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Amidst a flurry of withdrawal announcements this past week, KBS’s “Immortal Song 2” has broadcast its 3rd episode on June 18th with its all-idol cast!

IU, Super Junior’s Yesung, SHINee’s Jonghyun, and B2ST’s Yoseob all announced their withdrawal from the Zeigen one after another earlier, citing conflicting schedules.

The Zeigen will go on regardless, but for the 3rd episode, the only new face will be SECRET’s Song Ji Eun, who replaces IU. This will be Yesung, Jonghyun,and Yoseob’s final episode before leaving.

“Immortal Song 2″ will have each contestant sing unique covers, just like on “I Am a Singer“, however there will be no eliminations to challenge them. The six castmates will instead battle for pride, as the first place winner will be judged Von a 200-member audience. Not only that, but they’ll also receive priceless pointers and tips from the original artists of the songs they cover.

Their mission for this episode was to remake a Boohwal hit song
On June 17th, B2ST’s Kikwang guested on SBS’s “Dalgona” and revealed Fotos from his childhood.

The crew of “Dalgona” visited Naju, his hometown, and met up with Kikwang’s family members and close friends. Kikwang revealed that he had grown up at his grandma’s house as a child, so producers were able to specially visit his grandma. When asked what Kikwang was like, his grandma replied, “He didn’t listen a lot, but he did listen when Du told him something.”

When asked to elaborate, she continued, “When he was little, he did things that he knew would get him in trouble. He listened to Du after he would get hit, though.”

Kikwang explained, “I was a curious child but always ended up breaking everything I touched. My grandma and grandpa hit me a lot for that.”

His grandma added, “His dongsengs always listened well, but Kikwang would run away when Du tried to discipline him. I would chase him until I caught him.”
4minute’s Jun Jiyoon has just announced that she will be joining the cast of KBS’s idol Musik show, “Immortal Song 2“.

Because SECRET member Song Ji Eun is temporarily withdrawing from the show, Jiyoon will be Schauspielen as her replacement. PD Kwon Jae Young explained her leave with, “SECRET has Japanese promotions scheduled for July so she was set to leave the Zeigen from the start. She will be returning around September once her Japanese promotions are finished.”

The PD then went to explain why the program chose 4minute’s Jiyoon, ”Jun Jiyoon gives the feel of a hidden gem in 4minute.” Because the program aims to dispel the stereotypes surrounding idol singers, the PD felt that Jiyoon was the perfect match as a new addition.

Jiyoon will begin filming for the Zeigen on June 27th.
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Thanks to the wild popularity of their first two singles, “Bad Girl Good Girl” and “Breathe“, miss A received Liebe and support that rookies generally don’t get to enjoy right off the bat.

The girls won first place on Musik programs with their debut song, and even nabbed the much-coveted ‘rookie award’ at year-end ceremonies. Since then, they’ve spread into individual activities before regrouping again in March for the release of “Love Alone“.

Although Fans are dearly missing the girls, miss A promises that they’re ready to conquer the Sekunde half of the year. Indeed, they’re...
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The Korea Professional Baseball League is currently a third of the way into the season, and on June 18th, beliebt actress Kim Tae Hee participated in the opening pitch for the LG Twins in their Home game against the visiting SK Wyverns at the Jamsil Baseball Stadium.

Having greeted Fans over the years through drama and film appearances since 2001, this was the first time in Kim Tae Hee’s career that she took to the field to throw the opening pitch, and it was upon request from LG because of her endorsement deal with them and the team.

And Kim Tae Hee was sure one lucky charm as the Twins defeated Wyverns Von 8:5.