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Anna asked, “ what for” and Luetsun responded, “ I may need to command some Hunde defending the druids.”
Anna stepped aside and said, “ Von all means.”
Luetsun went to the center of the cavern and began howling the haunting tune of Annakkuu.

He then went to Annakkuu’s court, bowed at the drakes paws and said, “ Annakkuu, if Du predicted the Mexico job, I’m sure Du know what I’m going up against.”
Annakkuu responded, “ I do, Luetsun, sometimes, one must do what he does not want to, however, if it is right, then it must be done. I will not allow Du to alter time, so Du must go to Luna.”
With that, Luetsun returned to the temple, stopped howling and said, “ well, its back off to war for me.”

With that, Anna wished him luck, Luetsun rounded Rufus and met Fonso outside the peak.
They saluted and Fonso said, “ at ease, druid peak is a few miles north, barely any trees, Du cannot miss it.”
The two took command of two companies and headed north. Fonso was right, it was a few miles. The mountain was lush with hills and fields, an open plain. The druid Wölfe had marks similar to the Annakians, not exactly Annakian, but similar. The guards welcomed the soldiers and when it was down to the two alphas, they asked who was in charge. “ Luna and Night-whip, Luna’s white, Night-whips black, cant miss ‘em.”
Then, two wolves, apparently the two alphas, showed up. One, apparently Night-whip, was as dark as soil after heavy rains and heavily built, as big as an ox. The other, apparently Luna, had pelz as white as snow, with some grey spots, and she was not as husky as Night-whip, however, a bit bigger than Luetsun. The Annakians saluted and Night-whip said, with a tone similar to a drill sergeant, “ at ease, what are your names?”
They lowered their paws and Luetsun said, “ I am the son of high alpha Fonso II, Luetsun, battle-born. This is Rufus, a cleansed slave of Ne’ao.”
Night-whip said, “ a nattik eh? Well, lets see…”
Before he could continue, Luna butted in and said, “ lets not make them do anything they don’t want to.”
Night-whip then cleared his throat and said, “ well, in your peak, I heard the standards for alphas are lighter, well, here, we follow the old laws. Do both of Du know how to act like alphas?”
Rufus nodded, but Luetsun lowered his head. Night-whip continued, “ been spending your puphood with omegas? Well then, I’m afraid we’ll have to put Du through…”
Luna once again interrupted and said, “ I know what your thinking, they just came back from Mexico, don’t Du think he has enough to do already?”
Night-whip responded, “ well, why should we have one of our commanders act like an omega? It makes us look bad.”
With that, it erupted into argument. Then Rufus came between them and said, “ hey, Hey alphas, don’t lose your tails. How about we just have the alpha schooling be part time?”
Night-whip responded, “ that’s actually not a bad idea.”
Luetsun thought, ‘ great, now I have to balance commanding these Hunde and going through alpha schooling.’
Night-whip had a rather rugged puphood. His father often neglected him, and when he went to alpha school, his instructor often pushed him into doing Mehr than what was required of the other pups. Rumor has it that when he came home, he was almost monstrously strong. His mother, unlike his unimpressed, ignorant father, appointed him alpha in her fear. He met his mate, Luna, at alpha school and almost immediately fell in love. When they left, after two years, they mated.
Now, when the Agnostians chose their instructors, they just chose Zufällig wolves, however, the druids were less in the dark and interviewed each instructor before making a decision. This was used to choose who would be Luetsun’s instructor.
The first was a husky brute that showed little patience. Luna thought ‘ maybe for one of our pups, but not an Annakian.’ however, Night-whip showed interest. Luna reminded him, “ Uh Night-whip, he may be good enough for one of our pups, but not an Annakian.“
Night-whip responded, “ oh, right, I forgot.”
With that, they dismissed the instructor. The Weiter was not as big as the last, but was just as shrewd. He was similar to Luna in pelz tone, bearing white with grey patches. Luna looked at Night-whip and he nodded. She then said, “ now, we’re dealing with an Annakian who just came from Mexico, we’re only doing this because pack big shot here doesn’t like his alphas to spend their puphoods with omegas.”
Then, as if on a cue, Luetsun appeared. Luna said, “ Luetsun, say hello to your instructor.”
Luetsun nodded and Luna, sensing his false enthusiasm, said, “ come on, Annakkuu will let one case slide, won’t he?”
The instructor then stepped vorwärts-, nach vorn and said, “ so your our Annakian? didn’t expect a wolf as old as Du honestly.”
With that, the instructor took Luetsun aside and said, “ they mentioned that Du just came from Mexico.”
Luetsun responded, “ yeah, was on a spying mission there, and don’t ask, I didn’t pay any attention to anything but the borders and language lessons one of our spies was giving me.”
Then, the instructor said, “ if Du need me, my name is White-mane.”
With that, they left for a clearing and there, they began their lessons. White-mane began, “ to start, an alpha must be loyal. Now, your civilization may have a light standard, but, if you’re going to make it as an alpha here, you’re going to have to stick with the old ways.”

