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ok, so in MY opinion, Adam Lambert is the hottest gay guy alive!!!!!!!i LOVEEEE him.he is SO amazing!!! i was SO mad that he didn't win first place in american idol!!!does anyone have any idea what that put my twin through?!yes, i have a gay twin brother,and he had a crush on adam lambert. kris allen can die in a ditch for all i care.i mean seriously!!!!!who wants to listen to mamsy pamsy Musik anayway?definately not me!!!!!i mean i'm normally mellow with Zufällig singers...but this is pushing it WAAYYYYY too far!well thats all i have on this matter. good day
To the amazing glambert:
we'll always Liebe u no matter what happen gay oder straight cuz when we see that beatiful smile and hear your inbelivible voice we just fall in love.we'll support u no matter what peploe say about u and how mush they making fun of u it's there lost.
And u knew what that ama performance ROCKED!!!!!and we really enjoyed every Sekunde of it!!!!!and the importante is your joy.
PS:to all the girls that Liebe adam he sagte in interview that he enjoye Küssen girls even that he's gay.
posted by xXx-glammeh-xXx
Adam Lambert is one of my insperations because he just like... I just Liebe ervtyhing about him. He had the guts to say he was gay on American Idol and all that. I bet some of the other ppl on American Idol were like gay.. Bi oder whatever and they didnt say anything im pretty sure there were a few in there.. Adam is like a free person like he tells us to live our dream and be who we wanna be and i totally agreee with him if u wanna live ur dream make it come true(: Dont just sit there wishing.. Make it happen... Be Du and not the person u arent.. Thats what hes saying so yeah.. Hes pretty much saying that stuff and thats why hes one of my insperations.. And this whatever u call it might sound pretty lame but whatever LOL bye guys :P
posted by ILoveAdam4Ever
So hot out the box can we pick up the pace?
Turn it up, heat it up I need to be entertained
Push the limit, are Du with it?
Baby, don’t be afraid
I’m a hurt ‘ya real good, baby

Let’s go it’s my show
Baby, do what I say
Don’t trip off the glitz
That I’m gonna display
I told ya I’ma hold ya
Down until you’re amazed
Give it to Du ’til your screaming my name

No escaping when I start
Once I’m in I own your heart
There’s no way you’ll ring the alarm
So hold on until it’s over

Oooh, do Du know what Du got into?
Can Du handle what I’m about to do?
‘Cause it’s about to get rough...
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posted by xXx-glammeh-xXx
oh, nowhere left to go.
are we getting closer, closer?
no, all we know is no.
nights are getting colder, colder.

tears all fall the same.
we all feel the pain
we can't change.

everywhere we go
i'm lookin' for the sun.
nowhere to grow old.
and always on the run.
they say we'll rot in hell
but i don't think we will
they've branded us enough
outlaws of love.

scars make us who we are
hearts and homes are broken, broken.
far, we could go so far
with our minds wide open, open.

tears all fall the same
we all feel the rain
we can't change.

everywhere we go
i'm lookin' for the sun.
nowhere to grow old.
and always on the run.
they say we'll rot in hell
but i don't think we will
they've branded us enough
outlaws of love.

outlaws of love.

out laws of love."
posted by Glambert69
Du wanna know what makes a Glambert. Well first to Zeigen that Du Liebe Adam oder Du Liebe Du Glambert family, Du gotta use capitals in Adam, Lambert, Sauli (sorry i dont know how to spell his name, i'll learn) and Glambert.
Du also have to Liebe Adam for Who he is, not because he is amazingly sexy. Your not a Glambert oder apart of our family id Du only Liebe him for his looks, thats not what being a Glambert is about.
Du also got to stick up for him. Kids in my class make fun of him for being gay, I stick up for him and say "Shut up beotch!!!!" They dont have a f***in right to say that. He...
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Break out all the mechanical
Step right up to the freaky and tangible
Hands uncuffed, take the leash on this animal
If it’s getting hyphy hit me with a night stick
Slip right into your stripper shoes
Roll the dice, I got snake eyes and déjà vu
Poppin off ? with ballyhoo?
Tune in (tune in)
Turn on (turn on)
Drop out

