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posted by alphawolf13
Chapter Two: There's A Hunter About

Humphrey couldn't sleep that night. That graphic image of Kate dying was burned into his mind, and he just couldn't shake it off. It seemed so real. Humphrey kept thinking. Humphrey looked over at Kate, who was waking up, she yawned and stretched out.

"Morning Humphrey." Kate greeted him.

"Morning Kate." Humphrey greeted back.

"It's rare that you're up this early, normally it's me who wakes Du up." Kate said.

Should I tell her about that nightmare? Nah, it might upset her. I don't want to do that.

"Well, I had a bad dream." Humphrey told her.

"What happened?"...
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That night, Cando was well groomed and looking good. He went over to Scar’s höhle, den to take her a date. He rang the door bell, hyped up. Scar answered the door.
“Hello, my lady ready to go out on a date?” Cando said.
“Yes, I am,” Scar said.
Cando was uncomfortable. He could stop thinking about the fact that he was going to propose to her at the end of this date. Ahh, man, I am so nervous. Is she going yes oder is she going to say no? He prayed, God, I know I haven’t had faith in Du for almost a Jahr but please help me! Please have her say yes. I will be the happiest wolf alive. Thanks...
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posted by PrinceRhaegar
I couldnt wait to see her again, The beautiful Kate. Just the thought of her made me trot a little faster towards Jasper.
I had been away from home, wondering around this large beautiful world for two years, yet I always had Kate on my mind.
We had met in Alpha school, and we were always competeing against each other, eventually, I had fallen in Liebe with her. Everything about here attracted me like motte, nachtfalter to a flame. She had fallen in Liebe with me somewhere along the way, but had still refused to come with me when I left for parts unknown, stating that she had responsiblities at home, and I had...
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posted by katealphawolf
Kate woke up, she was laying on a soft warm blanket, she looked around to see she was in a cage again. Her nose caught the aroma of something good, she looked down to find two bowls. One of water and one of meat! She scarfed it down greedily and searched for more, she was so hungry!

"Well well well, sleeping beauty finally wakes!" Kate peered out of the cage, a very tall figure towered above her. The figure bent down and peered inside at her with piercingly blue eyes, she did not snarl oder Zeigen any fear at the sight of a human before her. "Hmm, Du sure were in rough shape when I found ya, my...
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Kate ended up finding the pack and saw them surching high and low for the wolves. Then Kate runs back to the lake where they hanged out.
"They're looking for us!"Kate says to them.
"So." Garth and Humphrey say.
"So!" Lilly says to them, "We need to tell them who we are!"
"They won't notice use, they would kill us!" Garth responds.
"Or we could be saved!"
"Look Lilly," Humphrey says, "Maybe we could go back to our pack when-"
"Or NOW" Kate interupts.
"Look," Humphrey says to Kate, "When were back to wolves, we'll go back."
"No!" Both Kate and Lilly said, "We go back now before something bad happens."...
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Princess is hunting for herself when she Bump into someone.then she hear a she look up she recognize the wolf.
Princess: Runt?
Runt: Princess?
Claudette: Runt Who is this?
Runt: Claudette , Stinky Mom and dad this is Princess.
Kate: So Youre the one Look after our son aren't ya?
Princess: Yes and Du must be Kate.
Kate: Yep that's me.
Humphrey: Hope he doesn't cause any trouble
Princess: Not at All I L like him a lot I've also left the pack.
Humphrey: Well Du can stay with us.
Princess: Really?
Kate: Yeah.
posted by Red_Pyramid206
We all know Kate. Big, tough, lovable, kind, brave, well, almost. There is one thing Kate is afraid of.......water. She can't swim and she was involved in a traumatizing accident. Well, Hutch can change all of that.

