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[3x20] Alaric Saltzman - One Last Goodbye

signs | alaric saltzman 3x20 (for 777Katys)

Alaric Saltzman (+ Damon, Elena & Jeremy) Stay Strong

No One Can Hurt Du Now || Alaric Saltzman

Alaric Saltzman || Be Still

►Alaric | Be Still

Alaric Saltzman | All is Lost


Alaric Saltzman ● Dark Side Of Death

you're exactly where Du wanna be | alaric&elena

Alaric & Elena ♡ "We're kind of right for each other"

Elena/Alaric - I would have loved Du all my life

The stars are the only things we share || alaric&elena

elena/alaric; broken herz [AU]

damon; mason; alaric [get S E X Y] ;; dedications

alaric & elena - runaway

The Vampire Diaries 3x12 Damon talks to Alaric, Damon hides the locked coffin from Klaus

The Vampire Diaries: Alaric's ring doesn't work

Alaric meets Dr Meredith Fell 3x10

The Vampire Diaries: Damon gets Tag drunk with Alaric

The Vampire Diaries: Alaric gets hit Von a car; saving Jeremy

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 10 - Alaric Saves Jeremy..

TVD - Alaric - DOA

Alaric Saltzman

to have a good heart, but it's not enough | caroline&alaric

Introducing the common hunter: Alaric Saltzman (HUMOR) dedicated to Tinkerbell90

The Vampire Diaries 3x08 "Ordinary People" WebClip

Alaric/Isobel/Jenna (Leave Out All The Rest)

Jenna and Alaric Ɩ Only Human

Jenna & Alaric | Goodbye My Lover

Vampire Diaries 2x16 || Jenna & Alaric

Damon, Alaric, Elena | Adventures of Dalarena (3x02)

Alaric the Vampire Slayer

Alaric Saltzman - DJ Got Us Fallin' In Liebe (by.Luny)

Alaric: "The fight inside is hurting me again..." (TVD collab part)

Isobel & Alaric-Mockingbird

Damon&Alaric | Mad World

AU Damon/Jenna/Jeremy - Lost Without Du

AU Damon & Jenna/Alaric - Whataya Want From Me

LARIC The Vampire Slayer(Alaric Saltzman-TVD)

Jenna and Alaric| The vampire diaries| I see you| 2x21

Alaric/Jenna | Sleep Sugar

Jenna Alaric \\ 2x21 Spoilers \\ I Thought I Could Fly

Alaric Saltzman. Sex Bomb.

Damon & Alaric; Marchin On

[damon&alaric] - gives Du hell

Alaric & Jenna - Belinda Egoista

Jennaღ♥Alaric 2x20 ஜ Black Schmetterlinge


►Klaus in the body of Alaric◄

The Vampire Dairies 02x18 I'am not Alaric..surprise!!

SPOILER::: Alaric aka Klaus speaking Bulgarian ft. Katherine

klaus - KISS my eyes and lay me to sleep

Alaric + Jenna [ Liebe the way Du lie ]

damon salvatore & alaric saltzman ; bruises and bitemarks

Jenna & Alaric || Mess I Made

Alaric & Jenna - (at first sight)

Klaus Alaric Dancing - The Vampire Diaries Episode 2x18

The vampire diaries 2 x17 Klaus arrives, I have missed Du Katerina

The vampire diaries 2x17 Isobel and Alaric

The vampire diaries 2x17 Klaus in the body of Alaric

Alright With Du :: Damon | Jenna | Alaric

~ Alaric&Jenna - Hanging Von a moment

Alaric & Isobel.The Vampire Diaries.S1E15.vo

The Vampire Diaries Isobel And Alaric

Vampire Diaries 0121 İsobel and Alarick

Alaric&Isobel - Watch me burn

Alaric/Isobel - "Goodbye, Ric"

Alaric ܤ Isobel

Damon & Alaric || Bad (The Vampire Diaries)

Damon & Alaric World so cold

Damon/ Alaric || Dropped

Damon/Alaric-Strange&Beautiful MEP

Chemical attraction - (Damon/Alaric)

damon/alaric - east

Vampire Diaries - Team Dalaric - True Friends

Jenna/Alaric/Elijah - Think Twice

Team Bad-Ass | Damon & Alaric | Bad Boys (finished)

The Vampire Diaries - Alaric Saltzman/ Damon Salvatore

Jenna and Alaric - If I fall

Alaric and Jenna

Jenna und Alaric Saltzman - Video - Liebe

Alaric Saltzman a moment like this

Alaric Saltzman & Jenna.


The Vampire Diaries 2x16 Caroline sings Eternal Flame

You've Got A Friend In Me (Alaric&Damon)

Damon/Alaric [Burn it to the ground]

Alaric & Damon | Team Bad - arsch | ... ' Cause this is my life ...

Damon and Alaric{team badass}

Jenna Alaric\\Romeo Take Me.....

The vampire diaries 2x10 The Sacrifice Alaric/Elena/Jenna scene SUB ITA

The Vampire Diaries Promo 2x17 - Know Thy Enemy

Damon / Alaric | Back in Black

[TVD]Alaric/Jenna-What about now

Jenna/Alaric - You're all I want

Alaric and Jenna - Hot N Cold

~ Alaric&Jenna - Can't help falling in Liebe

Human\\jenna alaric\\TVD206

TVD - Alaric and Jenna - Any Other Tag