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when i saw Du first time
i thought i'm in a dream
Du looked at me in the eyes
and say words of love

how long will i be waiting
to hear your voice again
to feel your lips again
and tell Du how i Liebe Du

we laugh in the sunset
Du hug me with your arms
anf life Mehr beauty
when Du are around

thanks Du to read this i really appreciate, that : ) please Kommentar this i have even version on gitarre i tried to made something that reallt will Zeigen my real feeling for alex how i reallt feel about him so i really hope Du guys like that really really i want to see a lot Kommentare from Du : )
Liebe Du very much
lioraa : )
posted by Magda-Edward

Years ago, when i was younger,
I kinda liked a girl I knew.
She was mine and we were sweethearts;
That was then, but then it's true.


I'm in Liebe with a fairytale
Even though it hurts.
'Cause I don't care if I lose my mind
I'm already cursed.

Every Tag we started fighting,
Every night we fell in love.
No one else could make me sadder,
But no one else could lift me high above.

I don't know what I was doing
When suddenly we fell apart.
Nowadays I cannot find her,
But when I do we'll get a brand new start.


I'm in Liebe with a fairytale
Even though it hurts.
'Cause I don't care if I lose my mind
I'm already cursed.

She's a fairytale, Yeaaah !
Even though it hurts.
'Cause I don't care if I lose my mind
I'm already cursed.
Vinteren Er Her Lyrics

Stå midt i gården.
Snø, snøkrystaller.
Sakte fra himmelen,
prikker de ned.
De prikker ned.

Alt blir så stille.
Snø, snøkrystaller.
Alt er forandret.
Alt lukter fred.
Det lukter fred.

Alt som var trist og vått, alt dette gamle.
Asfallt og mørke, og alt som er grått.
Syns ikke mer, for snøen er hjemme.
Dekkes oss hvite og varmet oss godt.

Stille, helt stille.
Biter av himmelen, ned i vår gård.
Ned i vår gård.

Natten kan komme nå.
Snø, snøkrystaller.
Gården vår hvisker:
"Nå er vinteren her".

English traslation
(I used Google translator so I have no idea if...
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I won’t blame the hurting on Du
you left in the sweetest way
I won't say that it's you
Making me feel this way

It’s the herz and the soul and the body and the brain.
Driving me insane but the wind and the land
And the feuer and the rain always stay the same.

While I roll with the wind
Bringing distance to everything
Ayayaj wohoow
While I sit Von the fire
And glance at the pouring rain
Ayayaj Ayayaj

I won't claim it's all cause of you
I guess that I played a part
It’s just that I never knew
I'd fall for Du from the start

There’s a hole in my herz and a picture...
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STRICT ORDER: Alexander Rybak was guest in thursdays program of “Happy Day” and gave a clear order, that Jan Thomas was not to touch his eyebrows.

All Norway’s fiddler, Alexander Rybak, prefers to dress discrete, but loves clothes with Mickey Mouse- motives.

– Stay away from the eyebrows!

Alexander Rybak admits, that he is probably as many other guys, when it comes to styling. – “I am probably one of those, who pretend I don´t care about what I wear, but actually, I spend Mehr time in front of the mirror, than one should think”,- says Alexander.

The fiddler is ready for a makeover...
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Premiere. Both Alexander Rybak and Dennis Storhøi admit they are a bit nervous before the premiere of their Weihnachten tour with Anne Vada in Lommedalen Church.

- I thought that one was calmer, the Mehr experience Du got, but this is not how it is, Rybak says. We meet him, Storhøi and Vada in Lommedalen Church, where they are rehearsing for their new Weihnachten konzert “Vinterbilder”. It is premiere at the church Friday, before they go furter out on tour to several places in «Østlandet» and then to «Vestlandet» and «Trøndelag» (the easter, west, and middel of Norway).
Speaking of...
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"An important vision to continue!"

