Chapter One: The Additions.

Walking back to their own höhle, den Claudette noticed Stinky/Smokey could not look forward. All he thought about was Fleet.

“When are Du two going to get over each other?”

Claudette,” Stinky began. “Don’t even start.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll deal with Du much later. For now, let’s just see what Mom and Dad are talking about.”

Claudette and Stinky went through the den, and the first thing they passed was a young Omega wolf laying down and sleeping. Muttering strange things as he exhaled.

Claudette giggled as she and Stinky observed the sleeping wolf. “Looks like Runt’s been working hard.”

“Or hardly working.” Stinky sneered. “He is an Omega after all.”

“Ok, Totally out of line.” Their father, Humphrey sagte as he walked in the höhle, den himself. “I mean come on, we can’t be all that bad.”

“Hey Dad, sorry about that.” Stinky smiled sheepishly. “Sometimes, it’s easy to forget your still one.”

“How is it that easy?”

“I guess it’s because Du lead the pack and well, Du know, that’s Alpha Wölfe do.”

His father raised his eyebrow and smiled. “I get what you're trying to say.”

Claudette stepped in. “So, what is the occasion exactly?”

Humphrey was puzzled. “I was kinda hoping Du would know.”


“Yeah, it’s true." Humphrey admitted. "I have no idea what your mom brought us all in here for. Du guys always figured things out when Du were small, I was thinking that you'd put your heads together and do it again." Humphrey then looked to the ground. "Guess not.”

Just then before Humphrey could say anything else, his wife, Kate came with a very serious grin.

“Mom is obviously slap-happy about something.” Stinky whispered to his sister.

“Yes, Stinky.” Kate rolled her eyes, hearing her son’s smart remark. “If I could just have everyone’s undivided attention-”


“Like I said, I have a special announ-”


Kate looked back to see her youngest son laying down sleeping through what was going be a special announcement.

“Ugh… Runt! If Du would just–” She growled as she opened her jaws and clamped on his tail. Causing the Omega to arouse and howl in extreme pain.

“Ghuuuugh! Man, ‘O’ man. THAT STINGS!” Runt complained. “ I think I see blood.”

“Good evening to Du too sweetie.” Kate warmly replied. “ Now that I have everyone’s attention, I have a very important announcement to make.”

Humphrey could no longer handle the suspense. “Kate, what’s the deal?”

“ The deal is we going to be parents all over again.” Kate then turned to her adolescent pups. “Guys, don’t be jealous, but you’re going to have little brothers and sisters to help look after now.”

Humphrey sighed. “Do I even have to guess?”

“ That’s right. I’m pregnant again!

Chapter Thre: Surprise, Surprise.

Weeks have passed since the revelation of Kate's second-time pregnancy. Family, friends, and fellow pack members have gegeben their blessings and best wishes. At long last, it was time for the young female Alpha wolf to bär her Omega husband pups for the Sekunde time.

While Kate’s mother, Eve was tending to her while she was in labour, Humphrey, Stinky, Claudette, and Runt had to wait outside until They were ready.

“I'm actually hoping for another girl.” Claudette groaned. “ Y’all just about drove me and Mom nuts.”

“Show good sportsmanship.” Stinky teased. “ Even in the Battle of the Sexes.”


“This Omega is something else!” Stinky thought. Runt clearly had the ability to fall asleep anywhere.

Humphrey was considering to lie down and nap also when he heard his mother-in-law's voice from the den.

“It’s finished. Du all can enter the höhle, den now.” Eve chimed.

Humphrey stood up then, as if Von instinct, stomped Runt’s tail with his right paw.

“Paaaaaaaiiiin!” Runt howled as he stood up, then he walked in the höhle, den with everyone else, muttering under his breath.

“ Du guys go on ahead.” Humphrey instructed. “I need a few Mehr Minuten to myself before I become a dad all over again.”

“Understood.” Stinky replied.

As the trio entered the den, they came to an actual surprise: Their mother laying down, being completely calm… nursing nine pups!

“Woww.” Runt cooed.

“I know.” Stinky began to tease. “If Dad sees this, he might just flip out and leave the family.” He laughed. “I mean LOOK AT THEM ALL.”

“Did Du look at them all? Runt smiled.

Claudette raised an eyebrow. “What do Du mean?”

“ Well,” Runt began. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m a shocked looking at a litter this size. However, I was paying Mehr attention to the little one at the end.” Runt finished as he pointed his paw towards the pup closest to Kate’s hind legs.

There were nine Welpen in a row nursing on their mother. They all came in many different coats, Grey, Gold, and Brown. But the one right Weiter to their mother's hind legs did not come out anything like his littermates, oder anyone else in his family. Every strand of pelz on his mantel was unto as blades of grass. His pelz was green!

“Uh, Grandma.” Stinky said. “Did Du lay out a small gras, grass bett for the pups to be born on?

“Not at all.” Eve answered. “You’re looking at the last of the little ones.” Stinky widened his eyes while Claudette dropped her jaws.

“Oh..” Stinky started.

“My..” Claudette carried.

“He's Green!” Runt finished. “I can’t believe it. He’s green! He’s Green. I Liebe GREEN!”

Just at that moment, Humphrey arrived. “ Who’s green?”

Chapter Four: Decisions

Humphrey entered the höhle, den to see his new puppies, but he did not hope for so many. When he saw the first eight, his herz almost failed.

“ HOW MANY ARE THERE?” Humphrey gulped.
“Nine.” Kate answered.

“Nine?” Humphrey asked weakly.

“Yes. Oh Humphrey, did Du look at the last one to come out?”

“ Which one?”

