warning sexual refencing Du have been warned!!!

present day:

humphreys pov

i was on my way to wintons höhle, den after a quick breakfest to ask him how to mate but i guess i should ask someone eles if eve is there because she would r.i.p me and i continued to think to myself while i was walking and when got there i found winston taking a nap so i nudge him until he woke up "hey winston wake up" humphrey sagte "what what... oh humphrey it's you(yawning and strechting) what do Du want" i was wondering if Du could help me" humphrey sagte "yes and what would that be" winston replied "well could Du tell me about matinhg" humphrey asked and winston just broke out laughing "ha ha ha ha ha! ahhhh ha ha ha! no seriously what do Du want" winston asked and humphrey just stared at him and he reliesed he wasnt joking what your not kiddin aren't Du oh thats right Du grew up without any parents well ok i'll explan "winston sagte and after a while of taking and explaining it was over "so do get it now" winston asked "i think so see Du later" humphrey replied and started heading for his den.

kate pov

i woke up to see humphrey not in his in his spot and remebered that he left to go ask winston how to mate and so i eat some of the carobu and fell back asleep and was woken later Von humphrey "hey sweet herz im back" "oh ha ha ha very funny now i understand Du went to my farther today is that rigth" kate asked "yes and have a Frage for Du are Du ready" humphrey asked "definitly" kate replied and so humphrey mounted kate and instinly grew and started slow and soft and steadly sped up and went deeper and he and kate gave moans of pleasure and joy as this happened and after various positions they finished up and seperated and laid down rubbing noises and saying i Liebe Du over and over tell they fell asleep.

later the Weiter morning

humphrey pov

i woke up that morning every late and rembered why was so tired and looked over to my sleeping angle and gentle rub her nose so she would wake "hey kate wake up i got a gift for you" humphrey sagte "what where when" kate asked and got up swiftly and looked around and i kissed her "there Du go" humphrey sagte "oh thats what Du meant well i got a gift for you" kate sagte what is it" humphrey repied and she knocked me to the ground " you'll see it Du naughty little boy" kate sagte what do Du mean little" humphrey asked "oh nothing" kate sagte and got of me and got ready to mate


this time the mating wasn't as good but still pleasureable and we were tired as could be and went back to sleep.

tell me what Du think