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posted by wordbender
My sifu,
You're my baby;
Your kungfu
Keeps Du shapely;
When elements get toasty,
You're in the mood to boogie!
If company
Gets shady,
Our moves
Are ever ready
And our grooves are

We stepped and slid on the dance floor,
Your every Bewegen I did so adore;
Your hands drew water from the air;
Soft light filtered through your hair;
The rhythm in your body captured,
You closed your eyes in music, enraptured;
A lovely smile shone through your lips,
As Du moved your feet and swayed your hips;
Passion burned us as we danced--
Action returned for action enhanced;
Every Bewegen Du made a complement
To the steps...
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posted by wordbender
 Ooooh-la-la: Katara!
Ooooh-la-la: Katara!
If we met not long ago
Why do I want Du so?
If Du are my friend,
Why do Du make me dream no end?
If Du are my teacher,
Why do I see Du as my peach—err …
If Du are my sifu,
Why does my herz race for you?
If Du are a couple of years older,
Why does my passion smoulder
Inside me—
Drive me krazy?
Why, why, why, Katara?
What kind of Avatar
Am I, I, I, Katara?
If Du are but a waterbender,
Why does my herz feel so tender,
As if Du bent it with your eyes,
Your touch, your kiss?
When will Du realize
That I feel such painful bliss
For you, the one I miss
Even if Du stepped away like this
Every second, every hour,
I wish Du would shower
Me with your affection
‘Cos yours is my undivided attention!
 Drop dead, Aang!
Drop dead, Aang!
posted by wordbender
 "(Sob!)....How could he.....?"
"(Sob!)....How could he.....?"

I saw Du late last night
All alone.
Something just wasn't right,
I should have known...
Those bitter tears Du cried;
I guess Du really tried to win his heart
But your Liebe was denied,
Torn apart...

Starlight in your eyes
Looking through my window;
Looking through the window of my heart
Opening to you...
Starlight in your eyes
Shining through my window;
Every time I look into your eyes,
I fall in Liebe with you.


I took Du in my arms
Your eyes met mine;
I drowned within your charms,
So divine...
I whispered in your ear:
I have this really, crazy, mad idea:
What if we kiss--
There's no one here--
A chance we shouldn't miss!

Starlight in your eyes
Looking through my window;
Looking through the window of my heart
Opening to you...
It's really no surprise,
Nothing that we don't know;
'Cuz time I look into your eyes,
I fall in Liebe with you.
posted by wordbender
My name is Katara,
Girlfriend of the Avatar.
I hail from Southern Water,
Where I am the last bender….

If Du think the Avatars master
Each element after the other,
I wouldn’t say you’re wrong;
But wouldn’t Du listen to my song?

The four elements are the same—
Their separateness an illusion—
So the true name of the game
Is transmutation, not manipulation….

Where avatars past worked hard to tame
All four elements, oder burn in shame,
My Avatar Aang is here to stun
Von blending all elements into one—

He integrates the elements
Into a Singularity,
Like lemur-bats and Koi-elephants
Despite their diversity….

For everything is connected;
For that he’s well respected:
To see beyond deception
Is to master integration;

For is there any other solution
To avert impending devastation
Without much training oder meditation
But only a few months’ desperation?
posted by wordbender
Every moment that we share
Tells me just how much Du care;
Every heartbeat throbbed in time,
Every reason, every rhyme….

Every touch and every smile
From Du makes it all worthwhile;
Every thought Du send my way....
What can I say?

Do Du know just how much I Liebe you?
Can Du feel magic rising above you?
It’s so real, I fall in Liebe with you, can’t Du see,
Every time Du look at me….

Stars collide
Every time that Du touch me;
Deep inside,
I know just where my herz must be:
Like a stream
Flowing endlessly to sea,
It’s my dream just to be with thee….

Every touch and every smile
From Du makes it all worthwhile;
Every thought Du send my way
Is worth Mehr than words can say;

Every moment I’m with you,
I can tell Du feel it too;
Every time that our souls meet
I’m complete.
posted by wordbender
The colour of your charm:
Your energy, in quiet and calm
That emanates from your fingertips
And quenches the feuer on my lips;
The soothing balm that melts my pain:
Your tenderness that removes all strain;
Your loving touch that heals
My wounds, your boundless herz that reveals
All your beauty and warmth to me,
Dissolving every painful memory,
Rebuilding my shattered soul
Of glass, into a jewel whole….

Your smile is the sun Von day,
The moon Von night;
Your hair billowing as the trees that play
In the wind, the flight
Of your spirit, so close to mine,
Engulfing my being, making me shine;
Your voice, the Musik that lifts my heart;
Your embrace that holds me from tearing apart….

Your eyes meet mine—
A moment,
    A lifetime—
        An eternity…
And I am made complete in thee!