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Opinion by StolenPride posted vor 4 Tagen
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After watching Naruto Shippuden I kinda got Lost in my other anime’s so I decided to start watching Naruto from the VERY beginning. After getting half way through the first series I drew a picture of Naruto with nothing to go off Of except for my own memory. It took me about an Stunde to draw... mostly because I’m really bad with hands and I definitely could have done better on the headband. Just tell me what Du think and I will try to make a better one “ Believe it!!!” XD. Tell me what I can do better and what I should change with my technique. I want to do my best and get better so that I can go to an amazing art school so that people with think I’m somebody and treat me like I am, because I will be. I hope Du get what I’m saying. Sorry for rambling. TTYL.
Opinion by Lanalamprouge posted vor 17 Tagen
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2017 was a sequel heavy Jahr interestingly enough for me so just saying yah my faves once again had amazing Weiter seasons I thought i'd pay attention to the Anime that premiered this Jahr that didn't fall into the continuation section of what I watched. Well the oben, nach oben 3ish of each season for me anyway since i sure did power through/guiltily enjoy a lot of bad stuff and who honestly has the time right?

Winter: AKA i only really watched 3 non sequels


Acca 13 was a stylish calm Anime about Jean going around giving evaluation to each of the sections of the uniquely bird shaped country Dowa he lives on while there's silent whispering about his past and how it connects to the Weiter royal coronation and the dissatisfied sections of Dowa. All while they REEEEEEEEALLLY enjoy eating toast... I greatly enjoyed its slow pace and how it just seemed to smoothly integrate plot with Jean's job to give Du a feel of the world and why the politics even matter at all, building up to end with not a bang but with the same calm demeanor it started with. Just a nice watch.
Article by anifanfreak posted vor einem Monat
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Hello, My name is *************. My Hobbies are [xxxxxxxxx]. I'm [Bleep] years old. And I, am a normal person, nothing exciting about me, oder my life...

At least... That's what I'd LIKE to say...

"HAKASE!!!" A stern voice echoed from around the corner of the hall that I had just turned down, hoping to get away from that voice.

"Hold it there Playboy!" Another harsh voice came from in front of me.

"Oh jeez, not this again..." I thought to myself.

The voices came from two very suspiciously large men who claimed to be High school students. Well, they ARE high school students but they seem to have been in high school for MANY Mehr years than they should have been...

"You're not getting away after Rejecting our princess Du pathetic BASTARD!" boomed the so-called High schooler before me.

"It's only the Sekunde floor... I guess I'm gonna have to risk jumping out of the window oder else I'll die for sure!" I kept mumbling solutions like that to myself, bouncing some other ideas around as well. But that was what I ultimately decided on. The Open window a few meters in front of the guy standing at...
Opinion by luthorlex posted vor einem Monat
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Ayashi no Ceres is a Anime drama show. The Zeigen does have some fans, but it seems to not be as beliebt as it deserves to be. This review is about why this obscure classic is worth checking out.

The Plot

The Zeigen is about a teenager named Aya who discovers that a magical woman named Aya is a part of Aya. Both Aya and Ceres want to Bewegen on to peaceful lives and they do get some help from 2 young guys named Toya and Yuuhi. However Aki (Aya's brother) has a dangerous person inside of him and Kagami (Aya's cousin) is willing to put Aya and Ceres' lives in danger for his master plan.

Ayashi no Ceres has a very interesting and unique plot. This is 1 of the most well written Anime shows that I've ever seen. It has lots of impactful and well done emotional scenes. The Zeigen is exciting, emotional, realistic, and amazingly written. All of the show's main characters have well written storylines, especially Kagami. The Zeigen is too depressing at times, but that doesn't ruin the show's impressive writing.
Opinion by luthorlex posted vor 2 Monaten
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K-On! is a Anime slice of life Zeigen that stars 5 female teenagers who are in a band. The Zeigen has become quite beliebt with Fans of anime.

The Plot

Ritsu decides to start a Musik band. She is joined Von Mio, Tsumugi, and Yui. The 4 of them become close friends. Along the way a 5th girl named Azusa joins them. They start getting their Musik band ready as well as bonding with each other and playing around.

Similar to other slice of life Anime shows K-On! lacks a real conflict. The Zeigen is mostly about the 5 main characters having small conflicts and having cute and amusing times together. Although the Zeigen may not be super exciting it's a pleasant show. The Zeigen is lighthearted and enjoyably cute. There's enough charming and adorable subplots to make the show's plot work.

