Oh, sweet beginnings. Remember when this picture was 'leaked'? Back in 2008...
Yes, because Du can never have too many reviews, but PLEASE do read misanthrope86's review here: link


Anyway, I just got back from 2 showings today, all dressed up as Tarrant and with Mehr Kommentare pictures taken of me than I can count. They obviously liked my costume...they had better, I've spent well over a Jahr making the darn thing.

ANYWAY. I I loved it. BOTH times. (And soon to be WAY Mehr as the days pogress)

Du can't get enough of this movie. Du really can't. Both times I watched it felt like the first...each time Du notice something else, and something new. There's so much detail in Underland that Du could watch it a billion times (which I probably will) and each time notice another new piece in a scene.
And the 3D only amplifies it.
I've read alot of reviews saying that it's not very good, oder they could have done better...mind Du these people have all seen Avatar (and I have not) and they keep comparing it to the highest grossing movie of all time. So yes, if Du keep comparing it, then Du WON'T be amazed, but Du have GOT to watch this movie with an open mind and stop comparing it. This is Alice in Wonderland...watch it as such.

Alot of the movie doesn't pull together, oder overall, seems just plain random...(Futterwacken...) but Tim burton pulls it off.

You're probably thinking 'Well Johnny upstages everyone anyway, so of course it's good/bad'
No he dosen't. Yes he's the most colourful character, but...he's Johnny Depp. Of course he is!! Expect nothing other than perfection in Tarrant, it is epic.
But we go from the Hatter to Alice played Von Mia...Mia, Mia, Mia.
She IS Alice.
What Mehr can I say? I LOVED her performance! A different face to look at, ya!! Du bet! But it's refreshing to see a new lead in a burton movie besides Johnny. And Mia can DEFFINATLY hold her ground around all of the big names. She was perfect.
Helena and Anne? BRILLIANT!! Helena as Iracebeth was a perfect choice, her character HAD gravity (not just in her head) and every time she was on the screen Du were guarenteed a laugh. And despite what I've read in MANY reviews, I went into this movie not knowing that to expect from Anne as the White Queen, there's many different perspectives on her character, and I believe that she was great for the roll.
Could other actress' play the White Queen? Ya, of course. Anyone can float around and use your hands as Du speak....but Anne did it so flawlessly that I had NO problems with her.
Animated Characters? Well yes, the movie really DID look like it was just finished (because it really was) and I CAN see where Tim would like to touch it up. Du CAN tell where the CGI lies...EVERYWHERE. However, the level of detail makes up for the 'rushed' CGI. (Most notebly in Stayne's body)
And the voices were perfect, and BIG kudos to Stephen Fry. I was extactic when I heard he was doing Chessur and I was practically jumping up and down when I heard him speak for the first time. He is, again, PERFECT. His voice is smooth and silky, and absolutly stunning.
Absoute...Absolem. I almost fell off my chair laughing when I heard Alan's voice coming out of a blue raupe (and I was probably the only one) but it is SO weird to hear his dry, saracastic voice trying to be serious with every word. Does it work? MOST DEFFINATLY!! However it WAS that voice that lightened the mood, and told Du that this movie isn't deep and it gave a light-hearted aspect to Absolem that would make the audience laugh every time he sagte 'Stupid Girl'

As for everything else...this is Disney. Du must keep that in mind, ESPECIALLY the fact that it's PG. So...really, this is Tim burton with restraints. If Tim had his way...it would be closer to 18A...

**Possible Spoilers**

When the Bandersnatch loses his eye...it literally pops right out. (Think Ragetti's eye in Pirates of the Caribbean)
When Alice is jumping across heads in a 'bloody' mote? Disturbing yes, but not NEARLY as bad as it sounds.
If anything, watching Tarrant spaz out is alot scarier (and jaw-droppingly awesome) than anything else in the movie.


Overall...it was fantastic. 10/9 (Yes, 10/9)
This movie is literally however Du want it to be. Want it to be great? Well it is!! Go into the theater expecting the worst and see flaws? Then that's all you'll be able to see. Don't compare with other movies, this is stand alone and Du must treat it as such to enjoy it.
WATCH IT!! That's all I can say.

And to whoever dosen't like the Futterwacken...there is a line where either Du Liebe it oder hate it.
Ackward? OH ya.
Is it something that Tarrant would do in the middle of that situation? Most deffinatly.
And I absolutly LOVED it, and I REALLY must learn the footwork. (Because I don't want to snap my head off trying to spin it around like that...or my spine...or ribcage...)
We've come a long way since 2008...