while Kate and Humphrey are spending the night under the tree, Humphrey has a dream, which shows how he first met and fell in Liebe with Kate when he was a puppy.

(in Humphrey's dream)
Mooch: (to Humphrey) Dude, there's this new girl in the park. Her name's Kate, and Du gotta meet her. She's awesome and hot.
Humphrey: I'm not sure if i can.
Salty: Ah, come on! It'll be fine.
Shakey: Yeah!
Humphrey: Well, i guess a give-it-a-shot won't hurt.

they see Kate coming their way, and Humphrey falls in Liebe with her at first sight. she had a blume on her hair.

Mooch: (teases Humphrey) What do we got here?
Salty: Looks like somebody's in L-O-V-E tonight.
Humphrey: (snaps outta it) What? N-no i'm not! I haven't even met her yet.

the Omega boys gather around Kate to meet her. she giggles.

Kate: Hi boys.
Mooch: Du lookin' amazing tonight, girl.
Shakey: Du always do.
Kate: Awwww, thanks guys. You're really sweet.
Salty: Oh and Von the way, we got somebody here who really wanna meet you.
Kate: Oh really? Where is he?

Humphrey walks forward, shaking a bit and feeling nervous. he sees Kate and his jaw drops again, but he snaps outta it.

Humphrey: (nervously) Uhhh.... h-hi.
Kate: (smiles) Hi there
Humphrey: I.... (Salty playfully elbows him) I'm Humphrey.
Kate: Nice to meet you, Humphrey. I'm Kate
Humphrey: (feels his herz beating faster) N-nice to m-meet Du too, Kate.

Kate giggles, and the other Omegas decide to leave them alone.

Salty: Well, guess we gotta hit the road.
Humphrey: W-what? (turns to his friends) Guys, Du can't leave me here! I don't know what to say to her.
Shakey: Awwww, of course ya know what to say. You're not speechless.
Salty: He's right. Just give it a shot.
Humphrey: I... i don't know, guys... i'm... i'm too nervous!
Mooch: Don't do like this. Give it a shot.
Humphrey: (thinks for a second) O... okay.

so, the Omegas leave and Humphrey's left alone with Kate. he's still really nervous, but he gets his chance.

Humphrey: So... ummm... you're new around here?
Kate: Actually, i live here. But i'm new to your friends.
Humphrey: Oh... t-that's nice.
Kate: Yeah (she smiles at him) So, tell me about yourself. What do Du like to do?
Humphrey: (blushes a bit) Oh... well, ummm... i-i just like hanging around with my Friends doing all kinda stuff.
Kate: Like what?
Humphrey: I... (her eyes shine, taking his breath away; snaps outta it) ...we do a lotta stuff, like goofing around, playing games, making jokes.... but ummm... our Favorit thing's log boarding.
Kate: Log boarding? Really?
Humphrey: Y-yeah... I know, i'm weird.
Kate: Don't say that. If Du ask me, you're cute.

Humphrey gasps and gets happy.

Humphrey: Du really think so?
Kate: Yes i do. (giggles softly)
Humphrey: That's... that's great. You're really good for a girl too. I mean... you're nice and beautiful
Kate: Awww, thank you. (smiles at him)
Humphrey: (gets a bit nervous again) T-to tell ya the truth, i... this might sound a bit crazy, but... i never had a girl to be Friends with me.
Kate: I'm sorry to hear that. You're a really nice guy.
Humphrey: (he smiles; his herz beats faster)
Kate: I can be your friend from now on.
Humphrey: R-r-really?
Kate: Mhm. So far, Du been really nice to me. Nobody ever told me that i'm beautiful before.
Humphrey: Well... Du are. I... i never met a great girl like Du before, Kate.
Kate: Awww, Humphrey.

Then, Winston shows up.

Winston: (with Lilly beside him) Kate! Time to go, sweetie.
Kate: Okay, dad. I'm coming.
Humphrey: Du gotta go now?
Kate: Yeah, but don't worry. I'll see Du soon (kisses his cheek) Thanks for everything. (runs up to her dad)

Humphrey stands there, frozen. he couldn't believe she actually kissed him, and he felt so happy.

Humphrey: S-she kissed me! She kissed me!

The dream ends and Humphrey wakes up to see Kate sleeping Weiter to him. She looks beautiful and this amazes him.

Humphrey: Damn! Time sure flies... but you're getting even Mehr beautiful than i thought, Kate.

Kate smiles sweetly while she's asleep. Humphrey gently nuzzles his wife, and then he goes back to sleep too.