The Characters

Yui is a friendly and amusingly goofy and loopy girl who plays guitar. Ritsu is the least likeable of the main characters, but she's okay. Mio is my Favorit of the main characters. She has a good personality and she's a sympathetic, charming, and cute character. Tsumugi is a stylish and eccentric girl. Azusa is a good addition to the...
Opinion by luthorlex posted vor 2 Monaten
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Yuru Yuri is a Anime comedy Zeigen that stars 2 groups of middle school girls: the Amusement Club and the Student Council. The Zeigen has quite a few good characters.

5. Akari

Akari is the show's fake protagonist. The Zeigen pretends like it's about her, but she actually doesn't have a very prominent role. Her lack of screen time and plot relevance is 1 of the show's funniest running gags. There are several jokes about how small her role in the Zeigen is and all of those jokes are funny. Her role in the Zeigen is so small that I've actually forgotten about her.

4. Yui

Yui is the 1 member of the Amusement Club that isn't looney. She isn't as eccentric as the show's other characters. She serves as a good voice of reason character to Kyoko and the others. Also her friendship with Chinatsu is really cute even if it's meant for comedy.

3. Chinatsu

Chinatsu is a member of the Amusement Club that Kyoko has a crush on, but she has a crush on Yui. It leads to a lot of the show's cutest scenes. Chinatsu is a adorable character, but she's also crazy enough to fit into this wacky comedy show.
Opinion by heartfilialucy posted vor 2 Monaten
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Lucy Heartfilia is the protagonist of Fairy Tail. She is a blonde haired girl who had rich parents, but now she has fun Friends that she goes on adventures with.

Despite being the show's main star, sterne Lucy doesn't seem to be the show's most beliebt charactes. Natsu, Erza, and a few other characters tend to be Mehr liked Von the fans. Of course Fans can dislike and like who they want, but I personally think that Lucy is the best character in Fairy Tail.

1 major reason why Lucy is the best character in Fairy Tail is that she's the most well written. Her storylines are far Mehr complex and interesting than the other characters' storylines. Natsu and Gray pretty much stay the same throughout the show, but Lucy goes from being a wannabe hero to actually being a hero. She goes through lots of friendships and rivalries and learns so much.

Lucy may not seem as useful at solving conflicts as Natsu, Gray, and Erza, but she has the greatest power of all: a big heart. Lucy lives up to her corny last name Von being the sweetest member of the team. She manages to solve conflicts with her big heart. For example she saved Loke's life in season 1 Von using her...
Opinion by applebear123 posted vor 2 Monaten
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in fairy tail, hiro literally brought back many characters alive like gajeel,makorov,gray,juvia and whatnot even ichiya and anna heartfilia....i was both happy and irritated. i like some of these characters and was extremely sad when i "thought" they were dead. but after some few chapters they were brought back alive with one reason oder another.i was happy because they came back alive.but also thought " what and why did i feel sad for?" i felt foolish..
ok fine..but why did they leave out ultear??!! (she was quite an important character in the series) she wasnt exactly dead but her life span was fast forwarded making her old-and to an age where her death was nearing.why didnt they bring her back to her original young self when they could revive they dead character.......they could have found some reason to bring her back!! T^T

Opinion by Lanalamprouge posted vor 2 Monaten
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The subject of conflict
{The problematic fave series i was going to continue but i legit have no time but wanted to semi finish this one since i already put a lot of effort into it}

I feel like this is the one that needs the most justification because I have gepostet Mehr than once my distaste for the Anime "Kokoro connect". I feel like the Anime wastes a lot of the potential for character study Von force feeding Du their character outline, hurriedly building up drama,only for it to end in a too squeaky clean result with almost no stakes. and while I don't really mind the situations they get into ( in fact i Liebe the idea of using switching bodies, mind reading, aging gone wonky etc to let the characters learn about each other) the way this happens is still pretty contrived. And I don't believe I'm being too harsh on judging the Anime on it's character arcs since that is the main focus and attraction the Anime is trying to give. But while I didn't like the Zeigen when I was finished I was haunted Von a question. All the characters suffer from the aforementioned forced development and rushed resolution, Iori Nagase is no exception. So why do I like her?
Fan fiction by sparklefanboy posted vor 4 Monaten
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Notes: The K-On! characters aren't created oder owned Von me. All credit goes to the creator (s), studios, and everybody else that made K-ON!. This is a story that I originally wrote for I hope that Du enjoy this story.