The artist Alexander Rybak thinks it’s important, to honor Ketil Moe’s memory and vision. That’s why he performed on Saturday (it was Sunday actually ) in “Dyreparken” at the Ketil Moe run race.The Grand Prix winner gave a konzert and sang for nearly an Stunde before the race started. At the finish line he presented the medals, signed autographs and posed for pictures to the joy for both able-bodied and disabled.

Rybak lived in Lillesand until he was 11 years old (not correct. His family spent their summer holiday in the area), and new Ketil Moe. And...
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Finally the dream came true. After 50 performances of “The Sound of Music”, several performances of “Mathilde from Ramsøya” and an album release, the young Kristian S. Pedersen from Arendal was going to perform with Rybak.

Sunday they managed. During Ketil Moe race in “Dyreparken” they performed the “Angel of Life” from the opera musical “Some Sunny Night” about Ketil Moe, together with composer Thomas Stanghelle. The arrangement and the performance were wonderfully beautiful

"Young boy from Arendal will sing with Rybak"

Kristian is a young boy of 13 years from Nyli in Arendal,...
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New round with Alexander Rybak
Alexander is back as an instructor at Aalesund Orchestra School, Mehr nervous than before Grand Prix.


“This is something totally new for me, because this time it’s my own project. It shape my future”, Alexander Rybak (25) says.

“This is what I like to work with. To make concerts with children and young people that turns to unique experiences for the audience. Regardless of age and musical tastes. A little pop, some classical and some folk songs”, he says.


He is back as an instructor at Aalesund Orchestra School after being absent last year....
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Who is Alexander Rybak? Bright? Restless? Expressive? His face is a map where all the emotions can be expressed. He is torrential and gifted with a disarming truth and an even deeper musicality! Even all these are not enough to describe this 23-year musician, who won this year’s ESC with “Fairytales”.

With 387 votes, ‘‘Fairytale’’ has broken the record set Von the Finnish Lordi in 2006. It captured the oben, nach oben position at download charts in Europe and Australia. It has entered the top-5 of the Radio charts of all European countries. It was proclaimed the most succesful song since the...
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from finnish news

Last years eurovision winner Alexander Rybak thinks that Natalie Portman is the most beautiful woman. But singer's first crush was actually a boy in train.

Norwegian ESC-winner Rybak, 24, admits that his first crush was a boy. Rybak himself was 8-years old then

- I was numb, because the boy reminded me of Superman, that I had adored since I was six. It took a long time to crush on a girl, Rybak tells to Anna-magazine

Rybak tells, that he has learned from his father how to act with a woman. His attitude to women has been the same but perception of himself has changed.

- I have...
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AGE: 23 years.

PROFESSION: Musician / artist.

FAMILY: Single.

LIVES: Nesodden, outside Oslo.

LIKES 1: Jazz, classical, pop. And film.

LIKES 2: “I like when girls touch my upper body when we speak.”

CURRENT: The CD Funny little world.

IDOL: Gene Kelly (because he was such a versatile artist).

FAVORITE MUSCLE: arms and chest.

He lifts his violin, grabs his bow and – bang! The Zeigen is running. Gym instructor Alexander whirls, jumps, kneels down. Every muscle is about to explode. Calves, thighs, stomach, back – everything is trimmed at Friskis & Svettis in Oslo.

Alexander Rybak, 23 – the fiddler...
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"More fun to be a musician than celebrity"

It is not a project, but a dream come true when Alexander will be leading 70 musicians up to the konzert in the weekend.

-This is exactly what I have dreamed about. To get travel around and inspire young talent, says Alexander Rybak and let your fingers glide over the Piano at Prima Musik School.

'Custom youth'

Yesterday he started with 70 young, local musicians, rehearsals leading up to tomorrow's konzert in Congress Hall.