Going down the rabbit hole
Get away from all we know
Come on, follow
Come on and follow me
Going down the rabbit hole
Even hoes and gigolos
Come on, follow
Come on and follow me

Quick slow high oder low
You’re never gonna know for sure
See in stereo
Down the rabbit hole

Catnip and honey,...
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Broken pieces, break into me
So imperfectly what Du should be

I don't want Du to go
Don't wanna see Du back out in the cold
Air you're breathing out fades Du to grey
Don't run away, find me

I know the battles of chasing the shadows of who Du wanna be
It doesn't matter, go on and shatter
I'm all Du need
Broken pieces, break into me
So imperfectly what Du should be
Lay here, it's safe, sicher here, I'll let Du be broken open
Hide here, confide here so we can be broken open

Let's enlighten the night
We can fall away, slip out of sight
When Du drop your guard
Melt into time, so intertwined, quiet

I know the battles...
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posted by LOLerz25
Moon shine on the bayou
Love shrine break the taboo
I wanna know what's in your potion
Bound Von total devotion

I was lookin' for Liebe all over
You're the hunter and I'm your prey
Now I'm Lost in a Liebe hangover
I try to leave but I have to stay

'Cause it's voodoo voodoo voodoo
(under your spell)
'Cause it's voodoo voodoo voodoo
(under your spell)

Swamp sings over the bazaar
Snake bites aligning stars
I'm in rapture there is no cure
No sanctuary from your allure

I was lookin' for Liebe all over
You're the hunter and I'm your prey
Now I'm Lost in a Liebe hangover
I try to leave but I have to stay

'Cause it's voodoo...
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posted by LOLerz25
is it getting better?
or do Du feel the same
Will it make it easier on Du now
you got someone to blame

you say one love
one life
When it's one need
In the night
one love
you get to share it
Leaves Du baby if you
if Du dont care for it

did i disapiont you
Or leave a bad taste in your mouth
you act like Du never had love
you want me to go without
well its
too late tonight
to drag the past out into the light

we are one but we are not the same
we got to cary each other
cary each other

have Du come here for fogiveness
have Du come to raise the dead
have Du come here to play jesus
to the lepers in your head

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posted by PotterLambert93
 Adam vs Amber: Who do Du choose?
Adam vs Amber: Who do you choose?
Recently, Adam Kommentiert about the popular, yet controversal MTV Zeigen "Teen Mom" on his Twitter. Here's what he said:

He shared his opinion on Twitter, Schreiben "This Teen Mom Zeigen on MTV is so depressing. I know it's 'real life' but shouldn't there be programming that inspires kids to shoot higher? #glorifyingwhitetrash". He added later to hinder any misunderstanding, "I'm not saying that all teen moms are white trash. Don't misunderstand. Yet, most of the ones on that Zeigen seem to be. I do, however, think they're are being exploited a bit."

After this came out, a lot of his followers became...
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posted by sandyrk
Hi Guys! Thanks for having me!. I'm a psychologist was is also a passionate Glambert. I've seen him 24 times, and will be seeing QAL 5 times in July. Can not wait! My survey started out of curiosity, but then became something more, because I received responses from all over the world, and there's a great story here, about why we do what we do, what we Liebe about Adam, and how he's changed us. Please participate! The results are instantly available to you, and I will get this published once I get it analyzed and written. It's important for the public to understand.

Please participate! Here it is:
Are we ready right now?
I don't know somehow
It feels so right
It's time for our flight
How will we know?
When to go
How will we find?
All the time
All the time

Check for pre-flight
The engines on
Head on
Into the sun
No Mehr good-byes
This is for life
(this is for life)
(this is for life)
(this is for life)
(this is for life)

Through the Hourglass we slide
Searching for the moment to decide
So I will stand tall
Discover it all
I will stand tall
Where Du are aloused
So don't lose sight of me now

After all this time
We're still able to shine
You rode from the stars
Straight from the herz

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posted by GlambertGirl84
Adam Lambert didn't win the 'American Idol' crown six years ago.

