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CHOCOLATTE posted on Jul 31, 2008 at 01:28PM
Which Girl Was Eliminated Unfairly ?
I Think Renee Should Have Won Her Cycle
And Kim Could Have Gone Further
And I Wish Kimberly Didn't Quit
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr ugagurl777 said…
I think that Jenah was unfairl eliminated. Tyra was sitting there picking on her so much that she had to cry and eliminated her even though she did the best.

I also did not like Kari from Cycle 6 being eliminated over Gina, Gina was dreadful and deserved to go home.

I also did not agree with Amiee from Cycle 10 being eliminated.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr bethbeach008 said…
Katarzyna. i loved her. she was awesome.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr SpanksU said…
I think anyone who got voted off over Anne in Season three . . . I can't believe she made it to top four without having nice pictures. Mind you she did do really well in her commerical.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr prettybeachgal said…
There was A LOT......well on the top of my head there was Lisa. Heather should have gone home A LOT earlier. And Katarzyna. Lauren DID NOT deserve to stay. At all. Also Brooke she could have gone farther. And I guess Renee, but they were all good and they had to choose someone and it just happened to be her.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr mystikchic said…
i have 2 my biggest was nik she should have won she rocked and she was gorgeous and then katarzyna i loved her
Vor mehr als einem Jahr theslipperfit said…
My biggest one is Joanie, she should have won and i can't believe she didn't. Also, Norelle being cut before Ann in cycle 3 disgusted me...Ann made it to the top for never taking a good's bs. Kat was cut WAY too soon as well. And Renee and Jennah both should have won their cycles.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr PatoPop said…
Oh My God! There I go:
Cycle 4: Tiffany (only Rebecca), Michelle (great photo), Brittany (to Top2), Kahlen (instead of Naima).
Cycle 5: Ashley (instead of Sarah), Kyle (to Top4 or 3), Lisa (to Top4 or 3).
Cycle 6: Kari (instead of Gina), Mollie Sue (instead of Jade), Joanie (instead of Danielle!!)
Cycle 7: AJ (instead of Jaeda), Michelle and Amanda (to Top3), Melrose (instead of CariDee!!!!)
Cycle 8: Cassandra (instead of Diana), Brittany (instead of Dionne)
Cycle 9: Sarah (to Top5), Heather and Bianca (to Top3), Jenah (winner)
Cycle 10: Aimee and Claire (to Top4).
Cycle 11: Brittany (instead of Analeigh), Clark (instead of Joslyn), Lauren Brie (to Top3)
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