you won't...till later anyways.....anyways quit being a wimp

Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAnimeQueen said…
((I changed Yazuko's profile pic and I think Muruzaki's new profile pic doesn't match her personality because it makes her look bubbly and cheerful, I changed Yazu's pic because it matches his personality more. This is all my opinion so you can ignore it if you want ^-^))

Yazuko forces Kazumi to point him at Muruzaki.

Yazuko: Hahaha!!! A wimp? As if! You're the wimp out of us! Like a crossbow can beat a giant sword! Hahaha!!! Sorry this is just really funny!! Hahahaha!!!

Kazumi: Yazu don't be rash before we fight phantoms, you might go all crazy and cut something in half again!

Yazuko: Cut something in half? Isn't that good?

Yazuko smirks.

Anita: Those two are a good pair aren't they Michles san? They are good friends of mine but I don't know why everytime I think of a person I can rely on it's not Kazumi, or Yazuko senpai... *Anita turns away from Michles* The person I always think of is you.. *Anita blushes even more while still having her back to Michles*
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
Muruzaki growls as her eyes actually go black and red

Michles:ehhhh Yazuko bad idea to piss her off


Michles has a slightly blushed face warning Yazuko

Akahana: that is a bad idea to piss her off cause she will kill someone, anyone in fact just to hunt for the one that pissed her off, also Yazuko if I was you I would turn normal and run, she even scares me and Michles.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAnimeQueen said…
Yazuko: Does she get angry that easily?? Can she not take jokes? Wow.. just wow... You're a good rival to have Muruzaki! And yes that's a compliment.

Anita chuckles.

Anita: Don't worry Yazuko isn't that weak, he isn't that slow either!

Kazumi: Yoroikki! Well I don't want you to get hurt Ani chan and I don't think Yazu does either.

Yazuko: Yeah we'll protect you Anita chan.

Kazumi: To talk for Aka-Baka's benefit, you know if she keeps this up she'll blight you and she might even need to go through an ablution if she always does this like you say she does.

Yazuko: Oh yeah true! I can't let this good rival go to waste! But if she does get an ablution she'll learn a lesson.

Anita: You're so mean! But I guess it's true.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
Akahana: ..shut up idiots...

Michles hides behind Anita


Muruzaki glares at Michles

Michles: I have no idea why she is glaring at me

Muruzaki: hmph

Muruzaki crosses her arms in anger as her anger allows her to have a dark essence, Akahana looks at Muruzaki

Akahana:jeez Yazuko you pissed her off quite well

Akahana grabs a beer bottle as she starts drinking it till it's full on empty with no drops left, Muruzaki growls silently and Michles is still hiding
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAnimeQueen said…
Yazuko: So what? I've been through this so many times already with the same person over and over again! It doesn't bother me, can you guess who that person is Muruzaki? Well it's soooo definitey not you, obviousy!

Yazuko starts laughing.

Anita: Michles san, it's okay she won't hurt you! If she does Yazuko senpai, Kazumi and I will protect you! If she kills one of us she'll need to get an ablution, it'll definitely blight Akahana a lot!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
Muruzaki's eyes go black and red as her eyes does when she may murder someone

Muruzaki: when I will, one way I'll kill you..
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAnimeQueen said…
Yazuko backs off with his arms up.

Yazuko: Okay, okay.. *Yazuko says pretending to be defeated*

Yazuko starts coughing like he is goig to vomit.

Anita & Kazumi: Yazu! Are you okay?

Yazuko instead starts laughing.

