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*guitar strumming slowly* whys this such a messed up picture, why is this such a messed up place, why we gotta have them wars, why send men to pay for whats happened, why cant we just talk it out, feelin a hurt just gonna walk it out, why it gotta be like this so what if he want this, so what if she wants that,why is gotta be this why`d the twin towers fall,whys the world a ball?, whys this a messed up world why`d god make us just like this why must we fight about it, why must we laugh about this, why`s this a messed up world, whys this a messed up picture. and thats my rap song i hope Du like it
People are starting to read so the chapters will be longer and yeah but enjoy

When Nathan woke up his head was pounding he tried to sit up but was rudely pushed back don and felt someone sedate him. " Hey um why are Du doing this to me " Nathan sagte in a normal hiding fright voice.
" because Du pretty much killed a kid and turned into a monster"! The counciler yelled. " yeah just like my adopted parents used to say. wait what I remember starting a fight then blacking out " Nathan added. " your not gonna get out of this unpunished" the lady yelled.
At that moment eve walked in and took some...
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posted by Slenderwolf
Mission Details:Kill the Leader of Enemy Base.
Weapons:Barret, Akimbo Glock 18.
Localization: Iraq.
Clothes:Desert Camoflage, Desert Pants, Desert Gloves, Black Boots, Desert Helmet.
Group: Me, Sandman.
Day 2
9:53 Pm
January 5, 2014
Desert Spec Units.
"Stay hidden." I said. "I crouched and headed to base slowly. "Two enemies, 12 Meters. Take them out." I said. "On my Mark." "Mark." I exploded a enemy head as sandman do. "Quick! Take A AK Sandman, I will take this MP5 Blue Dot sight." I swap my sniper to a MP5. "There is a reason I bought silencers."...
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(Real quick. I do plan on making this into an actual video trailer for Du guys because just Schreiben down what I came up with doesn't do it justice. Not Von a long shot. It will almost certainly not be finished Von the time the actual story is released because I still need to learn how to CG animate stuff, but I will get it done, no matter how long it takes. In the meantime, here's a Beschreibung of what will happen along with a link to the song that will be used in it.)

Fades in:
Trailer opens with a shot of a large plume of smoke rising from the forest. Fades out.

Fades back in with a shot of the...
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posted by HumphreyWolfMan
Please note: This Artikel was originally also going to be about something else too, but I decided against it because it would make the Artikel too long. Some parts of this Artikel could slightly be based off the other part.

I really thought about talking about this, but it seems to bother me whenever someone tries to compare these Wölfe to real Wölfe like all the time.
Some people seem to think that these Wölfe must never know anything humans know.
I think my main disagreement was whenever someone tries to bring out 'human' knowledge of the wolves.
And one other part is that some people even...
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posted by TimberHumphrey
Hey y'all! i'm back and for all Du A&O Fans who still don't know this yet, i'm gonna tell y'all about something that might make Du excited like i am. okay, so up till we all thought Alpha and Omega 5: Family Vacation was gonna be the last movie of the franchise. ya know, everybody was getting ready for it to end and some of us were sad, but here's the pitch: about 2 days ago, (Note: This is REAL! i'm not lying) Crest and Lionsgate came out and officially announced 3 Mehr sequels after Family Vacation, and they're teaming up with Splash Entertainment to do them. when i first heard about...
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Inspired Von a true story. Also no offence to Kate fans

Humphrey woke up the Weiter morning. There was something peculiar going on. He smelled Faolan on Kate. Then he realized what happened, She’s cheating on him for Faolan! He started to rage.
“Kate! Get up! Now!”
“Err. Humphrey, it’s early.”
“Don’t act all innocent! Du screwed Faolan!”
“Humphrey, I can explain!”
“No! It’s over between us! We’re divorcing!”
“Humphrey! Please!”
Humphrey got in the new car, which was a Nissan Armada, and sped out to Hutch’s house.
“Hey, Humphrey, what’s up?”
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Hey guys, its me alphawolf4141, I forgot my last account so now I can give Du a sneek peek on the part 3 of the story...

Lily POV: I wanted to tell runt but I can't let Garth know. So, I talked to runt and told him I was pregnant. He did not take it well.

Runt POV: my aunt is pregnant with my child!? What's Garth going to say when he finds out I've been Banging his wife!? I told lily that its Garth's child and Everything will be alright. Then, Garth returned and heard about lily and was excited. Even though I'm the pup's father.
posted by trueshadowwolf
Alaskan tundra Wolf
The Canis lupus tundrarum was identified as a subspecies in 1912 Von zoologist Gerrit Smith Miller. Some believe that it is just an extension of the Interior Alaskan Wolf, while others think it is the same as the Mackenzie Valley wolf oder the Mackenzie tundra Wolf. The Alaskan tundra wolf shares many characteristics with all three.

The Alaskan tundra wolf resides in the tundra regions along the Arctic coast of northern Alaska.

