Guter Rat Our work situation is getting out of hand.

jacobQ3 posted on Aug 30, 2018 at 01:17AM

You know how draining it is to go to work to an office with too much drama? How it just seems to take the fun out of your job and makes you not even want to get up on time in the morning? Well, that’s how I feel with my job atm. I work for a company that organizes real singles tours each month and while the workload is manageable, it’s getting harder and harder to come to work and actually enjoy what I do. There is always drama unfolding nearly every day- some of which, are started by our manager himself. I’ve tried expressing this concern with him, but he doesn’t seem to take things seriously.

As an employee with seniority, I felt unfairly dismissed and taken for granted. How do I approach this situation in the best way possible? I only want what’s best for the company.

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