Alice is the protagonist of Alice in Wonderland. Disney has 2 different versions of Alice: the Alice from the animated film and the Alice from the live action films that had Johnny Depp.

The Disney Animated Alice Review:

Storyline: Alice is a female kid. She dreams that she's in a fictional place called Wonderland where she meets eccentric characters. Sadly this storyline isn't that interesting. She spends most of the film having conversations with the supporting characters. Although she is somewhat unique she gets kind of boring due to her not doing much Mehr than reacting to the weird stuff that the supporting characters do.

Entertainment: Not much. She's Mehr entertaining than most Disney girls, but she's kind of boring.

Coolness: She has a cool voice and somewhat cool personality. Plus she has a cat.

Looks: Her hair and costume look really cool.

The Disney Live Action Alice:

Storyline: Several people call this Alice bland which I don't agree with. This Alice is a young adult who is practically forced to marry a guy she doesn't love. However Alice stands up for herself and gets a job as awesome ship captain. In the sequel she puts so much effort to help her best friend, Tarrant (the Hatter). This Alice is awesome. Likeable, inspiring, heroic, a good daughter, and a great best friend.

Entertainment: Johnny Depp's Tarrant upstages everybody as the most entertaining character. However Alice at least managed to avoid being boring and bland.

Coolness: Alice is a British ship captain who saved Tarrant and her other friends. Plus she defeated the jabberwocky. She's awesome.

Looks: Disney's best looking character.

Overall: The Disney animated Alice is decent, but Disney's live action Alice wins. Disney's live action Alice is 1 of the greatest fictional female characters of all time.