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One Tag in Jasper, Canada. All of the Fans where chilling with their mates out side of each of their own dens. They all had gathered in Jasper as a bit of a vacation from the world. Everybody was there just relaxing, bathing in the warmth of the sun which was overhead, beating down onto the pelz and skin of everyone. Not everybody could make it to the little gathering, but those who could make it were enjoying themselves. Philip (Alphakate21) and his Kate, Jon (Katealphawolf) and his Kate, Brandon (Metallica1147) and his Lilly, And Hank (Hank666) and Ashley were all there. The rest either would...
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posted by SweetsOmega
I just wanted to stop Von and say "Heya!" one last time before I'm outta here for good. For those of Du who don't know me, I was the original Sweets here starting a little over two years ago.

Anyway, the reason my mate and I left last Jahr was because most of the original pack here either got banned oder left in disgust, thanks to some of the new people here at the time. I've checked in from time to time to see how the old place was doing, but there's really been nothing going on here to get me interested enough to come out of my retirement. I've taken down all my Artikel but this one, and now...
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posted by OmegaLeader
I had been going through hell in that damned town... Silent Hill. Nothing is right creatures everywhere, blood stains on the straight, the schools, the houses. I've had to go through de-dead people's bodies to find keys to places that had lead to no where..... "I never even got the chance to see Kate." I sagte to myself. I have seen the horrid killings of Lilly and myself had to kill Garth because he had gone crazy. Even I might be going crazy after watching a video tape which shows I killed Kate but i won't believe it! know I was here at Lakeview Hotel. "Wait what is this?" something on the...
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This is the tabelle of contents and brief chapter Beschreibung for my new and upcoming Alpha and Omega Fan fiction, Alpha and Omega: A Hero's Past. It takes place around 20 years before the first movie and focuses on the traumatic puphood of Humphrey, Kenya, Adam, and Garth. This is to give a Mehr detailed version of what we learned in my other two stories, A&O 9: Missing Parents and A&O 10: The Legend of the Peaceful Warrior. It will be released in full on the 10-year anniversary of the original movie.
(I still plan to write the actual legend that is told Von the Wölfe around the logboard....
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Discovering Fanpop:

I first discovered Fanpop last summer. I had just recently remembered my childhood movie, Alpha and Omega and I had been watching it again. But one thing kept nagging on my mind and that was the fact that they never made any mention of Humphrey's parents.

So I searched Google for who his parents were and one of the results was a link to a Quiz Frage on a site called Fanpop. After clicking on it, I learned that this was a Fan site for pretty much anything.

I finished the Quiz and then I started looking at the Umfrage and started really getting into it. The rest of the summer,...
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Chapter 14: The Last Stand

(Song: The Last Stand-Two Steps from Hell)

The battle continued to draw out, and both sides were exhausted, as they had both been fighting non-stop for the past hour-and-a-half, but it looked as if the Wölfe had finally won when all the remaining humans suddenly turned around and retreated back into the forest. But not five Minuten later, the Wölfe heard the sound of even Mehr trucks, but they couldn't see them. They heard the sound of doors slamming but they didn't see any humans. Everyone was extremely confused. They all looked at each other, not knowing what to...
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Chapter 13: For the Win

(Song: For the Win-Two Steps from Hell)

Humphrey turned to his sister and smiled.

"You did the right thing back there," he said.

"What, did Du really think that after all of these years without you, I would just go back to my boring life as a house pet?" she asked. "Being separated from Du was the worst thing that's ever happened to me and I will never let it happen again."

"Thanks," Humphrey said, and then paused. "Losing Du was hard too, and I guess, even though I hardly remembered, deep down, I was still looking for you. And now that we're together, nothing is going...
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Chapter 12: A Bond Long Forgotten

The human slowly approached Humphrey and Kenya, although Kenya was the only one he really noticed. As he got closer he recognized her as his Lost dog. The man slowly lowered his gun to the ground and began calling her over.

