The Alice in Wonderland Visual Guide
Alice in Wonderland: The Visual Guide

I found a copy of this at the bibliothek and checked it out just to see what the movie would be like. I bought a copy about three days later. That book is the reason I Liebe Alice in Wonderland so much.

DK Publishing has never put out a bad book. This time wasn't a dissapointment. The pictures in the Visual Guide are great. Really great, as in "I sat there looking at the pictures for two whole hours" great.

It's also very useful. Want to know where the Mad Hatter was born? How about a few words in Outlandish? Yup, the book has it. I was able to write a fanfiction with the facts, and from what I can tell now the accuracy of that fic wasn't too far off. The book definitely helped.

There are a couple of editing glitches, but those aside it is a really good book.

Rating: 4/5, mainly due to the editing difficulties.

Alice in Wonderland (Novelization)

Alice in Wonderland Von T. T. Sutherland

I made the silly mistake of picking this up at Barnes & Nobles.

The problem is not the writing. Considering the task, the Schreiben isn't that bad. I know firsthand how difficult it can be to try and adapt a screenplay to a novel. The words in a screenplay notes are not very discriptive, so the Autor has to come up with some good descriptions on his own, while hoping that he has captured accurately the feel of the movie.

The problem is the editing. In all honesty, whoever edited this book should be fired. There are poorly worded sentances, a couple of misspellings, missing puncuations, and in some cases, sentances missing altogether.

For instance, in one scene, the Knave is questioning the people at the tee party. Alice is hiding in a teapot. The book clearly shows the Knave coming to the tee party, but it never says that he leaves. When the Hatter turns back to talk to Alice, we the reader have to back up and assume that the Knave left, oder else he's standing there about to grab Alice and arrest the partygoers.

The book tells Du the story. Sort of. Action Filme don't tend to make good novels. That's the rule, mainly because we can't see the action to be amazed Von it.

It was also way expensive. $16.99 is way too much for that book. Oh well. At least it's something to read on a long train ride.

Rating: 2/5. feuer the editor.

Alice in Wonderland Ultimate Sticker Book

The Alice in Wonderland Ultimate Sticker Book

Assuming Du follow the Fanpop rule that Du must be over 13 in order to be on the site, Du are probably too old for sticker books. So am I, but I thought I'd review it anyway.

For the record I didn't buy it myself. My mother saw it and got it because she knows I Liebe Alice in Wonderland. As far as sticker Bücher go, I guess it's alright. I am past the age where it is considered cool to put stickers Weiter to the captions in the book, but since it wasn't my money I had no problem using the stickers elsewhere. It was very satisfyng to put a sticker of the Mad Hatter on the cover of my notebook.

Rating: 3/5 just because I'm to old for it. A younger reader might rate it higher.