Every Winter morning I think of you,
Missing the fuffilment of the icy black hole, that once Du used to be my heart.
Every Snowflake that falls from the frosted heavens reminds me of those sweet and special moments I spent with you.
My body aches for your warm, but icy embrace
My eyes yearn to see your smilling face
And now my herz now sucocmbs to the icy icy pit of loneliness.
Now every step I take, leaves behind a trail of frost and ice. Marking my lonesome presence.
For I wish for one Tag I can be with Du again my love,
just to inhale your calming scent,
to be wrapped in your arms,
To be warm again.
It's so cold here without you.
Every Summer, every Spring, every Autumn feels like the icy KISS of Winter.
When the wind blows, and nips my nose, I don't say it's Jack Frost, but it's Du my chilly soulmate.
For when the tiny crystals that fall from the sky and lands on my lashes, I know it's Du wiping away my icy and crystal tears.
I will always remeber those 3 special words you'll say to me everyday.
With every word that Du say makes me stronger in every way.
The way Du wiege me at night, when I had a dream of fright.
I will always cherish those special moments for the rest of my immortal life.
Du were right about what Du asid about loneliness.
" I hate loneliness, but it seems to Liebe me....."
Du were right, my love......

- kisuke urahara

OMG!!!!! I wrote this while I was watching the last fight of starrk..... when i saw his emotions when he Lost his dear partner lilly net (I wrote this unconsciously) I started to tear up, then I noticed the quote at the end, and I was like my OC for Coyote Starrk must've possess me into Schreiben this....the no 1 espada only want to escape loneliness...........