“This one.” Kate gestured her head to the pup nursing closest to her hind legs. Humphrey went to take a look at his new pup. However when he saw it, he was at a loss for words.

“I don’t even believe this. Kate.. he’s green… he’s….. green…… green-” Humphrey then felt his herz fail as he fell to the ground.
Ten Minuten later…

Humphrey opened his eyes to see Claudette and Stinky standing over him. He quickly sprung to life.

“You guys, I had the strangest dream: I saw your mom with nine pups, and one of them was green.”

Claudette giggled. That wasn’t a dream.” She pointed to Kate watching nine sleeping pups, and in the very midst, was the green one.

“Oh no.” Humphrey exclaimed. “Kate. There’s no way we can do this. We can’t keep them all!”

“Are Du seriously suggesting that we get rid of our own children?” Kate asked irritated.

“No... Kinda..... Maybe.” Humphrey sagte to her. “I just thought we do what is best for them. I mean come on, how will we find the time to raise nine pups.”

“Humphrey. They’re our pups. We’ll take care of them.” Kate reassured him. "Sure it means a little Mehr work..."


"In case you're Wird angezeigt signs of forgetting. We have a history of finding ways. Why all of a sudden, there's no way?"

“You’re right. But it definitely won’t be that easy.”

“Since when is it ever?”

Humphrey just sighed. “I know, but they are going to be a pawful. We'll need some help. We can’t take care of then all Von ourselves.”

“You don’t have to.” Stinky spoke up.

“Hello.” Claudette exclaimed. “Did Du two completely fail to notice us, oder did Du just forget?”

Kate was touched this. “ Du guys are about to leave the den, we can’t do that to you.”

“ You’re not doing anything.” Claudette smiled. “It’s our choice.”

“That’s right. We’ll stay Home and help.” Stinky proudly announced. Then he looked at Runt, who somehow fell asleep sitting up. He clubbed at the back of the head so hard, he fell to the ground with a thud. The thud from the ground is what woke him up rather than Stinky's blow. He continued. “ We all will help. Right Runt?”

“Oh yeah. Absolutely. Help raise the new puppies. Noted.” Runt confirmed. After a moment of silence, he continued with a question. “So.. what are Du going to name them?”

Humphrey and Kate looked at him, then at each other. “Of all the things, how could we forget what to even call them?” Kate exclaimed.

“What do we call them?” Humphrey asked.

“Well, I don’t know about Du all.” Claudette snorted. “But I believe in “Ladies First. So how about we start off naming the girls, if Du don’t mind.”

Humphrey rolled his eyes. “Okay, Claudette. The females will get their names first. But guess what? You'll have to name them.”

“That’s fine. Because I’ve already thought of something.” She replied as she went over to a golden-brown female resembling herself and their mother. “I call her Claire.” Then, she went to a wolf who inherited her father’s gray coat. “This one looks like a glocke to me.” She continued to the the last two females. Two brown ones. Claudette sniffed the slightly larger one. “I’ll call Du Tess.” Finally, she pointed to the smaller one. “And you’ll be Jasmine.”

“Claire, Tess, Bell, and Jasmine.” Humphrey nodded. “Okay, good work, Claudette. Just letting Du know. Du guys are the ones who will be doing the naming. So remember, whatever Du call them is what your Mom and I will call them.”

“Well, in that case, I know what I want to call the guys.” Stinky started as he went to the oldest one. He was a good chocolate-colored brown. “You look like a Bo to me. I’ll call Du Bo.” Then he looked to the the smaller hazel one. “You’re Clinton.” Then he saw two males that resembled his parents. “Mom, Dad? Is it cool if I call these last two guys after you?”

“That would be great.” Kate smiled. “But why name one after me though? They’re both boys.”

“I know.” Stinky replied. “I just want to see how the blonde one reacts when he’s older.”

“And if he has problems with it?”

“He can talk it up with me.”

“Are Du going to name the last one?” Claudette smiled gesturing to the uniquely green-colored pup. “He’s a boy too. Wait, don’t tell me Du forgot he was there.”

“To be honest, there was no way that I could.” Stinky shrugged his shoulders. “ He stands out way too much for me not to notice him. I’m not being mean when I say this. The only reason I didn’t think of a name for him is simply just because there was nothing that came into my head that suited him.” Stinky waited a few good Sekunden before coming back with something. “I guess I could call hi–”

“NO!” Runt shouted before suddenly returning to a calmer tone in voice. “Let me name the green one! Let me name the green one!” He howled to his family, his excitement caused a commotion when suddenly, the newborns began to howl and whine with him. Kate immediately tried to calm them down.

“Runt!” Stinky whispered. “If we let Du name him, will Du shut the hell up!!?”

“You have my word.” Runt smiled.

After the pups went silent, Humphrey nodded to his son. “Okay Runt, what are Du calling this one?”


Humphrey frowned. “Are Du serious? That is a very odd name to give a pup.”

Runt squinted his eyes at his father. “Says the wolf who named me Runt, and my older brother, Smokey.”

Stinky started chuckled at that. “It’s been a while since somebody called me that. I almost forgot that was still my name.”

“Humphrey, I think he got Du on that.” Kate giggled.

Humphrey rolled his eyes. “Okay Runt, Du win. I see your point. Let’s call him Swagger.”

Runt smiled. “Great.”

Just then, the newly “Swagger” began to whine as his mother tried to calm him down to no avail. He instead whined louder.

Runt then came to the pup and nuzzled him, he stopped whining immediately and rested his small head on Runt's nose.

"Runt has a fan." Claudette teased.

"Yeah." Runt smiled. “I do hope that him and I become great Friends someday."

Little did they know, Little Swagger was dreaming of the same thing.