SURPRISE! Angry Birds v2.3.0 is now available for iPhone and Android via Google Play, and with Mehr platforms — including iPad — coming soon. Now that summer is well behind us (for the northern hemisphere, anyways), the classic “beach” theme of Surf and Turf has been concluded. It doesn’t stop there though, as those sneaky piggies have poked there noses into the original Angry Birds game with a brand new episode (Greedy Pigs! As if having their own app wasn’t good enough!).

Note, still waiting on iPad update. There must have been an issue that needed to be addressed. We will let Du know as soon as it drops.

This update includes:

15 stormy levels conclude Surf and Turf. It’s been fun! Our S&T walkthrough pages are live. Du may also find some alternate strategies on the older Facebook Surf and Turf walkthrough pages.
A new episode called “Bad Piggies” with 15 new levels! Those pesky piggies don’t just have their own game, now they’ve taken over Angry Birds too! Our text 3-star strategies are live and the pages are ready for your alternate strategies. Videos will be coming soon!

after a preliminary run through, we didn’t see any Golden Eggs. This does not conclusively mean there are none, but it seems questionable

power Ups! While these were released in the v2.2.0 update this is still a big Frage as to how they will be handled. At first glance, there seems to be no distinction between scores obtained with oder without Power Ups after the initial score screen.

King Pig mode is now available for Android/iPhone and looks to be on both mobile and tablets. We believe King Pig mode is unlocked Von obtaining 3-stars on all levels through Birdday Party and all the Golden Eggs through Birdday Party. Read Mehr in the original release post.
iPhone 5 users may play the app is “letterbox mode”, with approximately 88 pixels of black Weltraum on either side of the app. Rovio has told me that their first priority is bringing new content to all devices, but that they plan to stylize for the unique dimensions of the iPhone 5 in the near future.
Pro Tips: Jewels and Golden Wrenches are worth 3,000 points each! Not a bad idea to become a mechanic with these values.