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Review by Lisvana posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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A rap-rock track, “Walk This Way” was released as a single in 1976 and nailed the #10 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1977. Coming off their 8 million selling album, Toys In The Attic, the track helped fuel the career of the group, particularly the writers of the track, vocalist Steven Tyler (vocalist) and guitarist Joe Perry. The song would be re-introduced, with a faster time signature, in the hip-hop world Von Run – D.M.C. in 1986 garnering a Soul Train Musik Award for Best Rap Single (1987). In 2001, VH1 honored the song Von naming it the 8th best rock song of all time.

One of the coolest and hippest Videos ever made was the Tyler/Perry/Run/D.M.C. video made in 1986 that produced a hybrid rock and hip-hop oder rap cultural exchange that ended with a cohesive merger of the Aerosmith track and the Run/D.M.C. song, that’s a comical fun romp between the musicians. The video has a split-screen of the rockers and rappers with Aerosmith blasting away to the annoyance of the rappers. Not to be outdone, the rappers hit the song with some hard funk. Tyler smashes his mic stand through the Wand that separates the groups, screaming the lyrics at the rappers before the...