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in class

dr.princess(as the biology teacher):good morning students and i see some new student here,so introduce yourself
finn:oh okay,hello my name is finn merten i'm 15 years old,i already learn in this clas but i get an accident and coma for two years...
(cuts to vita and jake)
vita:hey jake,who is it? he looks friendly to you
jake:he's my step brother
vita: i didn't know Du had a stepbrother
jake:just forget it
(cuts to finn again)
dr.princess:thank Du go back to your anyway lets continue from yesterday
finn:*sigh* (still staring at vita)
dr.princess:so anyone can answer this question?...
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Whoa this vid is actually 1 Monat in Youtube and it only have 36 Ansichten It need a Fanpop help hehe Von the way I made the vid and please, Kommentar and watch it in Youtube I'm begging all of Du '-'
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