The Angry Birds star, sterne Wars Hoth update (v1.1.0) is now available for iOS, PC, and Android via Google Play, with Mehr platforms coming soon. This is the first major update to Angry Birds star, sterne Wars, which was released only a few short weeks Vor (this update was teased just yesterday).

After destroying the Death Star, the Rebel Avian Alliance moved its base to the ice planet of Hoth (they later regret this decision, as it’s rather cold). Weary from defeat and hungry for a victory the Imperial Pigs have dispatched probe droids to nearby planets with of hope of discovering the location of the rebel base. Let the battle begin!

This update includes:

20 icy levels! Only a partial release, with the remaining 20 levels
Princess Leia! The damsel in distress first appears in Level 3-3, and features a traktor beam to pull heavy items. Officially, it is called a “gravitational field disruptor”. Note that this can be activated from any distance, which makes it extremely powerful.
Two new Bonus Levels! There is one new Droid and one new “Star” level. Note that the star, sterne level is unlocked at 385 stars. Also, if Du are already beyond that threshold, it should unlock as soon as Du earn 1 star, sterne on 3-1. See our Complete Droids and Bonus Levels Guide if Du need help unlocking oder 3-starring any Droid oder “Star” bonus levels.
One new achievement for iOS.
Six new characters to unlock. We will be updating our Liste as soon as we can.

Thanks to all of Du who has helped us with this update! Truly amazing group of players an