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posted by snazzywolve53
Autor note: This is my first chapter of my novil- it will take a bit for the story to go to Jasper so deal with it.

Boom! The thunder crashed again at Idaho (im not telling Du people what town). I was waiting for my bus to take me home. How was school Dillon? Asked my friend Jakob. (FYI-I don't give a damm if Du thinkk i spelled his name wrong cause i didn't!) It was gay as usual. How was it gay! Did Du rape your fucking wolf friend from the gay movie your soo ubsessd with? Tony the asshole asked. No dipshit!, I was trying to take my test when I heard Du pleasuring yorself, wishing it was your mom! Dillon at least shes a female, but u wish u got raped Von HUMPrey- a guy wolf!Oops! I meant Du let Humprey hump Du and Du enjoyed it! Your such a Fag Tony! Finally, it was my stop. Bye Matt. Then I got off the bus and I was sprinting home. I made it to my driveway still sprinting so I wouldn't get drenched, BOOM! the thunder clapped and lightning sapped my driveway and created a black hole! Holy shit! Help, its sucking me in! As i was trying to climb out the black hole sucked strong winds and it blew a rock right into my head, and i fell unconshis.

I woke up confused, because i remember the black hole sucking me in, but now im laying on the back of a carabou! Holy fuck im surrounded Von carabou now! Oh shit! Stampede! They are running so fast and i don't know why- if i jump ill be crushed Von others! then i clenched on tight to its neck. I felt something uncomfterble in my pocket..... FUCK IM safe, sicher ITS MY DAGGER! Then I grabbed it out of my pocket and slit the carabous neck and it colapst on the ground. All the other carabou ran around it and kept running further in the distance. Then I saw a huge group of figures that look like... Holy shitt its a pack of wolves..... Holy shit.. not just any wolves... its Kate, Garth, Cando, Hutch, and all the other alphas from the pack! OOps- i sagte that outloud, and they heard it. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, they started to growl at me. Who the fuck are you, How do Du know our names Human! shouted Garth. I am Dillon, I whatched alpha and omega- a movie about you. What the fuck is a movie! How did Du get here! shouted Kate. A black hole sucked me in, and i fell un conshis,and i woke up on a carabous back during the stampede, where am i. your in jasper park canada answered Kate,.............. (i couldn't answer to that cause cando tackled me and choked me untill i fell unconshis)
 The front of the pack- this is how mad they were when they saw me....
The front of the pack- this is how mad they were when they saw me....
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One day, mooch was with his friends. He was skinny at the time. Humphrey and the gang were wrestling when Mooch saw a cave full of squirrels. He snuck out of wrestling to get out and Mooch grabbed a squirrel, and every Tag he returned to the spot and caught a squirrel. His Friends had no idea how he was gaining wait, because Mooch refused to tell them about his stash of squirrels. Of course Reba and Janice knew someone was eating their friends. Von the time they caught Mooch, he was fat. Reba and Janice made him agree to not eat the squirrels anymore, oder they would tell his friend he was hogging food. He still kept eating though, no one could stop
him once he started chewing on something, and that's how he became the fat wolf we know today.

Which Character should I do next?
A Fan get together PT.1: THe summer home.

This takes place, in the first person perspective of myself. This will be about Jon, Brandon, Jeremy, and Uriah. oder in their Fanpop names, KateALphaWolf, Metallica1147, (Or what ever those last four numbers are...) VengeanceWolf, and UriahA... The story starts with us all at an A and O convention that has gone horribly wrong in the summer break. Enjoy my comedy... -Kates-mate101

I opened the door to the convention. The door creaked open slowly. I closed my eyes and flipped my long black/brown hair over my right eye, as I do when I'm nervous, but then...
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Humphrey was standing outside with his gewehr in his arms. He looked so dominant and sexy. Cando eventually pulled up to Humphrey’s den.
“Thanks, Cando, lets pick up Winston and Hutch.”
“Are Du sure Du want to do this?”
“Yeah, I’m sure. Oh, wait! I forgot to put the türmchen, turm, revolver on!”
Humphrey got out and attached the türmchen, turm, revolver to the bett of the F-350.
“Alright, it’s good, let’s head out.”
They picked up Winston and Hutch, and headed to the Motel 6.
“I understand this is a diesel engine, but does this have a turbo, nitrous, oder supercharger?”
“It has all three. I spent...
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