Mio was sleeping. She was wearing purple pants and a rosa shirt. Mio got a text that woke her up. Azusa sent a text to Mio telling her that school was about to start! Mio had overslept. Mio put on her school clothes and ate a muffin. Mio hurried to school.

Mio ran to class which is something that she rarely does. Mio found Ritsu. Mio sagte "Ristu am I late?"

Ristu sagte "No."

Mio sagte "Thank goodness."

Ristu sagte "I'm joking. You're super late."

Mio sagte "Oh no."

Mio ran to her classroom. She opened the room's door gently, but she fell which caused lots of noise. Azusa helped Mio get up.

1 of Mio's teachers (Mr. Horigome) sagte "This is the first time you've been late."
Opinion by sparklefanboy posted vor 4 Monaten
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Tamayura is a barely known, but wonderful Anime Zeigen that needs Mehr attention and love. This review is about why this amazing Zeigen is worth watching. The Zeigen ended with a 4 part film series.

The Plot

Tamayura is focused on Fuu Sawatari, a girl who loves taking pictures. Her late father was a photographer too. Fuu has a rather sad past due to losing her dad, but with the help of her 3 best Friends (Kaoru Hanawa, Maon Sakurada, and Norie Okazaki) she gets the inspiration and optimism she needs to have a successful and happy life.

Tamayura is a amazing and inspiring Anime Zeigen that shows and reminds people that life can be okay if Du have people that care about Du and Du don't give up. It's a truly wonderful plot that's sweet natured without being too cute oder too dark. It's hard to get a better plot than Tamayura.

The Zeigen is a slice of life which means it focuses on the lives of the main characters rather than some epic action oder stuff like that. It's a serious, but lighthearted show. It actually has a fair amount of comedic scenes which are really funny.
Opinion by applebear123 posted vor 4 Monaten
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hiii!! ^^ this is my first Artikel here in fanpop.... i didnt write much...its just a list

yeah so these are my oben, nach oben 5 (not in any particular order) cutest Anime couples.....

1. tamako market - tamako x mochizou

2.acchi kocchi - tsumiki x lo

3.hyouka- oreki x chitanda chunibyo and other delusion-rikka x yuuta

5.your lie in april - kaori x kousei

thank Du for reading! :)
News by KEISUKE_URAHARA posted vor 4 Monaten
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The Third Plate
Season three of Essen Wars! Shokugeki no Soma faces a whole new challenge as Soma and the others go up against the the new head of the Totsuki Culinary Academy which follows the written works and Manga Von Yuto Tsukuda. The third season will air in Japan and come to everyone worldwide in October of 2017.

This season will be directed Von Yoshitomo Yonetani and features Animation Von J.C. Staff. The series debuts on Japanese TV in October of 2017 and will be distributed and streamed to survives like Crunchyroll.

If Du read the current manga, then you’ll definitely be excited about the upcoming season since it will try to follow as much of it as possible, I personally cannot wait to see it animated because it’ll reveal things that may have not made sense at first oder just seeing all the wonderful dishes come to life.
Opinion by KEISUKE_URAHARA posted vor 4 Monaten
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'Can't fear your own world'
"This Artikel Contains Spoilers Took Place After bleach Manga Left Off "

With four out of the seven previews out, I thought it may be time to gather all the scattered information together into one post.
First off, I would like to thank Missstormcaller, u/schneizel and LoN for providing translations and summaries and u/hypnodarkrai for providing the chapters. Without them we probably would have to rely on inaccurate summaries for years, like it was the case with Spirits are forever with you, which surprisingly turned out to be a well written book.
But now, without further ado, let's start with the information:
Title: Can't fear your own world
Author: Ryoga Narita
Released previews: 4 out of 7
Release of the physical book: August 4
According to Narita, Kubo did provide information and details for the novel, which makes it canon. At least when it comes to the reveals.

Synopsis and previews:
Synopsis 1:
News by KEISUKE_URAHARA posted vor 4 Monaten
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Bleach: Can’t Fear Your Own World will be released on the 4th of August 2017, on Jump j Books. This new novel follows on on Bleach manga, it’s created Von Durarara!!’s Autor Ryohgo Narita, which will be serialised every other Friday on their Jump+ digital platform. New visuals and the novels antagonists are also shown below!

