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posted by Clue22
So yeah, my phone won't let me make Wand posts and commenting is also an annoying process brought to Du Von this device so I'll post it here.

It was a dare/detox I made on my own.

Not like a "I'm so addicted to the internet I need to chill". Mehr of a "let's see what happens when I take the internet away for a period of time" as in social networks. I left Facebook, Twitter, etc. and actually, I don't really feel like really signing back up for all those social media sites so that's a plus. I came back here cause...well, there isn't too much I have to stress about here and there's a special something about being able to hang with people Du don't know irl. It's like Du can truly just be you, Du know?
So yeah, that little break helped. My fanfiction is still being worked on, though my Sekunde chapter is not done (procrastination ftw) and I kinda started another one. Yeesh. I'll never get anything done.
Anyhoots. I'm tired gu'night.
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