Kate had been afraid of water ever since the accident, and accident she would remember, and haunt her for the rest of her life. She was walking alone on a hunt with Hutch. It was winter and they decided to kreuz over a Frozen lake. Hutch sagte the ice was thin in some areas and warned Kate to be careful. Kate, who was ahead did not even have time to respond. She fell through and...
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posted by Extinction17
Stinky was trekking through the forest with his best friend Brent the bär enjoying the día as far they were concerned. Stinky was a finally an Alpha School graduate and was deemed ready to lead (in his own eyes). In his prime, at his peak, he was almost completely unrivaled…. Again, as said, almost.

There was a certain wolf around his age from the Northern Pack whose name was called Fleet. The two knew each other very well, after all, Fleet did fall in amor with Stinky’s older sister, Claudette after the Great wolf Games. However, that was not the reason behind the feud, For sometime...
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posted by The-Theorist
Weiter Theory: What happened that night after Humphrey rescued Kate from the flash flood?

After getting separated from their ride home, Kate abandons Humphrey in a fit of anger and winds up in trouble when she tries to kreuz a river which had risen during a flood, so Humphrey saves her and they go find a place to sleep, but is that all that there is to be sagte about it?

I'm your host, and this is Inside the Story.

As is the same with the conflict between the East and the West, there is little sagte to try and cover this grey area. In fact, I don't know of a single story in existence that even attempts...
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so we all know Anthony Bell's one of the 2 directors of "Alpha and Omega", which is without a doubt his best movie. we also know that Anthony's working on "Norm of the North", which comes out this January and it's a movie that i'm not really excited oder looking vorwärts-, nach vorn to (but i'm still gonna watch it). but, what we didn't know is that he's actually working on yet another CGI animated movie that also comes out theatrically Weiter year, called "The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus". in this movie, glocke tells us the story of Saint Nick, ya know how he grew up and became Santa Claus. and from what i heard, it's also gonna have the A&O CGI Animation style. Anthony Bell's working on both "Norm of the North" and "Santa Claus" at the same time, as director and writer (he basically wrote the story of "Norm of the North" and now he's probably co-writing the script of "Santa Claus"). damn Anthony, u look like one really busy guy lol. working on 2 Filme at the same time.
posted by trueshadowwolf
Alpha & Omega: Darkness of Dreams

Humphrey and Kate are a very loving couple. They loved each other so much. But the pack does not want them together. Humphrey was upset about it though. But he and Kate had a amazing childhood.


Humphrey and Kate were about 3 months old. Their quite young. They were just having fun playing but they came across something that haunted their lives. There was always this abandoned höhle, den that looks very old. It looked like it was around for a thousands of years. Winston and Eve and Humphreys parents (unknown parents) kept telling them not to go around...
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The Mystery of Alpha Condor

Prologue: A wolf named Condor, was on a regular walk to fetch lunch for his family. He was an alpha, rank B, and he was a tough mutt. When he was in school, multiple guys made fun of him for his pelz color: purple. On that day, those same people pushed him into a caribou running herd, and he was killed. No one cared for his death, and his soul possessed his own body, and killed his wife, and his two teenaged sons. Mehr and Mehr Wölfe have disappeared since that day, and that's where the story begins...

Chapter 1: A good day

It was a very sunny Tag in jasper park, and...
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posted by Canada24

Joining the cliff scene in the rain. Kate was trying desperately to get up from the slippery rocks. Humphrey ran over, but Von the time he got rope, Kate had fallen.


I had fallen, and within Minuten everything went black. I was expecting to be dead.

Suddenly I've woken up half across the stream. Humphrey was sitting Weiter to me. I realized he must of ran over and dived in to save me, from how tired he looked. He was so realized...
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posted by alphaGarth
(based off of the dukes of hazard tv Zeigen so im creating a little side story series away from my main series)

"AAARROOO!!!" humphrey howled as he and his friend flew through the air in the general lee and land with a load thud "wow!!! that was freaking awesome cuz lets do it again!!!" says garth. "sorry cuz, but we promised uncle winston we would get his moonshine to him without breaking a bottle:."well how abo a freindly wager? i bet Du the old phonebook that we dont break a single battle of uncle winstons moonshine". "oh now thats a bet i cant deny, YOUR ON!!!" humphrey floors the gas petel...
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posted by MarvelousAlpha
A/N: This is just a short scary story. Nothing else. Also note that I am not as good as Red_Pyramid206 oder Hank666. So this will not be the best.

