Agnes - Despicable Me Kiss, Slap, Hug Game

blingz_13 posted on Aug 14, 2013 at 10:53AM
Hi. This is a game called "Kiss, Slap, Hug". All you do is, I will give you an example:

Person 1: Agnes, Gru, Vector
Person 2: I will:

Kiss: Agnes
Hug: Gru
Slap: Vector

Get it? You just do is say 3 Despicable Me characters or Despicable Me 2 characters then the next person will say whoever they want to Kiss, Hug, Slap from the characters then they will say the next 3.



Credit to: lovebaltor
 Hi. This is a game called "Kiss, Slap, Hug". All Du do is, I will give Du an example: Person 1:
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Agnes - Despicable Me 3 Antworten

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr blingz_13 said…
I will start:

Margo, Edith, Agnes
Vor mehr als einem Jahr 3xZ said…
big smile
Kiss Agnes,
Hug Margo,
Slap Edith
(sorry Edith... XD)

Gru, Minions, Agnes
Vor mehr als einem Jahr blingz_13 said…
Lol! :))

Kiss: Minions
Hug: Agnes
Slap: Gru

Vector, Dave (minion), Professor Nafario

(I don't know how to spell the "Professor's" name... XD)