Buckle-up! Angry Birds star, sterne Wars is set for an epic launch Thursday, November 8th. We are live at the launch event at the Toys ‘R’ Us in Times Square and will bring Du details as they’re revealed! We have a short teaser video above and a bunch of details below. First, some general info:

If there were any doubts, the official name is, “Angry Birds star, sterne Wars”.
Launching on iOS, Android, and likely PC/Mac (platform Liste an educated guess at this time).
Cast of Characters

Based on the image below it looks like all the original star, sterne Wars characters Du know and Liebe — sans Jar Jar Binks (dang!) — have been transformed into Angry Birds. Here is a breakdown of the star, sterne Wars characters and their Angry Birds counterparts that we know thus far.

Red (the Red Bird) is once again our protagonist taking on the part of the young Jedi, Luke Skywalker.
Chuck (the Yellow Bird) will transformed into handsome Han Solo.
Terence (Big Brother) will be filling the role of Han’s trusted side kick Chewy.
Stella (the rosa Bird) is our damsel in distress, the lovely Princess Leia.
Matilda (the White Bird) is 24 karat awesome, playing C-3PO.
An Egg appears to be playing the part of our beep-boop colleague, R2-D2. This may be wrong though, as I would expect to see Mehr of the birds used first.
Bomb (the Black Bird) is Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi
The Millennium falke, falcon has a slingshot on its roof
What about the pigs, say you? Is it any surprise that they’ve trotted to the Dark Side!

I’m willing to gamble that Darth Vader is the King Pig, oder at least a Mustache Pig — and maybe the King Pig is the Emperor.

Oink Fighters Are Pigs!