Angry Birds Season Haunted Hogs Main Screen
Boooo! We broke the news of this update first. Angry Birds Seasons v3.0.0 is now available for iOS, PC, and Android via Google Play, with Mehr platforms coming soon. The update includes a brand new episode called, “Haunted Hogs”, which appears inside a new, “Seasons 3″ group. In typical Seasons fashion this looks to be a spooktacular update. Without further ado, let me jump into the gory details.

This update includes

30 new levels that take Du deep inside a haunted mansion. Did one of those spooky paintings in the background just blink at me? Run!!!! Ahhhh!! Vampire-pigs, Fraken-pigs, scarecrow-pigs oh my! Walkthroughs are live.
Golden Eggs include a “Big Bat” bonus Golden Egg level that is unlocked after 3-starring all levels. There is one additional Golden Egg to be found in a level. Our Complete Angry Birds Seasons Golden Eggs guide is completely up-to-date, so check it out if Du need help.
Ghost blocks! These apparitions are there, but they really aren’t. Ghost blocks hold up structures, sway, fall and break like normal blocks, but the kicker is Du can shoot right through them.
Optimized for the iPhone 5! Yep, the first major version of Angry Birds to extend all the way to edges of your shiny new toy.
No power-ups! Which is a darn good thing if Du ask me.
No new achievements for iOS. This is expected, since there is really no Weltraum for Seasons achievements points.
Flashback! (Pro Tip!) orange jack-o’-lanterns (from Trick oder Treat) are worth 3,000 points, and black jack-o’-lanterns (from Ham’o'ween) explode!

Bugs That We’re Checking

The Angry Birds Seasons Back to School update introduced a few bugs, which we’ve listed out below. We will see if these are fixed and update their status as soon as possible. We will also include any new bugs that arise.

FIXED (Bug 45 iOS/PC/Mac): Confirmed fixed on iOS (v2.5.1) and PC (v3.0.0). Mac pending.
The Level Selection Screens for “Wreck the Halls” and “Season’s Greedings” are not displaying properly (see this image for an example).
FIXED (Bug 46 iOS/Android/PC/Mac): Confirmed fixed on iOS, Android, and PC. Mac pending.
Seasons Golden Egg 16 (in Easter Eggs) is now a broken Rube Goldberg machine (see the walkthrough page for more).
UPDATED BUG! WARNING! (Bug 47 iOS/Android/PC/Mac): The original bug, in small print below, is confirmed to have been fixed on iOS, Android, and PC. However, a new bug has arisen. While the levels were un-flip-flopped, the scores were not! PLEASE avoid playing these levels. Rovio has been pinged and we hope they will quickly rectify this issue, as it directly effects data files. Leaderboard entry for these levels has been temporarily closed to avoid corruption.
The Golden Eggs in Moon(cake) Festival have been flip-flopped (see this Kommentar thread for more). As a side effect, the “Golden Mooncake” and “Big Mooncake” unlock backwards (i.e., collecting all 8 slices unlocks the Big instead of the Golden; 3-starring unlocks the Golden instead of the Big).
FIXED (iOS/Android/PC/Mac): Confirmed fixed on iOS, Android, and PC. Mac pending.
Piglantis 2-9 minimum 3-star score has changed. It was 100,000 in the original release and was changed to 102,000 in v2.5.0.
Pending (Bug 48 iOS/Android/PC/Mac): The “New Jahr Egg” from Wreck the Halls cannot be unlocked in v2.5.0.
New Bug (PC only): The ropes on the slingshot are not visible on PC.