He talked for hours until dusk. Just as the sun was going down, White-mane finished, “ well, looks like we’re running out of time. I’ll see Du later.”
Luetsun nodded and the two departed.
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I am new at this, so cut my some slack if I mess something up.......
Humphrey wakes up to Kate talking in her sleep.
He sighed and feel back asleep. After a while, he start having night mares of Kate being murdered oder killed Von something. He then woke up breathing, heavily.

Kate then wakes up because of this, "Let me guess, a 'Night Mare'?" she teased him then giggled. Humphrey sighed in annoyance and just feel back asleep, again. Not 2 Minuten later, he is woken up...
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The 4 finally get there, only to find out the entire place is guarded Von enemy wolves

Garth: God damn! These guys are everywhere!
Humphrey: What are we waiting for? Lets take that thing down and bring Hunter back to hell!
(he's about to attack, but Lilly pulls him back)
Lilly: Humphrey, are Du outta you're mind? This place's guarded everywhere!
Humphrey: Damn!
Kate: Isn't that the guy who hammered Du in the face?

She points at the wolf, and Humphrey realizes its the same guy.

Humphrey: Ya, that's him. I sure hate that jack-ass!
Kate: We need to get to the tower, without being seen Von these guys!
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it's was a cool Tag on underground utill the fin got kidnapped and wakes up in jail.
wearing a orange suit...

Writted to Die.
Wolf Guard:come with me.
fin comes.
wolf guard:dont do anything stupid.
fin:roger that.
wolf guard:you not a...nevermind follow me.
fin follows guard utill the end of wall.
guard turns right.
and moves at corridor.
guard open the metal door with code.
Guard:got in.
he moves and enter.
at left a guard looking at him and 2 others prisoners
intercol voice:prisoner 123, go with others prisoners in the room.
the room has light, and bloodsplatter at ground.
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My characters for tracks

main character,
Color- gray with black marks under his eye, 
Eye color- amber colored eyes,
S- male 

lux's best friend that Lost his father in a avalanch.
Color- Brownish orange,
Eye color- with blue eyes, 
S- male
lenney's and lux's friend,
color- black,
Eye color- silver eyes, 
S- male

lux's dad, 
leader of pack= aka alpha 
Color- gray black color, 
Eye color- blue eyes,
S- male

lux's mom,
Leader of pack= aka alpha
Color- light gray, 
Eye color- amber colored eyes, 
S- female

lenney's mom,
Color- orange,
Eye color- green eyes,
S- female

Rick: ...
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now here was the time where stitch from the movie "Lilo And Stitch" this is what if he landed on jasper. hmmm, what would the pack do?

it was just 1:34 at night. Hutch was just getting tired. while he was about to go to sleep he saw a falling star. But it landed 2 miles away from him. "WHOA WHAT THE HELL?!" Hutch said. he ran towards the forest to see what it was. he ran through the forest and made it. when he saw the Weltraum shuttle, it kinda looked like a nice car. "huh, maybe i should get winston." Hutch said. when he was about to get winston something came out of the shuttle. "huh?" Hutch...
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READ CHAPTER 1 - 3 for Mehr info