She snapped awake out of a deep sleep, screaming aloud in terror. In her nightmare, a large white wolf had been chasing her around and around the house, gaining on her with every step until it finally pounced on her and ripped out her throat. She lay shaking for hours, unable to sleep after such a terrifying dream.

But morning finally arrived, and the Tag was completely normal. Kate forgot all about her dream, until the moment Winston and Eve reminded...
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posted by REDWolfleader
Warning sexual content!

She moved off my pants and we got closer together,
"Do me." She sagte quietly
"I will." I sagte sticking me into her. She started moving and i Bewegen with her we did this for a while then I cummed in her and she wanted Mehr we did this until I fell asleep in her. In the morning we ate breakfast and then called my mom,
"Hey mom,"
"I'm bringing Home some nature to conserve!"
"Oh. Really? What's that?" I hesitated but managed to say the words,
"It's a... a rare type of dog!"
"Really? What breed?" 'AH shit!' I was thinking,
"Uhm. She's Um 99% wolf and 1%... Human?"
"Huh ok then,...
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posted by Marc0201
One day, Kate and Lilly were walking through the forest when they spotted a temple with the doors open Wird angezeigt a crystal. Couriously, they entered the temple.
"Wow!" they both sagte in excitment.
"What is this?" Kate asked Lilly.
"I don't know, but i think Garth knows, wait here."
"Wait What!" Kate yelled to Lilly, but Lilly was too far for her to listen, so Kate stayed there. Then Kate got Curious and touched the crystal, but it yanked her onto the crystal! Then the crystal started glowing and pushed her at the wall. She then fell unconscious.
Later she slowly woke up to someone saying "Mam? Mam?"...
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Three mouths later after runt was kidnap Von rogues and was saved Von his family the pups are now a bit older Wird angezeigt it daytime runt was start playing hide and seek with his siblings
Stinky:"Ok runt Du hide and we find you".
Stinky sagte with cool look and claudette smiled at her little bro.
Runt:"Alright big bro L go hide but Du two going have to close your eyes and count to twentyfive".Runt sagte with a bit angry look.
Claudette:"Alright runt Du win we count".Claudette sagte with defeat.
Stinky and claudette close they's eyes.
Stinky:"Ok we counting bro".Stinky sagte while with his eyes closed.
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posted by PurpleDragon02
One quick thing, I just finished Schreiben chapter 10, so I'm officially halfway through Schreiben the story and I have to say, it's darker than I thought it be, but that almost makes it better. On to the profile.


Humphrey’s mother

Age: 33

Species: Wolf

Pack Rank: Omega

Relations: Gary’s mate, Jack and Mary’s daughter, Humphrey, Kenya, and Adam’s mother

Area of Residence: Central Pack, Central Region, Jasper Park, Canada


Height at Shoulders: 3’

pelz and Mane Color: Dark grey

Eye Color: Light Blue

Furstyle: Smooth, laid back


Skills: Howling, throwing snowballs with her back paws

Stayed back with the alphas to help protect the pack when it was attacked Von humans.

Other Facts
Taught Humphrey how to howl. Guess it payed off.
I going to put out the new Characters for Alpha and omega:A story of human child and four wovles L to going have based on couple of my characters well at least let get to it.

Flash based on 2000s ultimate spiderman comics L wonder how stinky claudette and runt deal with thier bully Flash Has a blonde pelz spikey hair mucleser green eyes wolf and also had been bully a of stinky claudette and runt.

Bucky has a eyepatch on his's left eye and scar marks on it dark brown eyes black haired a beard green like leaf clothes the oldest sibing of the trios family and leader of the redneck hunters.

Becky has...
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