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posted by JettAlpha
Name: Kasady

Age: 3

Rank: No official rank given, but has the strength of an alpha

Sex: Male

Personality: He is an extremely warped individual that tortures small creatures and other Wölfe for pure entertainment. He despises social order and anyone in his way.

Pack: United Western Pack (former member), Lone wolf (Currently)

Rivals: Kate, Humphrey, Winston, the UWP, Pretty much everyone

Friends: None

Family: Unknown

Bio: Kasady is a young, skinny red coated wolf that was once part of the western pack. Everyone expected him to be an omega, but hating omegas, he wanted to prove his worthiness of being an alpha Von enrolling in alpha school, which was taught Von winston. There, he met and fell in Liebe with his daughter Kate, who ended up teasing him and picking on him along with the other pups. He tried and tried to impress her, but the Mehr he failed, the harder she laughed. In the end she and a few of her friend humilated Kasady, which is when he snapped. He kidnapped one of Kates Friends and mutilated her. Where he adapted the name "Carnage" He would then write his new alias on the walls in his victim's blood.

Once Kasady was caught after several killings, Winston and the alpha's drove him out, threatening to kill him if he ever returned. Kasady swore revenge on all of the alpha's especially Kate, and her husband Humphrey.

As Kasady grew up, he learned of the symbiotes and how Jett's brother became venom. Wanting the power, he went and obtained a small peice of the venom symbiotic, but it became unstable when it bonded with him, causing it to turn blood red, and have different abilities than venom. He then picked up his "Carnage" persona, and is now once again, a serial killer.
 Kasady with the Carnage Symbiote
Kasady with the Carnage Symbiote
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posted by TimberHumphrey
we were all thinking if A&O 4: The Legend of the Sawtooth Cave is gonna be the end of this awesome saga, but no. you'll never guess what i just found out: they're making a A&O 5! it's called "Alpha and Omega 5: Family Vacation" and it's gonna hit DVD and Walmart in spring Weiter year, 2015. once i heard that, i almost had a herz attack, i was so excited! tht's cause i get to see my Favorit franchise for another year. a website called announced that, and it also announced that A&O 5's gonna end the saga for sure. if that's true oder not, i'm so damn excited :D
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posted by The-Theorist
Alpha and Omega 4: Daria.

I had originally intended for this to go in chronological order with the movies, but this I felt needed to be addressed immediately.

This first segment will revolve solely around Daria, the blind she-wolf who lived in Saw-Toothed Cave. Those who have seen the movie know that the forest was indeed haunted Von a wolf ghost, whose sole purpose was to assure her safety. However, the identity of the ghost is never clearly explained. But, I like to believe that the ghost is in fact Daria's mother, who had died in the forest that night when she hid her daughter from the wolves...
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made this video jst to let Du guys know Alpha and Omega 2 is on its way! :)
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