There’s going to be a sold out house at Rådhusteatret on Sunday afternoon, and a 100 young musicians will have a memory for life. At 4 pm things will go off with a bang for the members of Nordby, Ski and Drøbak/Frogn school marching bands. This is the fifth Jahr we will have a celebrity concert. It started with our 50 Jahr anniversary in 2009. Back then Rein Alexander joined us. We felt it worked out so well that we wanted to have Mehr people Mitmachen us. Ski and Drøbak/Frogn joined us after.

- We’ve had visits from Ravi, Tommy Steine and Marian Aas Hansen last year, says Bård A. Granerud, head ofthe Nordby school marching band. They had a big rehearsal at Nordby School on Monday night. – We had the first rehearsal in Drøbak right after school began. Then the school marching bands have practised separately until now. Alexander arrives on Friday and joins us both on Saturday and Sunday. He is very much looking vorwärts-, nach vorn to it,- says Granerud.

Looking vorwärts-, nach vorn to it.

Quote: “This is the first time we can make it work with everyone all together. On Friday they will sit on the edge of their seats”,- Rune Sundbø in charge of the music.

The Eurovision winner from Nesodden has for the most part played with string orchestra students at such concerts. Playing with marching bands will be a new experience for him as well.

- We will play five songs together. Alexander has his own part and the marching bands will do something on their own too,- says Bård A.Granerud.- When we get here it’s the first time we can make it work with everyone all together.

- On Friday they will sit on the edge of their seats,- says the conductor from Drøbak/Frogn Rune Sundbø who is in charge of the Musik for the concert. – We’ll start off with a bridal march after full pitch according to the Brazz Brothers method,- he reveals.

- They have both Coldplay and Mezzoforte on the program, and there are some young soloists who will have a go at it. It’s a nice tradition to have our celebrity konzert the first weekend in November. We will have our konzert before the Weihnachten concerts,- says Bård A.Granerud. – And for the first time the konzert is sold out a week beforehand!