Yazuko: Sorry.. just it's so funny how Muruzaki is actually thinking about killing me! Plus her eyes going back and red makes it even more funny!! It's hilarious!!!! Well at least you made me laugh again Muruzaki!
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr anifanfreak said…
Name: Yusuke Shinozaki (Has no Regalia name as he is technically masterless)
Age: N/A (He's been around for so long even he doesn't remember, he was a Regalia since before the War of the Gods, he looks young, around 18 years old)
God/Master: Technically Masterless, but has a contract with a God and has been given the option to rescind the contract whenever he wants, to prevent him from turning into a Phantom
Weapon: Scythe
Looks: (Typical anifanfreak character)
Bio: Has the ability to transform on his own after much training, can preform partial transformations as well, due to his former master's training he learned to be independent and set off on his own to find a new Master since the God he was contracted with is Ill and dying, he is still in the process of choosing his successor.
Other: Very reclusive. (Has my own personality)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: Hmm... No more jobs eh...? I guess I can't bother Bishamon-san or Kofuku... And I don't even know where Yakkun is... That idiot is always causing a ruckus... But not lately apparently... *He sighed* Guess I better just go Hunting for the sake of it. *He walked through town, seeing Phantoms every-so-often and dispatching them with ease as they were all relatively small, he even saw lost or wandering souls from the Far Shore* Poor Shlubs... I'd help if I could... Honestly...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
Muruzaku throws a knife at Yazuko allowing it to hit his arm "SHUT UP DUMBASS"Muruzaki yells, "are they at it again?"a boy and girl said walking up to them all, "Don't tell us, they like eachother?!"The girl said
Vor mehr als einem Jahr anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: Hrm...? *He slashed through another small Phantom and heard a commotion not too far away, he jumped to the top of a nearby building and ran along the rooftops* Yakkun? *He saw the others bickering* Nope... *He sighed and sat down* But at least there's some entertainment around here...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
Names: Kayla - Girl - Kushi - Boy -
Ages: Kayla 14, Kushi 17
Master/God: N/A
Weapon dey turn to: Kayla - Arrow - Kushi - Bow -
Looks: Pic below
Bio: Unknown
Other:(option ) DEY HAVE NU OOONE
 Names: Kayla - Girl - Kushi - Boy - Ages: Kayla 14, Kushi 17 Master/God: N/A Weapon dey turn to:
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAnimeQueen said…
Yazuko pulls the knife out of his arm easily.

Yazuko: Well you got me there, it did hurt a bit.

Yazuko frosts his wound to temporarily heal it.

Yazuko: And no, to whoever else is watching. We do not like each other, I have 0% interest in her.

Anita: Yazuko Senpai? There are people watching us!?

Kazumi: What the...?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: *He noticed that they spotted him* Oh, they're observant... *He smiled a bit to himself but didn't bother to move*
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
Kayla appeared behind Kazumi pulling her cheeks "My my, they didn't notice big brother!"Kayla said, "well dear dear little sister I guess they're a worthless bunch" Kushi said
Vor mehr als einem Jahr anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: Haha, yet those two haven't noticed me... Eh, I don't blame them, even for Regalia...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
Kayla jumps up on Yusuke's back "Big brother! Someone else was among us!"Kayla said giggling
Vor mehr als einem Jahr anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: Well hello! *He stood up and spun around playfully, chuckling* And just who might you be, young Regalia? *He looked at her*
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
"sir I'm not young I'm actually over 1000 years old, so is my brother, we had many gods until...they...heh" Kayla wanted to finish but she didn't
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheAnimeQueen said…
Kazumi: I don't know who you guys are but please don't do whatever you're doing right here...

Yazuko: Hey Regalias it's getting really annoying.

Anita: Yazu... Kazu. Don't be mean! Especially you Yazuko! They are Regalias just like us, you can't look down on them!
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
"..." Muruzaki stays silent
Vor mehr als einem Jahr anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: Only over a thousand? Heh, that means you're young compared to me... The amount of Gods I had... Well, let's not discuss numbers... *He looked down* Anyway, I'm just here for the Entertainment. There's not a lot to do around this town without the Yato God around... Even Kofuku can't find Yakkun... And Bishamon-san is out doing whatever she does on a daily basis. I don't have much better to do so don't mind me. *He chuckled a bit* To be honest I'm kind of Introverted so it's kinda hard talking to so many people.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
Kayla sits
Vor mehr als einem Jahr anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: Might I inquire as to what's going on here...? *He looked down at the others, still on the street*
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ErzaScarletXX said…
Kayla looks at Yusuke