The story of Bleach: Can’t Fear Your Own World follows Hisagi Shuhei, vice captain of the 9th Squad and editor and chief of the Seireitei communication. He investigates a mystery leading newly revealed secrets about the Nobel Houses, the Soul King, Arrancar and Fullbringers.

Preparing the release of the new novel, Tite Kubo draws Bilder of the villain’s of the novel: Tokinada Tsunayashiro, and his protege, Hikone
Opinion by KEISUKE_URAHARA posted vor 5 Monaten
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Azashiro Kenpachi
Kenpachi Azashiro (アザ史郎 剣八, lit. Azashiro Kenpachi), formerly called Sōya Azashiro (アザ志郎宗谷, lit. Azashiro Sōya), is the former 8th Kenpachi of the Gotei 13 and the Zurück captain of the 11th Division. In order to gain the Titel of Kenpachi, he slayed the Zurück one, Kenpachi Kuruyashiki, with his Bankai. He gain this Titel for unclear reasons. It's also known that he started a rebellion within the Soul Society and was taken down Von the Royal Guard. Since then, he was sentenced to Mūken, the lowest prison level within the Soul Society and his Titel gegeben to his lieutenant.

Despite being the former Eleventh Division captain, he seems to be well aristocratic, dressing and Schauspielen in such a manner. It's been also mistaken that he was from the Kuchiki Clan because of such Kommentare on his appearence and his mannerisms, something he has a tendency to deny on most occasions and something that annoys him to no end. He has his silky black hair, finely-combed, and it's held back with a golden hair clip that keeps his hair in an upright manner. He has two long bangs hanging down neatly from each side of his face. It's sagte that the hair clip is a...
Opinion by KEISUKE_URAHARA posted vor 5 Monaten
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*Hope and Wonder*

Watching and hiding

Behind a tree.

Hoping he doesn't

Notice me.

I see he's determined

To change his fate

I want to change it

Before it's too late.

They sagte I'm a failure.

My sister, cousin, and Dad.

But the thing I was lacking

Was something he had

At my first Chuunin exams,

Something I'll never forget.

He helped me change.

At least a little bit.

Sitting in my room

Thinking of that day.

Wondering 'When I see him next,

What am I going to say?'

Then I go to my bed,

Thinking 'When won't I flee?'

And wishing for the day

When he'll acknowledge me.

- Hyuuga Hinata.
Opinion by KEISUKE_URAHARA posted vor 5 Monaten
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I was stupid, yet
Courageous in
Heading to face
Impending doom,
Going as weak as
Only a human can be.

Kind of funny, how
Unlikely enemies
Round up allies that,
Over time, become
Some of the best
And kindest people a
Kid could know
In this world.

I've gained a power
Some call 'dangerous'.

Some other being, a
Thing inside me,
Reeling with belief that
Our body will
Never be mine,
Grows strong inside.

Almost taking control,
Never alone, yet I
Don't let him for long.

Bright light can't
Release this
Atrocious being,
Violently fighting his
Eviction from my soul
I'll win in the end, I just know it.
- Ichigo Kurosaki
Opinion by KEISUKE_URAHARA posted vor 5 Monaten
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Every Winter morning I think of you,
Missing the fuffilment of the icy black hole, that once Du used to be my heart.
Every Snowflake that falls from the frosted heavens reminds me of those sweet and special moments I spent with you.
My body aches for your warm, but icy embrace
My eyes yearn to see your smilling face
And now my herz now sucocmbs to the icy icy pit of loneliness.
Now every step I take, leaves behind a trail of frost and ice. Marking my lonesome presence.
For I wish for one Tag I can be with Du again my love,
just to inhale your calming scent,
to be wrapped in your arms,
To be warm again.
It's so cold here without you.
Every Summer, every Spring, every Autumn feels like the icy KISS of Winter.
When the wind blows, and nips my nose, I don't say it's Jack Frost, but it's Du my chilly soulmate.
For when the tiny crystals that fall from the sky and lands on my lashes, I know it's Du wiping away my icy and crystal tears.
Opinion by KEISUKE_URAHARA posted vor 5 Monaten
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Your face haunts me.
Your eyes pierce my soul,
They look right through me,
Lesen my thoughts.