He Lost Von a slim margin under a landslide out of over 100 million Stimmen (38 million Stimmen in Arkansas alone) to Kris Allen. But Du wouldn't hear the 33-year-old California native and current Queen frontman screaming over teilt, split votes.

"I know it sounds a little cliché, I knew that I was so close to my victory, but I was supposed to be the right man to win, but I failed since America had always got it wrong because my Fans were blaming my chief rival [Allen] to win over me," he said, stating from his Home in Hollywood, where he...
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posted by Nefii13
He shld have won american idol bcuz he went farther anyway then kris allen who i still Liebe lol, but adam has this egde to him.. that makes us wonder(am i wrong)i want him to come out wif sum new hits!! he is a very good singer, and i like the fact that he was accepted for who he is(gay), and wasnt judged as much as justin bieber was(wen w.t.f he's not even gay), but Hey adam is cool ppl.. i wld Liebe to chill wif him anyday and who gives a hoot wut adam has decided to bcome cuz apperntly he liven better than me so who am i too judge...
xoxo- nefii, keep on rockin my man adam..<3
posted by BlondeGirl93
Even though Adam Lambert didn't win the season 8 American Idol...
We will still Liebe him and will give him our support in the future. After the summer tour both Adam Lambert and Kris Allen will be working their albums. So I also recently herd Kara DioGaurdi outed Adam Lambert in the rumor of is he gay oder not? On the video she almost word for word sagte "yes he is gay" so is this why Adam Lambert didn't win American Ido we will never know.
But seriously people who cares if Adam Lambert is gay? He has such a great voice and is a gifted person. Also Adam Lambert is still my idol weither he won oder lost

If Du are one of those people who agree with me please rate oder Kommentar this article.
Thanx 4 the support
LJC: Hello Adam. How are Du today?

Adam: I'm pretty good.

LJC: Alright, ready for this interview?

Adam: Yup, let's do it. *smiles*

LJC: Okay, now, I wanna ask Du this: Were Du shocked when Du heard Ryan[Seacrest] say that Kris won?

Adam: Uh, i was a little surprised, but then again i would be surprised even if I won, so..

LJC: Yes, it was a big shock to me because Du were like, the Fan favorite! And Du do a fantastic job every week!

Adam: Thank you, but I wasn't like totally SHOCKED because Kris was an excellent contestant, also.

LJC: So, exactly what was going through your mind, when Du found...
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Here is a ineteresting Artikel I found about defending Adam Lambert and defending gay men in general!
This is also talking about gay double standards!

After The Early Zeigen on CBS blurred out the “gay kiss” between Adam Lambert and a male dancer during his AMA performance, the president of GLAAD — the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, Jarrett Barrios told the media…

“The Early Show’s decision this morning to blur Adam Lambert’s KISS from the American Musik Awards reinforces an unfortunate double standard that is applied...
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posted by KateKicksAss
Cold as ice
And Mehr bitter than a December
Winter night
That's how I treated you
And I know that I
I sometimes tend to lose my temper
And I kreuz the line
Yeah that's the truth

I know it gets hard sometimes
But I could never
Leave your side
No matter what I say

Cause if I wanted to go I would have gone Von now,
But I really need Du near me to
Keep my mind off the edge
If I wanted to leave I would have left Von now,
But you're the only one that knows me
Better than I know myself

All along
I tried to pretend it didn't matter
If I was alone
But deep down I know
If Du were gone
For even a Tag I wouldn't know which way...
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posted by KateKicksAss
I wish that this night would never be over
There's plenty of time to sleep when we die
So let's just stay awake until we grow older
If I had my way we'd never close our eyes, our eyes, never!

I don't wanna let a Minute get away
Cause we got no time to lose
None of us are promised to see tomorrow
And what we do is ours to choose

Forget about the sunrise
Fight the sleep in your eyes
I don't wanna miss a Sekunde with you
Let's stay this way forever
It's only getting better if we want it to

But Du know I wish that this night would never be ov
There's plenty of time to sleep when we die
So let's just stay awake...
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