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 Lucky Humphrey
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The third howl. Humphrey got up and ran faster than he ever had before to the alpha station.

"Whats the matter is someone hurt?!" Humphrey sagte painting.

He looked at the other alphas but did not see Kate. The others looked in shock.

"Where's Kate?!"

"Humphrey, Kate didn't make it, a hunter snuck up on them and killed her." Winston said.

Humphrey froze, he felt like a statue of glass that had been broken into a million pieces.

"No." Was all Humphrey could say.

Winston nodded.

Humphrey looked at thw only alpha that looked like it could speak.

"What happened?" Humphrey sagte with his eyes still huge from the suprise.

"Kate was shot Von a hunter in gras, grass behind her, we chased the hunter off but it was too late. She told me to tell Du to give all of your Liebe that Du gave to her to someone else. AKA, find someone else."
the Weiter morning

my pov

i woke up the Weiter morning and walked outside seeing charlie walking up "hey charlie whats up" i asked "um what rank are you' charlie asked "well i guess i'm an omega but Du andswered my Frage wrong the sky is up" i said" oh i get ha ha ha" charlie sagte "wow Du have a beautiful laugh" i sagte awe your sweet any way did Du want to come" charlie asked "sure" i sagte


we finished swiming

"hey do Du think there is a cave behind that water fall" i sagte "yes there is i'm the only one who knows about it" charlie sagte "cool i want to see it" i sagte we went into the cave...
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 Mica giving Humphrey to Winston and Eve
Mica giving Humphrey to Winston and Eve
Mica Humphrey's mother walked for a few days she soon found the western pack she saw a few Wölfe walking around Mica: '' excuse me but are Du guys rouges oder a pack ? '' If so take me to your leader "' Unnamed wolf : ''Were a pack are leader lives up there in that cave let me call him now " * howls * Winston comes with Eve Unnamed wolf : This wolf wants something apparently " Mica : ''Hello my pack is at war we live far from hear however my husband only wants alpha Wölfe but this pup is a omega and my Favorit could Du take care of him ? please " Winston : *Smiles * i don't if me and my...
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Kate & Humphrey Adventures.
Winter of 2011 Chapter 2. Part 2 of 2. “The Cave.”

The rapids swept Kate around the bend leaving behind an echo from her screaming. Hutch bolted towards the bend and fell in as well. He was swept around the bend and forced under Von an undercurrent. A few Sekunden later the undercurrent got stronger and pinned him against a rock. He managed to grab a hold of the rock and climb up it. A figure appeared above and he immediately felt a pierce in his skin. He then broke the surface of the water and climbed on oben, nach oben of the rock. Kate was right beside him as she took...
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Tyler looks outside to see what Lilly and Garth were talking about, and what he saw was unbelivable.
"Guys, we need to go to the attic!" he said. So, tyler blocks the door with a chair and they all ran upstairs.
"Shh" Tyler sagte to them as they were in the attic. They then notice that what Tyler saw was inside the house. Lilly was holding Garth tightly, while Humphrey was holding Kate tightly (lol). Then there was pounding on the attic door. They all screamed and Lilly jumpped on Garth, same as Kate to Humphrey. Then, the door to the attic burst open and out came alpha Wölfe from the pack, growling...
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