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 Fionna: fun with hair. :3
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Many different hair styles, modeled Von Fionna. :3
adventure time
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Will Du Marry Marry Me?

A Princess is in her tower;
Protecting and ruling her kingdom with all her power;
She loves her people…that is true!;
But then I asked her, “Have Du found someone who loves you”?;
She replied, “Yes, I have found someone who loves me;
As Du can see, I have found my PRINCE, my HERO and my KNIGHT;
He loves me with all his might;
And he will Liebe me forever if I am right;

We will be wed at sunset on the Tag that we met;
Everything is set;
And he asked me, Are Du ready?
And I said, Boy, Du bet!”

The night before she would be wed;
She found her fiancée out of bed;
She saw...
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ok..princess bubble gum sagte shes 18 but that doesent mean she the episode with brocko she had very old men waiting in line to datum her.but brockos dad died waiting in that line.if brockos dad died of old age in that line than that must mean princess bubble gum is over 200 years old...if brocko dated the real princess bubble gum insted of the robot than he would be dating a very old women and he would di before she would.and her age has nothing to do with the fact that she is made of candy.if it did than their would be no cemetery in the episode with the how is she that old???? tell me in your comment

oh and p.s FINN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by titanicdragon
Author's note

Leixie is a 16 with violett eyes, dirty blonde hair and is 5ft'3in tall. She loves reading, wrinting , Singen and swim when she not practice dragonspeak, battle moves. Best Friend: Lightning dragon sliver 14 years old very portative of Lexie Boyfriend: Victor Vampie deep loves Lexie do anything for her Lightning and him don't like each other very much.

Lexie lives in village caves on the edge of oo. She tough warrior has a cople of battle scars. She is alwaystrying to make the world a better place.

"Lexie,Where are you?" asked Lighning

"Up Here" she anwered from the blacksmiths cave....
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