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Alpha und Omega
Chapter 13: For the Win

(Song: For the Win-Two Steps from Hell)

Humphrey turned to his sister and smiled.

"You did the right thing back there," he said.

"What, did Du really think that after all of these years without you, I would just go back to my boring life as a house pet?" she asked. "Being separated from Du was the worst thing that's ever happened to me and I will never let it happen again."

"Thanks," Humphrey said, and then paused. "Losing Du was hard too, and I guess, even though I hardly remembered, deep down, I was still looking for you. And now that we're together, nothing is going...
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Chapter 7: Fight for the Valley

The battle raged on, wolf against wolf, with no end in sight. Kate and Humphrey were fighting together, making sure to never leave the other alone when Kate was suddenly pounced on Von a Rouge Wolf. Humphrey rushed to her side and helped her to fight off the attacker. Kate had a minor cut on the side of her neck, but it wasn't too bad.

"Kate," Humphrey sagte to her, pausing to ward off another wolf. "I don't know how much longer we can go on."

"Well what do Du propose we do?" Garth asked as he approached them.

"We need to take out their leader," Humphrey said, looking...
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Song: Riders-Two Steps From Hell-Thomas Bergersen

(Trailer shows King walking out of Kate's den, onto the rock and looking out over the territory)

King: Your pack is mine now.

(Trailer pans out Wird angezeigt the territory of the Western Pack completely occupied Von the Rouge Wolves)

Marcel: The Rouge Wölfe have completely taken over Jasper. Most of the pack is in hiding. They're after Runt.

Kate: We have to go help.

King (snarling to Humphrey as he's pinned to the ground): Your pup took everything from me, and now I'm getting even.

(King is atop the large cliff (where Winston goes to rally the pack) and...
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