Humphrey was preoccupied at the moment, but when he heard the human calling to his sister, he turned around and when he saw the human approaching his younger sister, he became angry and afraid for her at the same time.

Humphrey rushed towards them and leaped in between the human and his sister. The pelz on his back stood up, bristled, his teeth...
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Chapter 10: Ride to Victory

As they retreated through the woods and back towards the valley, Humphrey and the others did so in a way so as not to lose the enemy, but also didn't let them get too close. They just needed to lure them back to the pack and then the real battle would begin.

As they reentered the territory, the Wölfe stopped and turned around to face back into the woods as the humans and the remaining Hunde emerged. Humphrey and the others stood with a proud, disciplined, almost militaristic stance, waiting for the trap to be sprung. When the humans appeared out of the woods, they...
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Chapter 7: Fight for the Valley

The battle raged on, wolf against wolf, with no end in sight. Kate and Humphrey were fighting together, making sure to never leave the other alone when Kate was suddenly pounced on Von a Rouge Wolf. Humphrey rushed to her side and helped her to fight off the attacker. Kate had a minor cut on the side of her neck, but it wasn't too bad.

"Kate," Humphrey sagte to her, pausing to ward off another wolf. "I don't know how much longer we can go on."

"Well what do Du propose we do?" Garth asked as he approached them.

"We need to take out their leader," Humphrey said, looking...
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Chapter 6: The Invincible Ones

As they retreated into the woods, King denied his forces permission to pursue, instead assuring them that they would be back.

Meanwhile, in the woods Humphrey and the group were discussing how they were going to take back Jasper, if it could even be done.

The hot summer breeze blew through the trees and the Debatte grew ever longer.

"We can't leave Jasper to the Rouges," Humphrey said. "We have to take it back."

"But that's giving King exactly what he wants," Kate pointed out.

"It doesn't matter," Humphrey replied. "This is our home, and no one takes it without a fight....
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Chapter 5: Rescue and Regroup

The last words echoed throughout the valley as King grabbed Humphrey Von the back of his neck and dragged him back inside the den.

Outside, Kate and the others began debating what to do and how to come up with a plan to rescue Humphrey in so little time.

"What do we do?" Kate said. "I mean we can't just hand Runt over to them."

"No, of course not," Winston said.

"So what's the plan?" Garth asked.

"I don't know," Kate said. She was so worried about her husband. She knew King would keep his word, oder at least the Sekunde part of it, and that was something she didn't want....
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now that Alpha and Omega is now on its 8th anniversary, its time I post a story about how I discovered it:

it was somewhere 2010, I went with my cousin & mother to see “2 Filme in 1” at a theater which we went to see:

- The Prince of Persia


- Shrek Forever After

however during when I went to watch Shrek Forever After, there was previews and Weiter thing Alpha and Omega movie was shown when I first time saw that I was all “hey, this looks like Balto” well because they remind me Balto on Design wise in a way, but though I couldn’t remember the Titel name after the reveal.

months later...
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Chapter 3: Omega Hostage

Upon their return to Jasper, the group, now composed of Kyle's pack, hid just behind the tree-line, out of sight of King and his Rouge Wolves. oder so they thought.

As they were talking amongst themselves, trying to figure out what to do, a group of Rouge Wölfe came out from nowhere and attacked the group. In the chaos, a smaller group came out from behind the bushes and kidnapped Humphrey, taking him hostage.

"Kate!" he shouted as he was being dragged away. Kate turned to see him being carried off. She went to go after him but was stopped Von the Rouges. Their numbers...
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Chapter 2: Return to Jasper

"What's up in Jasper?" Humphrey asked.

"Your entire pack has been forced into hiding Von King and the Rouge Wolves," Marcel said. "They're after Runt."

"Well, we have to go help them," Kate said.

