We announced back in July that Angry Birds Trilogy was coming to major gaming consoles, and the wait is now over! That’s right, Du can now fling birds on the big screen if Du have XBox 360, PlayStation 3, oder (on the slightly-smaller) Nintendo 3DS. The release is slightly overshadowed Von the upcoming release of Bad Piggies, but it is still big news. There is a trailer coming soon, and Mehr can be found info at trilogy.angrybirds.com, including Links to purchase.

Here’s what we know immediately:

This is a single gaming patrone that contains the majority of levels from the original Angry Birds, Seasons, and Rio.
The cost is $29.99 USD for 3DS and $39.99 for XBox and PS3. A bit high, but it IS on a massive screen. It should be available at most gaming retailers, both physical and online.
The game contains 19 episodes at launch: ABo has Poached Eggs through Mine and Dine; Seasons has Trick oder Treat through Mooncake Festival; and Rio has Smuggler’s höhle, den through Smuggler’s Plane.
Mighty Eagle! Available at no additional cost, it appears.
Achievements! Available for XBox 360, at least. Pretty much a compilation of iOS’s achievements. See the full Liste on this page.
Compatibility with Kinect/Move and 3D features.
Some pressing questions:

How many Golden Eggs there are? (They exist in the game, that’s confirmed.) Do they match our listings? What about some of the that required a tap oder click, like the Treasure Chest, Sun, and Danger Above Level Screen?
Rio also contains its Golden Fruit, but it is not yet known if the Trophy Room is available as playable levels.
It is not really clear if these games will receive episodic Updates (or game updates, such as Space), but it is possible.

Watch the Video At link