-It is not long since I was in Malaysia and played for the important people and politicians. It's fun, but this is better. Du come...
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Norwegian Lyric:
Det går en vind över vindens ängar
det fladdrar till i en tyllgardin
Och jag ska skriva en sommarvisa
med sol och blomdoft i melodin
Jag ville sjunga om Katarina
till träklangsflöjter och alcymbal
men vindens toner blir sommarns sånger
jag bara lyssnar i björklövssal
Det går en vind över vindens ängar
det fladdrar till i en tyllgardin
Och jag ska skriva en sommarvisa
med sol och blomdoft i melodin
Det går en flicka i aspelunden
jag har ett gulnat fotografi
Med åren blev hon en dröm, en saga
en ensam vandrares sympati
Jag ville skriva en liten visa
där ögonblick blir till evighet...
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“Alexander Rybak: The main criteria in buying clothes are nice fabric and comfortable model”

- Alexander, does your surname create your stage clothes style? Do Du create style of the smart country guy intentionally?

- I don’t get hung up on my style. The main thing is that my clothes should be comfortable; it mustn’t constrain my movements on stage.

- Do Du suspect that your strongest advantage is, perhaps, a sincere smile?

- I’m quite self-critical and try to estimate myself and my activities carefully. I sincerely believe that my biggest advantage is playing the violin. And I sing...
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posted by -lostgirl-
Sleepless in the night
I try to lose my faith in you
Saying to myself
You can't be the right one for me

And now that you're gone
I finally get a taste of freedom
Only problem is I don't really want
To be free

I don't wanna be abandoned
I don't want to curse your name
I don't wanna feel the sadness
Pretending that I'm still the same
I don't want to burn your letters
I don't want to face the truth
I don't wanna be abandoned
I don't wanna waste my youth

You try to suffocate with your pretends
And I believe in the shallow romance
I ran for cover but I couldnt hide
And still Du try to get me to abide

You scratched...
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posted by Alexander Rybak
Lyrics from the song (or cover?) : Tell me when song Von Alexander Rybak

(you can hear the song Von videos)

She's at Home I hope that she is sleeping
And if I fall asleep we'll meet in dreams
Weihnachten time is magic after all

Tell me when
I am loosing my mind
Cause I am in love

Tonight I'm all alone
But still I'm happy
Cause soon so very soon tomorrow comes
But I can't wait to hold her in my arms

Tell me when
I am loosing my mind
Cause I am in love

Merry Christmas
I am loosing my mind
Cause I am in love
Jag önskar at du var
här tett inntill mig
aldeles inntill mig
håller jag din hand
så kan du förstå mig
som jeg tror du gjorde då
i en lycklig stund
för du for din väg
vad jeg saknar dig

Men jag vill gå, gå, gå fram till dig
Var än du är
vill jag va där
och jag vill vandra om det så blir
att jag ska gå
till tidens slut
till tidens slut

Där i en solnedgång
över mörkblå vågor
rinner himlen röd som guld
stilla ensamhet
lugnar mina frågor
över himlavälvets rymd
vintergatans ljus
ledar mig sen till
stjärnan som är du

Men jag vill gå, gå, gå fram till dig
Hvar enn du är
vill jag va där
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"My herz is broken and free "

Maria Adamchuk

7 Days

After last Jahr not known to anybody violinist and singer, won the "Eurovision", his life changed dramatically. He is constantly on the road, but manages to do repairs recently bought the apartment, and he still has time for the complex romantic relationship! About his life today Sasha told reporters "7D" while walking on the sacred places of his Favorit Oslo.

"If Du look at my work schedule, Du can easily find out that over the past year, starting with Moscow's Eurovision" and until today, I was only four days off, including Weihnachten and...
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Every Tag the winner of "ESC-2009" Alexander Rybak it is nowadays painted on minutes. Norwegian elf travels about with tours, in plans — shootings in a Fernsehen movie.

Disputes on a phenomenon of "the solar boy”, the won herz of a mullions-strong audience, do not cease till now. Experts speak about charisma, charm and sincerity of the musician from the country of fjords. Astrologists refer to a successful horoscope of the young musician when planets have made among themselves “the Chariot of the winner”.

But only close people for whom it not "the Eurovision" star, and Sashka —...
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