"I'm coming with you," Humphrey said, getting up, still with much effort. His bullet-wound was still bleeding, but it was dripping very slowly.

"Humphrey," Kate said. "You can't walk in your condition. You're still too weak to move."

"Kate," he sagte using a tone of voice Kate had never heard before. It was very serious and Mehr like an alpha than an omega. "This is our home,...
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Chapter 10: The Whole Truth

Humphrey was not dead, but was very close to it. Upon hearing the news that his parents were dead, his weakened herz began to give out. He couldn't think straight, his eyes started to get heavy, and soon enough, he blacked out.

Humphrey's thoughts swirled around in his head, small pieces of this great puzzle that they had been chasing lining themselves up, slowly Wird angezeigt the full truth of what exactly happened that fateful day.

The flashback began and Humphrey saw his parents, his brother, and his sister. He heard everything around him, the birds, the wind. He was...
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Scene 3:

(It's early morning the Weiter day, and everyone is getting ready to go on the journey to find Humphrey's parents)

Kate: Du don't have to do this, Du know?
Humphrey: Yes, I do, Kate. I have to do this. I have to know the truth.
Kate: Okay.
(Garth and Lilly arrive at the den)
Garth: We're ready.
(Marcel and Paddy fly in)
Marcel: As are we.
Humphrey: All we need now is Daria.
(Daria comes in)
Daria: I'm here.
Humphrey: Okay. Let's go.
(Everyone heads out of the höhle, den where Winston is waiting with Cando and Hutch)
Humphrey: We're ready.
Winston: Good. Cando and Hutch will only be able to take Du to the...
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Special thanks to:

TimberHumphrey for the idea that Winston and Eve took him in.

jhilton0907 for the idea that Humphrey was relocated as a pup.

Chidori1334 for idea to bring Hutch back, the idea that Humphrey was an orphan, the idea to bring Daria back, and for the idea that Cando and Hutch found Humphrey.

Chapter 2: Pack Meeting

That night, Humphrey didn't sleep too well. He was continuing to think about his parents and was talking in his sleep as he did so.

"Mom. Dad. No, don't leave. Help!"

Outside the den, Kate and Winston were quietly talking.

"We can't keep it a secret any longer," Winston said...
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Scene 2:

(Opening titles appear with dramatic Musik in the background.)
(It's night now and everyone is sleeping in the den. Humphrey tosses and turns, talking in his sleep.)
Humphrey: Mom. Dad. No. Don't leave. Help!
(Meanwhile, just outside the den, Kate and Winston are quietly talking.)

Winston: We can't keep it a secret any longer. He has to know the truth.
Kate: I agree.

(The Weiter day, Winston calls a pack meeting.)

Winston: Everyone, quiet!
(The entire pack was gathered in the center of the valley. Winston stood on a rock as Cando and Hutch sat on either side of him.
Hutch: Are Du sure we should...
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posted by SentinelPrime89
It's time for the A&O Maniacs!
And we're zany to the max!
So just sit back and relax.
You'll laugh 'til Du collapse.
We're the A&O Maniacs!

Come Mitmachen the Splash Brothers...
And the Splash Sister, Claudette!
Just for fun we run
Around the Splash movie lot.
They lock us in the tower
Whenever we get caught.
But we break loose
And then vamoose
And now Du know the plot.

We're the A&O Maniacs!
Claudette is cute and Stinky yaks,
Runt packs away the snacks
While Keith Richards plays the sax.
We're the A&O Maniacs!

Meet Lilly and Garth
Who want to rule the universe.
ente and gans flock together,
Princess whacks them with her purse.
Kate chases Daria,
While Humphrey sings a verse.
The writers flipped,
We have no script!
Why bother to rehearse?

We're the A&O Maniacs!
We have pay-or-play contracts!
We're zany to the max!
There's baloney in our slacks!
We're the A&O Mani-
Totally insane-y!
We’re the A&O Maniacs!!!!
Those are the facts!