A new collaborative promotion between Rovio and McDonald’s China is now available! This is a brand new web-based mini game called Angry Birds McDonald’s. Du can play this in most any modern web browser, excluding mobile and tablets, Von going to mcd.angrybirds.com. The game does require Flash.

Du will have to register in order to unlock any levels beyond the first two. Easy enough…if Du speak and read Chinese. While we’re not native speakers, we have deciphered it well enough to provide Du with these instructions. To sign up, Du have to click on the bottom-right most button (just right of the “i”). The right tab is where Du want to go to register if Du have not already done so. The fields are as follows: oben, nach oben line is email, Weiter is password, third is “confirm password”, and finally “username”. We checked both boxes below the fields, but are not 100% what each means. One likely signs Du up for some emails (the horror!) and the other accepts Rovio’s Terms & Conditions. Like I said, at this time we don’t know which is which, so proceed at your own risk.

If you’ve already registered the left tab is to sign in. The fields from oben, nach oben to bottom are: email, password, and finally there is a “Remember Me” box.

A quick rundown of what is included in this mini game.

A total of eight levels to play: Two teasers, three “McDonald’s” levels, and three “Mooncake” levels. We have walkthroughs for all of these levels already live!
Fast food! In each of the “McDonald’s” levels, some quintessential McDonald’s foodstuffs appear in-game. These include Big Macs, orders of french fries, and sodas. These items are worth 4000 points each!
Lanterns! In each of the “Mooncake” levels, the red lanterns are worth 2000 points each!
Power-ups can be earned via codes we will probably never have access to.
There is also a worldwide scoreboard on the right hand side of the screen. This is likely part of a contest, though we aren’t quite aware of the details at this time. Anyone willing to contribute Mehr information — such as our Chinese-literate members — are Mehr than welcome! Happy gaming, and remember to exercise!