Alice im Wunderland Has anyone read the Looking Glass Wars?

Meg08 posted on Jan 03, 2008 at 04:15PM
Its based off Alice in Wonderland and its really good. Its about Alyss Heart, princess of Wonderland and how her evil Aunt Redd stole the throan(sp?) of the Queendom and how Lewis Carroll(sp?) missed up Alyss story and poof! We ended up with Alice in Wonderland.

The second book is already out (Seeing Redd) and I'm trying to find someone else that has read them.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr babygirl4ever7 said…
I've read them!! They're awesome!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ToastedRabbits said…
I read the first one...O:
I thought it was pretty decent. :3
I'm trying to get the second...