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I still was hidden behind the chair. My herz was pounded my paws were shaking everything went into a blur.. I saw my pack dancing I realized it was when me and Humphrey were at the moonlight howl. I smiled a little.
That is until I broke out of the strange vision. The monster finally had broken in. He looked around the room a sneaked over to the door way. The door was broken into pieces. I ran out of the room quietly. The monster was too busy looking for me to notice me leaving the room. I smirked.
As I moved on into the schloss I figured out some ways out. It would take a while to get out considering I was not even close to the exit. Also I had to watch out for monsters.
Suddenly I had found a map in a dresser. It had blood stains on it I could tell it was probably made Von a prisoner. There was a way out.. but it was near the torture rooms. I'll admit I was scared to go near there but it was the quickest way out.. But a very dangerous way out

Thank Du for reading! Keep your eyes open for part 3 ^.^
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posted by HumphreyAlpha
Name: Sweets

Species: Canis Lupis

Rank: Who the hell knows anymore...

Mate: Me, Humphreylpha

Children: Jeena(Jeena_Browning)

Other family:
Mother: SweetsOmega
Father: Arcticwolf07
(Yes, I know she's a clone, but we all refer to her as Rich and Sweets's daughter)

Fur color: Light brown

Eye color: Hazel

Likes: Seafood, Kodi, hanging around with me, oder her mother, oder Scar, oder anyone she loves, playing Forza 4 with me, oben, nach oben Gear, Jeremy Clarskon, Nickelback's newest album, banane peppers, pizza, cars made Von Ferrari, wrestling, the Zufällig adventures that she gets dragged along on, puppies, spending time...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
Name: Alex
Age: 3
Mate: Sapphire
Pups: None Yet
Color: Same as Humphrey
Eye Color: Light Purple
Personality: Kind, Loving, Protective of the ones he loves. Will do anything to save a life. A ladies man.
Siblings: Katie (Sister) Lillian (Sister
Rank: Omega
Bio: He and his siblings were orphaned after a poacher killed his mother. His father was abusive and slept with many different females. Alex always had to deal with his father. His father almost killed him for taking a bite out of his father's share of the meat. He went out looking for his sister after she fell through the rift. The rift appeared suddenly and he ended up near a forest near my house, where he reunited with his sister and met the Liebe of his life, Sapphire.
posted by VengeanceWolf
Fredrik and his family arrived shortly after Jake and Blake left. Fron, as usual, was bouncing around and sticking his nose into anything that peeked his interest.
Fredrik and Anika came over and stood Von us.
We exchanged proper greetings and pleasentries for a while, but then it was time for business.
"What do Du need."
"I need Du and your family to watch over Jasmin for a while," i pointed my nose at the injured wolf in the corner."
"I dont need babysitters, sir."Said Jasmin.
I ignored her.
Upon seeing the gash on Jasmins side, Anika gasped and ran to Jasmins side, she then began to fuss...
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posted by REDWolfleader
After I escaped the human testing facility, everything went down the cliff. A few hours later I was in Oregon. Then I went east to Montana. A few miles in from the border I met a wolf pack. They gathered around me growling. Then the leader came and talked with me,
"Well well well. Lone-wolf are you?"
"Well we don't let people through our valley an,"
"Well your letting this wolf past."
"Ha! No we're not! Wölfe attack!!!" I tore the leaders neck open letting him die a painful death. I then was in an epic fight for survival. Wölfe came running to the middle of the valley to try to kill me....
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