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Die Fanauswahl: No!!! He would never do that!!
Die Fanauswahl: YES
Die Fanauswahl: YES, DUH
no there shouldnt be anymore...
Die Fanauswahl: Yes, I wanted them to get married!
Yes, I wanted them to get...
No, I like the way It ended...
Die Fanauswahl: Amy and Ricky
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HHR08 sagte …
-"Ricky runs into an old friend named Clementine (Marielle Jaffe) at his first Tag of college. She'll be sticking around for a while -- and causing all sorts of trouble for Ricky and Amy."
-"Amy's jealous over Ricky's new life at college. Can their relationship survive?"
-"Ricky and Amy won't be getting married anytime soon."
-"Ben and Adrian will continue to play...roles in the lives of Amy and Ricky...just because Ricky and Amy are together now doesn't mean they'll be together forever." gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
HHR08 Kommentiert…
^Those were from "".... okay, SERIOUSLY!? Don't the writers understand that the majority of Secret Life Fans only watch the Zeigen for Ramy? I don't understand why they keep trying to break them up and putting obstacles in their way. First we find out that they never got married and now all that!? Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Derena_Brucas sagte …
okay guys i need help(LOL) Im having trouble watching the show. I like Ricky & Amy, but the rest of them are just so boring to me. I think the only one other then them i like is grace. Im thinking i like her with Jack, but i prob shouldnt say that on this my bad. anyways i always fastforward the Zeigen to just gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Derena_Brucas Kommentiert…
i should prob stay off Fanpop for awhile to because I just started watching this Zeigen and now i know they didnt get married. WHAT THE HECK ??? Vor mehr als einem Jahr
HHR08 Kommentiert…
I suffer through the rest of the episode just to watch the Ramy scenes... Honestly, I liked Badrian (or whatever their ship name is) but then the writers broke them up. I LOVED Jack and Grace but then the writers broke them up, too. And now Grace is a Zufällig Christian again? And I Liebe Ramy but I feel like it's only a matter of time until the writers break them up too. I don't understand what is happening to this show!! Vor mehr als einem Jahr
bulldogs220 sagte …
I was really upset to find out that Amy and Ricky didnt really get married i really had hoped they would.

Does anyone know if they will break up in future episodes oder seasons? gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr