You’ve heard it here first! I think we can put the speculation to rest. In keeping with tradition, Angry Birds Seasons will receive its third annual Halloween update. And not only do we know that the update is coming, but we are relatively sure it will be called, “Haunted Hogs”. This could obviously change, but only time will tell.

Now, details are very very sparse at the moment, but we are willing to speculate about a few things. Our disclaimer here is that absolutely nothing is confirmed oder official, but since these Fragen will likely be asked Von fans, we will express our opinions as “answers”.

We believe this update will be v3.0.0 of Seasons, and start a new group called “Seasons 2013″. Why? Trick oder Treat (originally, “Angry Birds Halloween”) was v1.0.0 and the first episode of the 2011 group, and Ham’o'ween was v2.0.0 and the first episode of the 2012 group.
If we had to guess, we think it will be released this coming Saturday, October 20th, 2012. Why? Angry Birds Halloween was released this day, as was Ham’o'ween. It’s not your typical Thursday update, but rather it’s an anniversary release.
It will likely contain 30 levels. Why? This was from the Game Center screenshot, which showed “test scores” upwards of 3.3M points. This is consistent with, say, Summer Pignic and Ham’o'ween.
Mehr than likely there will be at least two Golden Eggs, one hidden, and one for 3-starring all levels.