I watched The Lego Batman Movie. It's a 2017 animated film that's a spin off of The Lego Movie. Is this Batman film hilarious and heartwarming oder is it a bad comedy film? Please read the review to find out.


Batman (Bruce) is still sad about his parents being gone and because of that is a loner. Robin wants to be Batman's son. Also the Joker is putting Gotham City in danger. It's up to Batman to accept Robin as his son and stop the Joker.

The film has both silly and drama scenes. The drama of Batman dealing with his parents being gone and moving on to a new family is well done, but the comedy ruins this film. Batman is a immature goofball for most of this film. He's unlikeable until the climax and his jokes aren't that good. The Joker's plot is a excuse for a bunch of unfunny jokes that make Batman and Joker's rivalry feel like a romance.


Until the climax Batman is obnoxious and not that likeable. He's too obnoxious to be a good protagonist. Robin and Alfred are okay. Batgirl is my Favorit character, because she's quite cool. I wish the film was starred Batgirl instead of Batman. This film's Joker is my least Favorit Joker. He's a unfunny villain. Even the serious Jokers from other Batman films are Mehr funny than this Joker.


I'm not a Fan of this film's animation. The lego Animation can work for a short film, but not a regular film. The legos don't look that appealing oder interesting.


Most people like this film so you'll probably like it. I'm glad that people had fun watching this film, but I think this film is unappealing and unfunny.