Save the best for last - well not in Tom Kanes head! Okay I think every Fan here thinks they can write a much better story than him! Well any I tried to enjoy the movie as much as I could since it was the last one but about 15 times I could hear myself growling inside.

The story
I really didn't the story was that bad. I mean it was decent and I really liked the twist where two of the bears were bad. Kate and Humphrey could have done a lot Mehr in this movie and I mean a lot more.

The humor
The humor is bad. Of course their is the potty humor and I get that kids find it funny. There wasn't too much of it but did they really need to make another scene where Marcel and Paddy crap on someone's head? There also is a Twitter joke. Why? Is Alpha and Omega becoming Zootopia where they have to make pop culture things to make it appealing?

The Animation
*growls* The Animation is very bad. Some of the backgrounds look like concept art from the first movie. Stinky's mane is missing in a few scenes. And I remember a part where Princess Canue was shaded Gray. But I could see they were finally changing the Models Farben but of course they forgot to whiten thier eyes. Hell even in a part of the movie Stinky and Runts voices changed. They honestly don't care.

The characters
Princess Canue just looked weird and ugly. And no Lilly but Garth got a cameo. I think Tom Kane only saw the first movie at least once. The pups are annoying as always, and Kate and Humphrey really don't do anything. And don't get me started on Claw and Strongs names. I mean they already have a character named Claws in the first movie. Marcel and Paddy are annoying as of course.

So for this movie 5/10. It could have been way better. * shakes head and pats tail* At least the sequel i'm in is somewhat good Tom Kane has to be one of the worst writers of all time.