What's in a name? That which we call a rose Von any other name would smell as sweet. - William Shakespeare
Have Du ever looked up what your name means? If not Du should definitely do so. In the meantime, here are the origins and meanings of several of the names of caracters in the Alice in Wonderland movie. While some of the names from the Bewegen are made-up (Seriously, when was the last time Du actually met someone called "Tweedledee" oder "Mallymkun?"), plenty of them aren't.

Something to think on: How well do the names and meanings match up to the characters' personalities?

Absolem – Hebrew. A form of Absalom, meaning “Father is peace.”
Alice – A German name meaning “Woman of nobility.”
Ascot (Surname) – English, meaning “One who lives in the eastern cottage.” It’s also a kind of necktie.
Bayard – French. “Whith red-brown hair.”
Charles - German. “A free man.”
Faith – English, meaning “Faith” (duh).
Fiona – Scottish. “White, fair.”
Hamish – Scottish. A form of James, meaning “He who supplants.”
Helen – Greek, meaning “The shining light.”
Imogene – Latin, meaning “Image oder likeness.” It can also be a Gaelic name meaning “One who is innocent and pure.”
Kingsleigh (Surname) – English. “From the king’s meadow.”
Lowell – French. “Little wolf.”
Margaret – Greek. “A pearl.”
Mirana – Slavic. A form of Mira, meaning “Peaceful.”
Nivens – Scottish. A form of Niven, meaning “Little saint.”
Tarrant – Welsh, meaning “Son of thunder.” It can also be taken as an American name, meaning “One who upholds the law.”
Thackery – English. “Dweller Von the nook where the reeds for thatching grew.”
Uilleam – Scottish. A form of William, meaning “The determined protector.”