The Alaskan tundra wolf is a large wolf measuring from 50 to 64 in length (nose to end of tail). Its weight can vary in males from...
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Humphrey sat around thinking as kate was out doing Alpha duties and he was thinking about how to get eve back for what she did to him at the moonlight howl [Flashback Starts] Humphrey and kate were walking up to there spot on the Howling rock when out of nowhere eve pushes Humphrey who falls off the side hit this patch of sap as eve planed and then some feathers and last he hit a patch of Cactie on his bottom And screamed out "OWWWWWW!" and then eve was waitng down ther and she punched him in the face KO [Flashback Ends] Humphrey thought of a great plan He would Be very suductive twoards eve [Sorry To all Eve fans] and he would fuck her all night telling her no one would know but humphrey had a camera ready and his face would be blocked out and the video would stream live all over jasper...[END]
Three weeks later. Humphrey's POV

I got up and walked outside with Garth careful so as not to wake up Kate. We went outside the höhle, den and started talking. We were talking about what the pups would be like.
"As long as mine get my good looks I'm alright." I laughed. Garth laughed right alongside. I then asked him this. "Garth could Du teach me how to hunt?" I asked him.
"Sure I can." He said. We then went off to the hunting grounds. We stayed there for a while and I got to kill my first caribou. Me and Garth then dragged it back to the den. I walked to get Kate. When she saw me she growled and snarled....
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
Ok, here's a little fun thing to do! Have anyone of Du guys heard of Creepypasta? If not, here is the definition

Creepypasta is the internet definition for short stories designed to unnerve, disturb, elicit a negative emotional response from, and scare the reader.

For some of those who used to be on Ginga Board oder still are members, there probably is still a topic like this on there. Well, I started that topic. So if Du know me from ginga board its the same basic idea. This is NOT a contest. This is just a fun little thing to do! Du can take Alpha and Omega characters and use already made...
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posted by Humphrey_Omega
Okay i was looking through all of the characters of alpha and omega and was thinking about the Sekunde movie. Now, i think they should have certain characters in there more. For example, they only had Süßigkeiten and Sweets in there for what 30 seconds? I think they should put in Mehr of those two i think that would be interesting. Also, they should have Mehr of the eastern pack life involved like Zeigen their territory a bit Mehr they never even showed it in the original movie. i believe there are no dissapointments in this movie because i am obsessed as well as alot of others. one major thing that...
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posted by alphawolf13
Chapter Two: There's A Hunter About

Humphrey couldn't sleep that night. That graphic image of Kate dying was burned into his mind, and he just couldn't shake it off. It seemed so real. Humphrey kept thinking. Humphrey looked over at Kate, who was waking up, she yawned and stretched out.

"Morning Humphrey." Kate greeted him.

"Morning Kate." Humphrey greeted back.

"It's rare that you're up this early, normally it's me who wakes Du up." Kate said.

Should I tell her about that nightmare? Nah, it might upset her. I don't want to do that.

"Well, I had a bad dream." Humphrey told her.

"What happened?"...
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That night, Cando was well groomed and looking good. He went over to Scar’s höhle, den to take her a date. He rang the door bell, hyped up. Scar answered the door.
“Hello, my lady ready to go out on a date?” Cando said.
“Yes, I am,” Scar said.
Cando was uncomfortable. He could stop thinking about the fact that he was going to propose to her at the end of this date. Ahh, man, I am so nervous. Is she going yes oder is she going to say no? He prayed, God, I know I haven’t had faith in Du for almost a Jahr but please help me! Please have her say yes. I will be the happiest wolf alive. Thanks...
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posted by PrinceRhaegar
I couldnt wait to see her again, The beautiful Kate. Just the thought of her made me trot a little faster towards Jasper.
I had been away from home, wondering around this large beautiful world for two years, yet I always had Kate on my mind.
We had met in Alpha school, and we were always competeing against each other, eventually, I had fallen in Liebe with her. Everything about here attracted me like motte, nachtfalter to a flame. She had fallen in Liebe with me somewhere along the way, but had still refused to come with me when I left for parts unknown, stating that she had responsiblities at home, and I had...
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posted by katealphawolf
Kate woke up, she was laying on a soft warm blanket, she looked around to see she was in a cage again. Her nose caught the aroma of something good, she looked down to find two bowls. One of water and one of meat! She scarfed it down greedily and searched for more, she was so hungry!

"Well well well, sleeping beauty finally wakes!" Kate peered out of the cage, a very tall figure towered above her. The figure bent down and peered inside at her with piercingly blue eyes, she did not snarl oder Zeigen any fear at the sight of a human before her. "Hmm, Du sure were in rough shape when I found ya, my...
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Princess is hunting for herself when she Bump into someone.then she hear a she look up she recognize the wolf.
Princess: Runt?
Runt: Princess?
Claudette: Runt Who is this?
Runt: Claudette , Stinky Mom and dad this is Princess.
Kate: So Youre the one Look after our son aren't ya?
Princess: Yes and Du must be Kate.
Kate: Yep that's me.
Humphrey: Hope he doesn't cause any trouble
Princess: Not at All I L like him a lot I've also left the pack.
Humphrey: Well Du can stay with us.
Princess: Really?
Kate: Yeah.
posted by Red_Pyramid206
We all know Kate. Big, tough, lovable, kind, brave, well, almost. There is one thing Kate is afraid of.......water. She can't swim and she was involved in a traumatizing accident. Well, Hutch can change all of that.

Kate had been afraid of water ever since the accident, and accident she would remember, and haunt her for the rest of her life. She was walking alone on a hunt with Hutch. It was winter and they decided to kreuz over a Frozen lake. Hutch sagte the ice was thin in some areas and warned Kate to be careful. Kate, who was ahead did not even have time to respond. She fell through and...
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posted by Extinction17
Stinky was trekking through the forest with his best friend Brent the bär enjoying the día as far they were concerned. Stinky was a finally an Alpha School graduate and was deemed ready to lead (in his own eyes). In his prime, at his peak, he was almost completely unrivaled…. Again, as said, almost.

There was a certain wolf around his age from the Northern Pack whose name was called Fleet. The two knew each other very well, after all, Fleet did fall in amor with Stinky’s older sister, Claudette after the Great wolf Games. However, that was not the reason behind the feud, For sometime...
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