Du smile paralyzes me.
Your laugh controls me.
So full of malice,
But i am not scared.

Du make me feel safe,
Even thoug Du hurt others.
Du stand so tall,
Looking down on me.

Du act as if Du hate me,
But i know Du do not.
Deep, really deep down,
I am your whole world.

- kisuke urahara

(we know Nnoitra Gilga is a bleach character with his on ideals.......who only wish to surpass here is a Poesie for my espada 5)
Opinion by KEISUKE_URAHARA posted vor 5 Monaten
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I chose to go down the path of fight

But instead I went down the path of light.

Her auburn hair, her dimpled cheeks

Her smile never gave me creeps.

It brought me comfort as it made her shine.

Her eyes were ones that were very wide.

Her glowing gray orbs showed the way

Down that path that I will betray.

Once it ended, I looked up to her.

Her crying tears made her vision blur.

I asked if she was scared, it seemed rather odd.

She reached out to me and sagte "I'm not."

It all made sense, then and there.

I had a heart, which was never spared.

I left her that day, bewildered one as it is.

I'll never forget her, the one who was not afraid.

The one who wanted me to stay.

'Orihime Inoue'
Opinion by KEISUKE_URAHARA posted vor 5 Monaten
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The moment I saw you, I felt safe.

Because you're the only one who treats me the way I am.

I felt your warmth, when the sunlight touches.

Our relationship gets closer as we be together.

But one will leave one some other day.

And then Du left this world and left me alone.

I am sad because I killed you.

I killed Du because to save myself.

I met a human who looks like you.

orange hair and hot headed but kind and caring.

I trust the man and gave him my powers.

I was forced to go back because I break the law.

The man who I knew for two months, came to recue me.

Am I that worth it?

I am not worth to spill a drop of blood.

Because I killed Du to save myself.

The man thinks that I am impotant to him.

But why?

Why did he want to save me?
Article by KEISUKE_URAHARA posted vor 5 Monaten
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He Fade Away........
Du are my beloved... Gin.
Always ever my beloved Gin. Many days have been spent without you, since we cannot meet, because Du do not exist much...
Why do Du run away from such a place as this?
Du liked this place, didn't you?
I heard it from your own lips. Du like and Liebe this place...
Du born here and lived in here. There were other things to like here, right?

I do not know Gin, explanation fails again.
How many times were spent so missing you...
The worst is... with the days, which increase and flow,
I have felt Lost without Du and like I lose Du more, repeatedly each day...

I am surely full of pain and sadness...
Will Du stay for me, then… Von my side a little longer…just a little longer...
I want to be with Du as often as I can.
I want to be beside you. I can prove to Du that I will not run away-from Du oder from the Soul Society! Can you?

Opinion by Atsukokagari posted vor 5 Monaten
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2 fans
Little Witch Academia is a Anime show. It is a lighthearted Zeigen with sweetness and comedy.

The Zeigen focuses on female witches who go to school. At their school they learn lessons about how to be better at flying and other witch related stuff. The show's main character is Atsuko Kagari also known as Akko. She and her Friends have lighthearted adventures together.

To be honest I didn't have that much interest in the Zeigen early on. It seemed like a simple and overly cute type of show. However things changed after seeing Atsuko Kagari. She instantly seemed like a good main character and she sure is. My Fanpop Nutzername is her name which should explain how awesome Akko is. I Liebe her personality traits. also she is entertaining and I Liebe her costume. The other characters are pretty good I guess. I Liebe Akko so much that it's hard to notice the other characters.

The Animation is 1 of the best parts of the show. It looks really nice. Plus the characters (mostly Akko) look so cool. The costumes the characters wear look impressive.
News by KEISUKE_URAHARA posted vor 5 Monaten
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Bandai Namco Entertainment revealed on Monday that its mobile action RPG game Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle has reached 200 million downloads worldwide.

Bandai Namco Entertainment is holding a series of in-game events to commemorate the milestone.

The app lets players fight against many iconic Dragon Ball Z characters while traversing a world map. Players form teams of characters to face off against enemies in battle. Players must gather Ki balls to unleash attacks. Basic gameplay is free, but certain in-game items are available for purchase.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle launched for iOS and Android in Japan in 2015. Bandai Namco Entertainment also released an English version of the app in 2015.