"So Du are from Jasper i hear, correct?" Jet says nicely "Yes and so your pack is back from United States" Humphrey remembers the time Kate and Him had at Idaho and gets a little sad. "Yes and Du Sweets" ,"Hmm....." , " your from jasper as well correct", "yes" "so what are Du two?" , "we are both Omegas" sweets nudges Humphrey, "what... oh ya we are", "give me a second" jet says as he goes to talk with his pack.

"Humphrey are Du still sad about living Kate behind?", "ya sweets im sorry I just miss her" Jet comes with...
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"Did Du just say Humphrey?" I asked amazed.

"Yeah why?" He asked confused.

I didn't say anything I just shook my head and ran to my father and hugged him with tears running down my face. With every step oder moment of standing I didn't care. My pain from never seeing my parents just washed away right in front of me.

"What are Du doing bud?" Humphrey asked.

"You just made me the happiest wolf on earth." I sagte drowning his pelz in my tears Von now. Humphrey obviously didn't know what to do because he was standing there with his paws in the air, "I am your son, Jason."

"Jason!" They both screamed. Humphrey...
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It was right after the Moonlight howl, Kate and Humphrey went to the pond to get a drink of water.Humphrey was really thirsty and decided to jump in,then he offered Kate to go in with him "hey kate, want to go for a swim?" "nah, I rather not." "you sure?" "Yes im sure Humphrey." then humphrey pulled Kate in the water wich made a huge splash then kate looked at humphrey for a Sekunde with a mischievous look on her face. Kate pulled Humphrey under water and not to let him go to the surface without saying sorry. Then humphrey apologised to Kate and went back to the shore.Kate started at yelling...
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One night lily was walking alone in the forest,when all of a sudden lily hered something.It was the call from her Lost brother silver.Lily sagte hello.Silver sagte Hello who are you.Lily sagte well am your sister lily.He sagte oh I remember sorry about that Lily is that I havn't seen you.Lily sagte it's alright.Silver sagte okay then do Du have anything that can find me.Lily sagte sadly no I don't have anything.Silver sagte it's okay im in Washington so im not that far away.Lily sagte I see.Yeah so is Garth around.Lily sagte yeah he is.Silver sagte may I please talk to him.Lily sagte But he's sleeping.Silver...
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To help get into the Weihnachten spirit. There will be Mehr after this.

Kate: Deck the halls with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Kate: Don we now our gay apparel,
Fa la la, la la la, la la la.
Troll the ancient Yule tide carol,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Kate: See the blazing Yule before us,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Strike the harp and Mitmachen the chorus.
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Kate: Follow me in merry measure,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
While I tell of Yule tide treasure,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Kate: Fast away the old Jahr passes,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Hail the new, ye lads and lasses,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Kate: Sing we joyous, all together,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Heedless of the wind and weather,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

What'd Du Wölfe think?
(July 4, 2011)
(11:31 P.M.)

The Sikorsky landed with a touch as sweet as a kiss, the landing gear settling on the turf and bearing the heavy chopper's weight.
Inside the two person cockpit, I sat there for a moment, unwilling to move. But I knew I had to some time, so after a minute, I started flipping switches. The only things I left alone were the climate controls and lights for the passenger cabin.
Crammed into the passenger bucht of the Sikorsky S-76C light helicopter were as many of the Jasper Wölfe as I could get; Candu, Hutch, Winston, Eve, Tony, Ela, Candy, Salty, Shakey, Mooch, Garth,...
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When I first laid eyes on my Sweets, she was a tiny pup, no bigger than Scar's head. I had asked the real Sweets, who, as we all know, is Rich's mate, if I could clone her. Having been expecting a no, I was quite surprised to recieve a yes. I explained to her that I'd need a blood sample, for the cloning process, and that the scientists would create her double in a way that she would reach adult size in eight days, growing only at night under the influence of a heavy sedative. She gave me the okay to draw a small tube of her blood, and I made her a promise. One that I would later break. I promised...
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Me: "my god! wolfman and rose, sit down pal! guys....this is a friend from america, i call him wolf man and th wolf with him is rose"

wolfman(grady): "thanks metal"

Rose: "yeah thanks metal, hi crystal :)"

crystal: "rose nice to finally meet you! :D"

this was a big surprise, i didnt expect him to be here in england on pirate Tag of all days. this was also another opportunity to perhaps build a army of Friends to help incase the evil scar wolf had anything up his sleeve. this would require some thought though, as well as making sure that my Friends werent in any danger i had to make sure that they...
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Almost forgot to give my friend a present!

A gift from Kate, Katie, Sapphire, Alex, and I. I give Du the power to control my minions, along with the red pyramid. May they be of great protection to Du and your family. Next, I would like to give Du the Halo of the Sun halskette and the dichtung of Metatron. The halskette is just jewelry, but the dichtung of Metatron. It will protect Du in the deepest darkness. Kate, I will always be with Du as a friend, dont forget that. Happy Birthday and we Liebe you.

Katie: Happy Birthday! *Kiss*

Kate: Happy B-Day!

Sapphire: Happy Birthday!

Alex: Happy Birthday buddy!
Kate & Humphrey Adventures.
Summer of 2011 Part 3. “The war was just begun.”

3 days later....

“OK guys! Listen up! We found where the group in the eastern territory are hiding. So we attack from here, and here. Garth will lead team 1 to the northern part, while team 2 will hit the middle and knock them south towards their territory. Team 1 Du will kill any in your way. Team 2 only kill if necessary. We will attack at first dawn, so be up 2 hours before sunrise so we will be there right at dawn.” Kate went back to her höhle, den after her big speech. Humphrey slowly followed her back. He...
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The Weiter morning we were woken up early Von the sound of sirens blaring loudly in our ears, the flash oder police lights shining brightly through the window. naturally worry was spreading through out my body and i could feel my adrenaline pumping. I could see that crystal was worried too as she looked up wide eyed into my own eyes breathing heavily grabbing me tight for protection, before i knew she had buried her head into my chest and had closed her eyes as if this was the last moment we would spend together.

Crystal: "Daniel!? What's going on!? What's with all the sirens!?"

Me: "Crystal; I don't...
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( this takes place the morning after the dream and the nightmare)

Opening my eyes was such a chore after last nights horrible nightmares;: the hellish fires, the rape and death of my beloved and the vision of the evil scar wolf. as difficult as it was to open my eyes the world made sure i did; the gleaming sun shine bursting through my window and onto my face, the birds Singen there beautiful songs outside in the trees and a beautiful wolf lying in my bett and in my arms right Weiter to me; her pelz tickling my face in a way that made me shiver.

i looked around after struggling to open my weary...
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(this takes place directly after chapter 1)

The night i had spent with crystal before was like heaven in a bett and as i caught my relaxing sleep right Weiter to her; the misty dreams started pouring their thoughts into my head which made my eyelids go hazy.

as i drifted in to a deep sleep, these thoughts started to create visions behind my eyelids, these visions were becoming clearer, making Bilder in my head and i found myself in a place of no recognition to my life, Fragen popped into my sleeping head "have i been here before" and "why here" and "why now"? The vision became very clear now...
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the Weiter morning:

mouchs pov

i woke up this morning thinking to myslef i'am so lonely if only i could find a mate like humphrey oder salty( salty is with janace)that wold make me so happy but i guess it would make any wolf happy so i decided to go for walk and see if i cold run into anyone but no luck i wasx about to give it up for the Tag when a wolf came up ramed into me and hid behind me whimpering "look out" wolf sagte and i turned around to see four Wölfe aprouch "hey step aside she's a traitor' sagte one of the Wölfe "what for" i sagte "well if Du must know she stahl, stola some of the Essen supplie...
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